The Bestselling Medical Marijuana Audiobooks You Can Download from Audible

The Bestselling Medical Marijuana Audiobooks You Can Download from Audible

Medical marijuana is a hot topic nowadays. Many U.S. adults are curious about the benefits of this plant, especially in treating various diseases. Many researchers agree that taking this plant as a medicine and supplement can help alleviate different health conditions. 

Not only cannabis is beneficial to your health, but it is also a profitable mode of investment too. Many investors see this plant as “green gold” that can reap billions of dollars in profits. Some analysts even say this commodity would be more valuable than cryptocurrencies and other money-making tools that will shape the future of finance.    

However, CBD, THC, and other cannabis-derived substances with potent therapeutic properties are still new to most Americans.

Despite the hype, medicinal cannabis is still in its infancy. To enjoy its health-promoting benefits as well as its profit-making prospects, you still need to learn more about this plant and its products. And one great way to know more about this health miracle is by listening to bestselling audiobooks that tackle the subject.

Audiobooks for Cannabis Lovers

To thoroughly understand the risks of medical marijuana as well as leverage on its healing and profit potentials, you still need to learn more about the medicine.  And for busy people like you, you don’t have enough time to read books, magazines, and blogs on marijuana. The good thing is there are alternative ways to feed your mind with the latest information regarding anything about this plant.

Enter audiobooks, a smart way to educate yourself on the go. Once tagged as an alternative poring over volumes of books, many people regard this instructional material as a go-to and practical way of learning. By downloading audio versions of favorite books online or other sources, you can feed your mind from spoken texts.

Apart from supplying you with information, audiobooks have their distinct advantages over its printed counterparts. You can “read” volumes of books even when you’re driving or resting on a bed. People who learn better from listening than from reading can also benefit from this learning method. Moreover, this can improve listening skills, which is vital in verbal communication. Speaking remains the most efficient and practical way to exchange thoughts and information.

Best Cannabis Audiobooks on Audible

There are many apps where you can buy and listen to audiobooks. Audible is the most popular application for this purpose. Created by Amazon, the world’s largest online store, Audible hosts millions of titles on virtually any topic under the sun. Because of its unique publishing strategy that enables and promotes self-publication, you can find audiobooks exclusive for the application.

Audible has a shelf of books about medical marijuana. Here are some of the bestsellers that you can purchase.

“Cannabis: Step-by-Step Guide on How to Grow Marijuana for Beginners”

Some people prefer to grow marijuana in their backyard than buying them from an online store or dispensaries. Aside from ensuring the quality of the crop, many people also enjoy growing this plant as their hobby.

If your state allows growing cannabis legally, you can grow this plant with the guidance of its author Joseph Bosner. This audiobook provides step-by-step instructions on how to legally tend and harvest quality cannabis, based on Bosner’s years of experience. It contains the fundamentals of choosing the species or strain, growing the plant, including the ideal lighting, air quality, soil, water, required nutrients, temperature, and other factors that can affect the quality of the plant.

“Cannabis Cookbook”

Cannabis cuisine is now a growing trend in cooking. From merely baking CBD-infused cookies or brownies, more and more people are trying other recipes that contain products extracted from this plant. But many people make mistakes in preparing food containing cannabis. Instead of benefitting from the healing powers of the substance, many carry out the wrong process that may put the health of their families at risk. With the “Cannabis Cookbook,” you can avoid falling to these mistakes. Written by Joseph Bosner, this audiobook will teach you how to serve healthy dishes with cannabis. Bosner also teaches you how to make homemade cannabis infusions such as tinctures, cannabis butter, and CBD cooking oil to ensure their quality and potency.

“Cancer and CBD Oil”

Cancer is currently one of the deadliest and most brutal diseases in the U.S. Even though its mortality has fallen in the past years. It has still claimed the lives of approximately 12.7 million Americans every year. One of the most promising treatments for this devastating illness is cannabidiol (CBD), a substance extracted from cannabis. This audiobook will shed light on how CBD can help treat and suppress the growth of malignant cells. It also educates people about which type of CBD oil you should take to prevent or treat this life-wasting disease. Written by Dr. Charles Fuchs, a global authority in cancer treatment, “Cancer and CBD Oil” is a life-saving book that can help you conquer cancer using CBD oil.

“Cannabis and Spirituality”

Since time immemorial, marijuana is linked to religious and spiritual experiences. Many religions use this plant as a possible tool for spiritual awakening and healing. With this audiobook, you can read some of the 18 influential voices that shape the modern cannabis movement. These people explore the properties of cannabis in helping you attain spiritual awakening through meditation, visualization, chanting, and other methods.  

“The Leafly Guide to Cannabis”

Leafly is a blog about all things about marijuana.  This website, composed of authorities of Cannabis, has become the most popular platform for the plant. This audiobook then acts as a definitive guide on how to use the plant for your health and wellbeing. It also has sections on how to invest in cannabis stocks and how to apply for jobs connected to the industry.

“Investing in Medical and Recreational Cannabis”

Marijuana is one of the futures of investment. Financial analysts recommend betting on stocks of companies involved in growing, processing, and researching marijuana because of their potential, especially in providing help with various diseases. Author Mickey Dee shares his knowledge and insights on how to make money from the booming marijuana industry.

Cannabis is currently a hot topic in both the medical and business worlds. By listening to the audiobooks listed above, you can enhance your knowledge about the plant that has the potential to revolutionize the world.

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