Can CBD Help in Treating Mental Illnesses?

Can CBD Help in Treating Mental Illnesses?

According to the American Psychiatric Association, mental illness is a medical condition that affects a person’s mood, emotion, thinking, and behavior. In the past, these types of illnesses were dismissed as something that the sufferer can control. Depressive patients were merely told to let go of their sadness and individuals with social anxieties were told to simply told or forced to socialize.

However, studies show that these types of conditions are out of the patient’s control. Many individuals are now recognizing the fact mental disorders are actually medical conditions that the human brain, mind, and body suffer.

In the United States, 19% of adults are likely to experience a form of mental disorder during their entire lifetime. Moreover, records show that 5% (or 43.8 million) of adults experience a form of this medical condition in a year. However, only 41% of suffers in the past year sought professional help.

Some of the most common mental illnesses include:

  • Anxiety disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic and social anxieties
  • Mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder
  • Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Impulse control and addiction disorders
  • Tic disorders such as Tourette’s Syndrome

How Mental Illnesses are Being Addressed Today

Compared to how people in the past addressed mental health, this matter is being taken seriously today. In fact, more and more government and private initiatives have been launched to tackle mental health. Part of the efforts to positively address this matter is to include these conditions in the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana.

This development occurred because many individuals and organizations now recognize marijuana’s therapeutic potentials. These medicinal properties are all thanks to cannabidiol (CBD) which has a lot of positive effects on the body.

Why CBD is a great Treatment for Mental Illnesses

When ingested, CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system which produces our internal cannabinoids. Our bodies also have endo- and exo-cannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system, as well as in the peripheral nervous, digestive and immune systems, called CB1 and CB2 receptors. Because of the strategic placement of these receptors, it has positive effects on the body.

Here are some effects that make cannabidiol a viable addition to mental illness treatments:

Mood Enhancement

Depression and manic depression (also called bipolar disorder) are some of the most known mental disorders. These are a kind of mood disorder in which suffers experience prolonged and severe feelings of unexplained sadness (depression), and a fluctuation between extreme happiness and extreme sadness.

Perhaps one of the most important traits of CBD is its regulatory effects. In skincare, this substance is known to regulate sebum production to avoid oily skin and also jumpstarts oil production to combat dry skin. The same characteristic is observed in regulating mood disorders. It has shown potential in treating depression by giving uplifting effects, while it can address manic episodes by regulating serotonin.

Aids Sleep

Patients suffering from PTSD are known to relive the experience, leading to difficulty falling or staying asleep. They also show signs of irritability, anger outbursts, and nerves. Other symptoms include negative moods and cognition, difficulty focusing, and physical manifestations such as elevated blood pressure, heart rates, muscle tension, nausea, and diarrhea.

Another benefit of this cannabinoid is its ability to improve the quality of sleep. It is also is known to address these symptoms, especially as it aids in lowering blood pressure, soothing tensed muscles, dispelling nausea and regulating bowel movement. Just like for depression and bipolarism, its mood-enhancing effects makes it feasible for treating mood-related manifestations of PTSD and other similar conditions.

Enhances Appetite

Conditions such as anorexia nervosa is a type of eating disorder. It is characterized by the irrational fear of gaining weight, which leads patients to lose interest in food. It also leads to loss of appetite. Some risk factors include depression, anxiety disorder, and weight consciousness.

Anorexia is one of the qualifying medical conditions for medical marijuana for a good reason. Doctors have classified CBD as an effective aid to medical treatments. Aside from being able to treat depression, this compound can increase the appetite of the patient, allowing them to reach a healthier weight.

Boosts Energy

Several of the most common mental disorders cause the patients to lose energy to perform everyday activities. Because of this, untreated sufferers tend to experience a decrease in the quality of their lives. This cannabinoid has the ability to provide additional energy to encourage patients to pursue daily activities and other more worthwhile endeavors.

Stimulates Cognition

Another general symptom of the illnesses is a foggy mind, lack of concentration and poor memory. Improved cognition is one of the most prominent effects of this substance. By stimulating the mind, consumers experience better-thinking faculty, focus and memory, allowing them to function normally in their daily lives.

Improves Creativity

In treating these medical conditions, many professionals encourage sufferers to pursue their passions, usually the creative kind. This helps them relieve some of their stress and express their feelings. With the help of CBD, patients can have their creative juices flowing, allowing them to perform their passion that is connected to the treatment of their condition.

CBD products that can help treat these conditions

Now that you know how this compound helps in treating mental health patients, you may be wondering what products to use to facilitate the betterment of these individuals. Some of these products are:

  • CBD Gummies – These usually come in fruity flavors, making them fun to consume yet effective.
  • Pills and Capsules – These allow individuals to intake the cannabinoid in a more regulated manner as it has fixed dosages for every pill or tablet.
  • Tinctures – Another great way to regulate consumption, these allow users to consume CBD oil by placing a few drops under their tongue.
  • CBD Vape Oil – For individuals who switched from smoking to vaping, this can help in curbing nicotine addiction while intaking CBD.

Mental health remains to be a serious matter until today. With access to medical marijuana and cannabidiol, patients have a more effective and natural treatment option.

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