Marijuana THC Potency – Too Much of a Good Thing

Marijuana used to grow in the wild in fields, exposed to sunshine and other elements. Over time farmers found that there were more efficient ways of growing marijuana through hydroponics. From that time on, marijuana became more commonly grown indoors. Another change that accompanied the growing of marijuana indoors was the increase in THC content. THC is present in full force on every bud, and the controlled environment increases its ability to be altered and optimized. Often times the more THC the happier the grower, and the happier the toker.

This is not always the case. In fact, the marijuana available at your local dispensary has much more THC in it than it did in the past. Many studies show that the THC content is nearly double what it was in decades past. These potent levels of THC, which are anywhere from 13-18% on average, can come with a warning label. While THC boasts a lot of medical benefits, too much of it can actually have an adverse affect on the body.

Regular users of marijuana will tell you there is such thing as being “too high”, however they don’t usually realize that there are real harmful consequences to over consuming THC. You may ask, who is really hurt by being too high? The answer is you, if you aren’t careful. THC in high doses is documented to cause seizures, hallucinations, psychosis and mania. This is not the harmless and fleeting case of paranoia you can get from smoking marijuana, it is much for serious.

Many consumers believe that it is best practice to look for the strongest weed available, but that doesn’t actually mean the marijuana is better for you or higher quality. Again, 10 years ago the strength of THC in marijuana is half of what it is now. With advances in technology and the growing popularity of medical marijuana, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement surrounding new marijuana products, but it is more important than ever to be an informed consumer. Most strains are already packed enough with the THC to aid any ailment you suffer from, now you can begin to look for it’s other qualities as well before making a purchase decision. For example, a strain that is 50/50 CBD:THC will produce a fantastic body high that’s perfect for pain management and with limited psychoactive effects.

If you are a medical marijuana patient and you need the medicine’s cerebral effects for focus or clarity, keep in mind that most hybrids are high-THC. In fact, your ‘upper weed’, Sativa, is the highest in THC. These psychoactive effects can be much more intense than you expect and it is recommended that you start very slow when consuming this type of medical marijuana. You can ease into the product and increase your dosage at a rate that suits your individual body.

Every person and body is unique, so their dosage will also be different. In addition it is important to remember that as a general rule, weed tends to enhance the potency of other things. So if you’re being prescribed any other medication, be sure to know what each feels like separately before trying them together. Keep your doctors up to date on which medicines, alternative, homeopathic or otherwise so if any unpleasant symptoms arise, you’re well documented.

Now that marijuana is being cultivated as medicine, there are many benefits to the increase in THC potency throughout many strains. However, more isn’t always better and you might not need as much as you think you need. Before smoking everything you pick up from the dispensary in one sitting, maybe take it for a little test ride first. Remember, you can always increase your dosage, but overdoing it can leave you with a lasting and unpleasant experience.