Best CBD Oils to Put You to Sleep in Minutes

Best CBD Oils to Put You to Sleep in Minutes

Sleep is a significant human activity. It is essential that we spend six hours or more to fulfill our need for slumber. And while many health professionals are pushing to get quality shuteye every night, many Americans need to take sleeping pills and other aids to get a restful time in their bedrooms.

Sleep Deprivation Epidemic

Sleeplessness and other sleep-related problems are a cause of concern to many doctors and health officials. CDC declared a sleep-deprivation epidemic in the U.S. On the agency’s website, one in every three (nearly 50 million) adult Americans said that they get less than the prescribed hours of shuteye. Many of them depend on medications like sleeping pills only to get a good night’s rest. While seemingly harmless at first, chronic sleep deprivation can lead to multiple problems on health and productivity. Some of the health issues you can get from the lack of slumber range from heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and even cancer.

Sleep deprivation can also affect a person psychologically and emotionally. According to an article in Psychology Today, the inability to sleep well makes can make you more emotionally reactive, become more pessimistic, has a gloomier outlook about the future, and less emotionally connected to your partner. It is also a typical cause of fatal car crashes, medical errors, and industrial accidents. A New York Times report showed that insufficient slumber results in more than $400 billion in losses in the US each year.

CBD Oil for Sleep

For insomniacs and people with sleep disorders, getting a well-deserved shuteye is a blessing. After all, who would not want to take time off and visit the dream world after a stressful day. Thanks to the discovery and promotion of CBD hemp oil and other products from medical cannabis, millions of sleep-deprived Americans now have help for this insomnia as well as daytime sleepiness or fatigue, restless leg syndrome, and sleep apnea.

A study has shown that taking cannabis oil can induce a mood that will help you sleep. While it does not make you feel sleepy, it provides a potent relief to one of the roots of insomnia — chronic stress. By communicating with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates the secretion of neurotransmitters and hormones, cannabinoid can calm the mind and body during a stressful day. CBD’s interaction with the ECS results in the better stress response of the body, which, in turn, improves cognitive functions and corrects appetite for food and sleep.

Best Cannabidiol Oil for Slumber

While many people have attested that cannabidiol oil is a useful companion during bedtime, not all brands in the market have the right composition to put you asleep. Certain brands are made to encourage you to get quality sleep every night. Here are some of them:

Medterra CBD Oil

Medterra CBD Tincture is manufactured from US-grown hemp. It is processed using CO2 extraction methods, which is the gold standard in the industry. This brand complies with the guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture — which are stricter than regulations in China, Canada, South Korea, and other major hemp growers. By passing the stringent laboratory tests, consumers can be sure of its safety and efficacy. To prove the purity of their product, Medterra posts the results of their tests online.

Green Roads

Another brand that receives high reviews is Green Roads. A 20-year pharmacist founded the company in Florida Green Roads. It is now one of the largest CBD product manufacturers in the U.S. Unlike its competitors; this brand is made up of a unique combination of full-spectrum CBD oil, crystalline isolate CBD and pure CBD for its products. The result is a product where you can get other benefits from terpenes and cannabinoids in your oil.


This company makes CBD oil from organic-standard hemp grown in Denmark without artificial ingredients (hence, the term pure). These oils are composed of pure full spectrum hemp oil that contains other cannabinoids and terpenes that boosts benefits for your body. It is also extracted using the industry-standard CO2 methods that ensure purity and potency.


The company was established by Colorado residents who want to make the best cannabidiol products in the market. CBDistillery only has two ingredients in their products — MCT oil that comes from coconut (the carrier oil) and the CBD hemp oil extract. This combination allows a smooth, clean and effective absorption of the product.


Like Medterra, CBDMD is made from a particular strain of industrial hemp grown in the U.S., which, according to the company, produces much richer cannabidiol with other beneficial cannabinoids, amino acids, and vitamins. The hemp where the product comes from is 100% organic and grown in the best conditions near the intersection of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers.

How to Consume These CBD Oils

While there are many ways to consume cannabidiol, most of the oils above are in CBD tinctures, which are typically taken by dropping the liquid under the tongue. But there companies above like Medterra, Green Roads, CBDPure and CBDMD, and of course, Kushly, that also produce CBD capsules that you can consume as a supplement.

If you want to enjoy CBD while eating, you can also buy cannabidiol-infused edibles like gummies, brownies, and chocolate bars. You can even drink beverages such as tea, soda, and coffee mixed with cannabidiol. You can also take CBD vape oil by inhalation with a diffuser or e-cigarettes.

To know the right dosage for your condition, you should consult with a doctor. Studies show that the ideal dose for sleep problems is 160 mg of CBD by mouth (either by capsule or tincture) before going to bed. This dosage is way too high than the typical serving size of 10 to 20 mg. According to research, cannabidiol is useful for sedating sleep if it is taken in higher doses. For first-timers like you, you can start with a single serving and check if it is enough. You can slowly add more to get the restful sleep you want.

For millions of Americans who find it hard to get quality sleep, they can now take cannabidiol oil, a medicine as potent as sleeping pills, without the harmful side effects.

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