Las Vegas Dispensaries

Nevada medical marijuana laws are currently in a state of rapid evolution. Currently, people experiencing chronic pain or other conditions are eligible for a medical marijuana card. This card is accepted at all Las Vegas dispensaries and there are a few rules that need to be followed. Kushly offers the only legal option to receive on-demand delivery from Las Vegas dispensaries. Using our revolutionary service makes it possible to order and receive products straight to your door or when you are on the go. We offer on-demand and scheduled delivery from only the best dispensaries. Our team ensures that every order received gets to each patient when and how they want it.

Las Vegas dispensaries also fall under strict supervision to make sure they’re operating under the laws set forth by the State. Kushly has worked closely with both Federal and State law to ensure that every step of transporting medicine is legally operated and approved of. This means that our patients can be sure our service and products are in full compliance with the standards created for dispensaries and that we are following the guidelines outlined for patients when they receive their Nevada medical marijuana card.

Additional information can be found on the DHHS website, where you can also find information on how to apply for a medicinal card. Once you’re a certified patient you can start using Kushly to receive your medicine from dispensaries in Las Vegas. Convenience and speed is our specialty, we’ve streamlined the service on our end to ensure everything is running respectfully to the law. Registering your card with us is easy and ensures that ordering and receiving your product runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.