6 Reasons Why CBD Cannabidiol Can Help Children with Anxiety

6 Reasons Why CBD Cannabidiol Can Help Children with Anxiety

Anxiety disorders have become prevalent among many people including children. Anxiety is normal among children as they find their way in the world and they have to be separated from their parents. When children are forced to change their routine, their lifestyle and their environment, they also feel anxious as they face new places, new schools, and they need to make new friends. Such changes can trigger social anxiety, separation anxiety and at least one phobia. Other children suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder due to previous trauma and abuse. Parents can work with psychologists to find solutions to the anxiety but when the anxiety becomes too extreme for children to live a normal childhood, other solutions become necessary. The question that every parent wants answers for is whether to get medication for their child or not. There are many allotropic drugs available for anxiety but they may come with side effects such as headaches, weight loss, gastrointestinal upset and drowsiness. Fortunately, there are natural ways of treating anxiety and CBD Cannabidiol has proven to be very effective.

CBD Cannabidiol Treats Anxiety

Among its many health benefits, CBD also treats mental health problems such as anxiety. That is why, in the last ten years, many people have turned to CBD for the relief of anxiety. This has been supported by research such as the review that was published in the Neurotherapeutics that reported that CBD can effectively reduce anxiety in people with general anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and social anxiety disorder. (1). So far, CBD has not shown any adverse effects when used for these problems and the researchers have called for CBD to be studied further as a potential treatment method for anxiety.

Why CBD is Good for Anxiety in Children

1. The Effects of CBD are Long-Lasting

When a child takes CBD for anxiety, there is a significant drop in the level of anxiety and the drop lasts for a long time. This is what allotropic medicines are failing to achieve. In one study involving a 10-year old girl who was sexually abused at the age of 5 years, CBD helped to reduce the level of anxiety that she suffered. Compared to the meds that she used to take, the reduction in anxiety was significant and the effect was long-lasting.

2. CBD Improves the Quality of Sleep

One of the problems that children face when they take allotropic medications is that they may suffer from insomnia as a side effect. When they take CBD, it calms them down and improves the quality of sleep while alleviating the symptoms of anxiety. In the study mentioned above, CBD indeed improved the child’s sleep. However, research on the effects of CBD on sleep is still in infancy. So far, what has been learned is that high doses of CBD can be sedative, low doses during day-time can be energising, and that if CBD contains terpenes, some of those terpenes are known to induce sleep and to relax muscles.

3. CBD Makes Children Feel Good

Children who suffer from anxiety normally do so because of traumatic experiences. They live in fear as they keep playing the frightening experiences in their minds. When they take CBD, it tends to inhibit neurotransmitter activity in the brain and calms them down. The children therefore stop focusing on the traumatic events and they begin to feel good about themselves. Scientists have even found that the self-esteem of children who take CBD for anxiety improves remarkably.

4. CBD Is Useful During Transition When Weaning Children from Allotropic Drugs

Pharmaceuticals are very expensive, they may cause dependency and they have unpleasant side effects. Therefore, parents make an effort to wean their children from drugs and move to coping mechanisms such as meditation, yoga and breathing exercises. During the transition period parents can give their children CBD as a bridge between drugs and the coping mechanisms. CBD makes the brain calm and ready to receive the new coping mechanisms.

5. CBD is Safe for Children

Parents are looking for alternative treatments for their children suffering from anxiety because pharmaceuticals have adverse effects. Also, some children develop tolerance for the pharmaceuticals after long term use. Fortunately, CBD is one of the best natural alternative treatments since it does not have many unpleasant side effects, it does not cause any high and it is not addictive. When children take CBD, parents do not worry much about any side effects and they are normally relieved when the anxiety levels go down and they are happy with the lasting effects.

6. CBD Generally Improves Health

CBD has a long list of health benefits such as improving the health of the digestive system, relieving depression and improving appetite. Therefore, if a child is depressed because they cannot enjoy life due to their anxiety, they can be relieved of the depression at the same time that they get relief from anxiety. If they have not been eating well due to their anxiety problems, their appetite improves as well and their health improves due to increased nutrition. Those who suffer from gastrointestinal upset due to drugs will also find relief from taking CBD. In fact, if they have other pre-existing health problems, they are likely to get better and enjoy improved health.

Children Should Definitely Be Given CBD for Anxiety

Though studies are still in their infancy, CBD has been found by users and some researchers to be effective for anxiety relief and there are many reasons why it should be given to children. Parents should be aware that quality matters when it comes to CBD. Because there is no government regulation yet, it is up to consumers to do some research on the manufacturers of CBD products to make sure that they meet the strict requirements of using organic non-GMO industrial hemp that contains less than 0.3% THC. They should also be satisfied that the extraction methods used by the manufacturers produce high quality CBD that is free from harmful chemicals.


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  1. NOTE: It is important to understand that Kushly.com does not support wild, unverified claims that CBD is a “magic cure” for any illness. Instead, we refer everyone to academic research on CBD, carried out by medical professionals and credible institutions.

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