Best Cannabis-Related Apps To Download

Best Cannabis-Related Apps To Download

Thanks to technology, stoners and cannabis-enthusiasts alike now have more access to their stash when they need it. As a matter of fact, you’ll be happy to know that ordering your cannabis supply as well as premium CBD products have become more accessible anytime you need it. With the legalization of marijuana in select parts of the United States, there is no wonder that many people have become more interested in the benefits that this herb can bring.

With the increased interest for cannabis and CBD products, Silicon Valley startups have been hankering to take part in the game. More and more entrepreneurs looking to change the marijuana industry have taken to developing mobile apps that provide accessibility and convenience to customers, wherever they might be (that is, within legal limits, of course). In a highly digital world where smartphones, the Internet, and connectivity reign supreme, individuals craving to get their fix can easily do so with the touch of a finger.

Move Towards Marijuana Industry

It’s not just the tech geeks who have been running towards the marijuana market to get their dose of high. Even entrepreneurs are jumping ship and leaving behind their technological roots to take part in such a revolutionary moment in history. With the passage of Farm Bill in the United States last December 2018, there is no doubt that the sales could reach an all-time high.

Business Insider even notes that the cannabis industry could reach a whopping $20 billion by 2020. With recent developments in the field, it looks like this target has become easier to achieve.

Helpful Mobile Apps for Cannabis Enthusiasts

If you have a sudden craving for this plant late at night, or simply run out of your stash as you’re partying with your friends, ordering an additional ounce or two has just become possible with select apps. Apart from giving you the freshest batch on hand, you are guaranteed to get these herbs right on your doorstep. It also doesn’t hurt that user-friendly applications provide a slew of information for your pleasure.

Interested in knowing what apps to download? Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for these programs. Besides ordering services, there are also mobile apps where you play games, get connected with a professional doctor, smoke with a community, or even edit your photos. Check these out:

  • Leafly

To help you get acquainted with the premium CBD hemp oil products, hemp oil products, and other marijuana-related items you can think of, it might be worth checking out Leafly. This application is perfect for beginners who are still starting in the game, as well as seasoned users who are looking to learn more about the herbs.

This app allows users to gain more insights when it comes to tinctures, edibles, topicals, CBD oils, and other weed-related products you can think of. Aside from giving you the lowdown on the various marijuana strains, the Leafly app allows you to share your reviews about a particular strain. This helps fellow users gain knowledge about the goods they are intending to purchase.

  • 420Friends

With a growing community of cannabis lovers, smoking and getting your goods alone should be a thing of the past. With 420Friends, you can enter a world where marijuana lovers, CBD oil enthusiasts, and cannabis fans unite. Download this application and you can get in touch with people who are interested in the same things and who are fun to hang out with.

If you are iffy about downloading an app that’s eerily similar to Tinder, think of it this way: 420Friends is simply a tool that will not only help you get out of your comfort zone, it’s also a way for you to learn more from other like-minded individuals.

  • EazeMD

If you are looking to score a prescription for yourself or for a friend in need, you can say goodbye to late-night doctor’s visits. With the help of EazeMD, you can easily gain access to virtual medical marijuana consultations with real doctors over your smartphone.

In just one tap and for a low fee of $30, you can get a prescription sent right over. This way, you have the option of presenting this physical or rather digital, copy of the recommendation. This certainly beats having to run over or drive to your doctor’s house just to get what you need.

  • Robot Unicorn Attack 2

If you are fond of playing games, go back to a magical and nostalgia-filled game with Robot Unicorn Attack 2. This trippy game will certainly have you rolling for hours on end, especially when unicorns are blasting everything they see insight. While you may be skeptical about this program, give this a try. While you are at it, put a few drops of hemp CBD oil under your tongue and let it work its magic.

  • Snoop Dogg’s Snoopify Mobile Photo App

If you are a fan of the renowned singer/rapper, this application will certainly allow you to get a taste of what it is like to live in his shoes. With special graphics and artwork from Snoop Dogg himself, you can have endless fun using photos of yourself and editing it in the app. Aside from being one of the biggest patrons of marijuana, Snoop shows a creative side, unlike anything you have seen before. Invite your friends over and have a grand time taking photos, slapping on stickers, and sharing your selfies over social media.

  • Weed Cookbook

Fond of creating of cannabis-infused recipes? Fancy yourself as a chef? If you do, then Weed Cookbook is the right application for you. Here, you can find tons of recipes you can try at home. From making ganja butter to infusing your own hemp oil, to making snacks and full-on dishes, this might just be the one you are looking for.

What are you waiting for? Check these mobile apps today and see what these can do for you. In no time, you get to enjoy cannabis and its various forms, particularly its presence in technology.

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