Kushly Blog - The Marijuana Industry is Changing

The Marijuana Industry Is Changing

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here. You’ve been approved for a medical marijuana card. We know that you are eager for relief, and we don’t blame you, but let’s cover a few updates from the marijuana industry while you get settled. You are about to buy and consume medical marijuana so it is important to get educated. The times are changing. The product quality is better, the laws are less strict, and the people are healthier because of it. But there’s actually, a lot more to it than that.

What is happening in the marijuana industry right now?
We can tell you that it is changing so quickly, it can be tough to keep up.

Researchers are finding that the marijuana plant has more healing potential than most pharmaceuticals, and doesn’t have any known side effects. This news is spreading rapidly and you are now one of about 2 million medical marijuana card holders in the United States. If you count both physiological and psychological symptoms, there are hundreds of illnesses that can be relieved through the use of medical marijuana. Even more, scientists are now breeding marijuana to be cultivated specifically to target a multitude of ailments. This means you can find a marijuana product tailored to meet your individual medical needs. These advances could completely revolutionize healthcare across the globe. Stay tuned.

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there. The Federal Government still considers marijuana to be a Schedule One substance. That means that those who have marijuana in their possession illegally will face the same prosecution as people who possess drugs like heroin and LSD. Schedule 1 drugs are classified as having a high abuse potential, with little to no medical benefit.

This may seem outrageous to you, as it does to many. Fortunately, as time passes we are seeing States legalize medical marijuana and even recreational marijuana in some areas. As for its classification as a Schedule One substance, there have only ever been 5 drugs rescheduled by the FDA. But things are moving forward.

With 28 states legalizing medical marijuana, it looks as though the people are starting to speak out about how they feel. More than half of the county is backing up marijuana as having legitimate medical uses. We’re now on the brink of even more States approving medical and recreational legalization. States like Colorado and Washington have already voted to make recreational marijuana legal for people over 21 years old. As exciting and relieving as that is, it is important to use due caution and understand the laws of your state. The federal government still considers this plant illegal, very illegal.

Kushly Blog - Finding the Perfect Marijuana Strand

Finding the Perfect Marijuana Strand

When you are in the market for medical marijuana, choosing the right strain can be a little overwhelming. Each strain is unique and there are so many nuances and characteristics unique to them. It is inevitable that patients may have to do a bit of trial-and-error before they find what works best for their condition. There are many factors that influence the strain that you will benefit from most. Some of these include your specific medical ailment, your body chemistry, and your preferences. The first thing you should consider when choosing a strain of marijuana is how you want to feel after medicating, or which symptom you need relief from. This is a good initial step towards narrowing down your options.

To begin with, it is important to know the difference between the basic kinds of marijuana plants. There are Indica, Sativa and the Hybrid plants. Each of these strains have different effects on your body both mentally and physically. When you’re new kinds of marijuana, a good rule of thumb is to use Indica’s to slow you down, and Sativa’s to bring you up. Hybrids are any combination of the two and can be very useful. Knowing the levels of potency in marijuana’s THC will help you select the right strand as well.

INDICA Marijuana Strands

Indica tends to be the suspect responsible for stories your friends tell you that start with, “I got so high last night”. Indica tends to make you sleepy, and isn’t recommended for heavy use when you have a long to-do list. Indica has wonderful medical benefits and is often prescribed to to anyone suffering from insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, depression or nausea. Indica plants will have a higher CBD:THC ratio. CBD is the other cannabinoid produced in a marijuana plant and it isn’t psychoactive. CBD is making astounding breakthroughs for it’s role in relieving pain and reducing the severity of a whole manner of other ailments. The reason Indica is so effective for pain or anxiety is because of this property. Indicas are known for giving patients more of a relaxing high than an active and productive high.

SATIVAS Marijuana Strands

Sativa strains, on the other hand, are for people who need to add a little pep to their step. This strain is often prescribed to those who suffer from mental conditions like, ADHD and depression, loss of appetite or fibromyalgia, will benefit from sativa dominant strains. Sativa is great for enhancing creative energy and feeling generally happy and uplifted. Typically, this strain is ideal for those who like to be active after medicating. Sativa is THC dominant so it’s good to keep in mind that this tends to be a more psycho-active high. This means that you will still feel intoxicated but will likely experience a good amount of energy.

HYBRIDS Marijuana Strands

Hybrids have recently gained popularity in the medical marijuana community and new strains are popping up everywhere. Hybrids often offer the best of both worlds to patients that suffer from a variety of ailments. The are known for uplifting your mood and energy but also aiding in sleep when taken at the end of the day. You can find strains that are half THC and half CBD and strains that are more Indica dominant, or strains that are more sativa dominant. A lot of people find medicating with hybrid strains easier because of the spectrum of symptoms it treats. Someone needing pain management during the day, without the sedating effects of Indica will probably find a hybrid works the best for them.

Of course, with so many options available, it may still take some trial and error to find your perfect medication. What works best for someone else, might not work best for you.

Kushly Blog - Medicinal Marijuana On Demand

Medicinal Marijuana On Demand

With the explosion of the on-demand economy, companies are revolutionizing the medicinal marijuana industry by changing the way people receive the natural medicine they need. This new wave of tech-oriented startups have the mission of ensuring that you can have access to your medication whenever and wherever you need it. With the rise of medical marijuana usage, more and more business are popping up around the country are working hard to initiate delivery service for a variety of medical marijuana strands and marijuana products and streamline how patients purchase medical weed with the end goal of making sure that every customer has a safe, quick, and easy experience having their medical marijuana delivered.

Unfortunately, many of the first-to-market early adopters have encountered trouble with the law so new companies entering the marketing are developing their software from the ground up to be in full compliance with the law. Transporting marijuana can be very complicated since patients are required to meet certain legal criteria, along with dispensaries and delivery drivers. New entrants are bridging the the grey areas between product to person by integrating technology that enables the user to upload photo ID as well as their medical marijuana club card to ensure the end user is legally qualified to complete their purchase. Some companies have also gone as far as created a legal network across various jurisdictions to ensure they are operating with the law no matter municipality they are working within.

To ensure the standard of product being delivered is of utmost quality many of these delivery companies have chosen to only work with dispensaries that have strict standards and are fully compliant with state mandate seed to sale programs. By working with fully compliant dispensaries that provide reliable and premium product these startups have a better chance of ensuring the end user has access to medical cannabis that’s affordable, accessible, safe and compliant with the law.

This means ensures that their patients can receive their orders quickly and consistently and not have to wait on medicine. Many of these new delivery companies also feel socially obligated to provide quick and seamless delivery options. The companies that focus on providing reliable service that is fully compliant legally should benefit greatly from the vast expansion legal cannabis industry into new markets. More and more states are legalizing cannabis use in one form or another; additionally, many of the states that have already approved marijuana for medicinal use are expanding the number number of diseases and illnesses that medical marijuana is approved for. This, combined with the explosive growth of the on demand economy is creating a situation ripe for growth.

As laws become more relaxed, you can expect to see an incredible amount of new companies entering the fray to provide delivery service as well as the amount of dispensaries who partner with these companies to offer the service to their loyal clients. All this means more options for the medicinal marijuana patient – finding a quality dispensary with the best products and the quickest delivery time will soon be at everyone’s fingertips. More choice and better options of marijuana delivered straight to your door, I think anyone will agree that’s a great thing.