Cannabis Strains Better Than Coffee

Cannabis Strains Better Than Coffee

Start Your Day Right: 5 Cannabis Strains Better than Coffee

With lots of marijuana products such as cannabis oil and CBD capsules available in the market, you have surely heard how good this plant is for a variety of uses. One of the most interesting things you can use this herb is as an alternative to coffee. Not sure how this can be? Read on to find out.

The Science Behind It All

In order to understand how some cannabis strains can make you energized whilst some can leave you sedated, it is important to know the difference between Cannabis sativa and indica. Sativa is the subspecies that is rich in cannabidiol with lower levels of THC. Because of this, strains that are sativa-dominant are more stimulating and cerebral, also known as a ‘brain high.’ It is also known for its uplifting effects that boost energy and creativity.

On the other hand, indicates dominants give sedating effects earning it the nickname ‘in-da-couch.’ It gives users intensified senses, making them more aware of their surroundings. Perhaps the most popular effect of this type is the sleepiness and relaxing feeling it gives, making the high it gives more of a ‘body’ one.

Aside from CBD and THC, another cannabinoid you should take note of is THC-V. This is known to counter the effects of THC, especially when consumed in smaller quantities. This plays a huge role in the energy-boosting properties of cannabis as it causes clear-headedness and focus. Just like CBD, there are copious amounts of THC-V in sativa varieties.

What Strains Should You Get?

Now that you know why some strains are more useful in giving you a brain high, you might be itching to know which strains to use as an alternative to your morning (or afternoon, even evening) fix. Here are some of the most notable ones:

  1. Chocolope

Despite being named after the sweet treat, Chocolope does not consistently bear a chocolatey flavour. Instead, you are sure to get a sweet note with a hint of other flavours such as fruity, chocolatey and coffee. Aside from the possibility of getting a batch with notable coffee tones, this strain is similar to coffee because of the energy-boosting properties. No wonder, because this is a cross between Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze which sativa-dominant strains, guaranteed to give you a productive and uplifting brain high.

  1. Durban Poison

Another sativa strain, Durban Poison is known for its ability to treat anxieties and stresses. In fact, this is a purely sativa variety, which means it retains all its sativa-related properties as opposed to hybrid ones. One great thing about this landrace type is its THC-V content, making it a viable alternative to coffee. Consuming Durban Poison will surely leave you ready to take on mundane and even extraordinary tasks.

  1. Sour Diesel

A sativa-indica hybrid, Sour Diesel is known for its pungent aroma resembling that of fuel. Despite having the characteristics of indica, this kind has capable of giving an effect often compared to drinking a strong mug of joe. This is because a combination of CBD and THC works well together, and this strain has the right mix. With its euphoric, yet energizing and creativity-inducing property, there is no doubt why this is one of the most popular varieties

  1. Jillybean

People looking for laidback experience might want to give Jillybean a go. Another hybrid, this variety is known for the energy and mental boost it gives, making the experience an uplifting one. It is perfect for beginners as it has a regulated amount of THC, reducing the possibility of body highs and hang overs. This is a great option for people looking for a fruity taste and odour.

  1. Lemon OG Kush

If you are having trouble getting up and going to work in the morning due to anxiety and depression, you might want to give Lemon OG Kush a try. Different from the first 4 strains, this variety is indica-dominant, which means that it has a considerable amount of THC. However, it is proven to give cerebral highs, allowing consumers to focus and work more productively. The best thing about this type is its ability to enhance moods and relieve anxieties, making it a great addition to treatments for mood and mental conditions. So, if you love the citrusy taste of lemons, Lemon OG Kush should be your go-to strain.

The Best Ways to Consume These Strains

Wondering how you can effectively consume these wonderful varieties of cannabis? We got you covered. Check out the best ways you can get the energy-boosting properties of cannabis into your body.

Light Em Up

Of course, the first thing you want to try when you get your hands on these strains is to roll up a joint and light it up. With the energizing effects of these herbs, you will be ready to face the day with just one hit. Just make sure that you take measures to remove the smell, especially if you are going straight to work.

Incorporate into Your Cooking

If you love cooking up gastronomic masterpieces and you are into cannabis, your best bet is to combines these two together to cook up some cannabis dishes. You can incorporate dried, ground buds into your cookies, brownies, pesto sauce and many other recipes.

Make Hemp Oil

Aside from mixing dried buds into your dishes, you might want to make your secret ingredient handier by making cannabis oil. Cannabinoids bind well with fats and oil, making this great option to your on-the-go needs. Once you make a batch of this oil, you can simply place a few drops of it into your drinks or meals and reap the hemp oil benefits.

The possibilities marijuana has to offer seems endless and its energy-boosting abilities is just the tip of the iceberg. What you have read here might be reason enough to believe the wonders of cannabis, but nothing beats actual experience. So, what are you waiting for? Head to your local dispensary today and get one of these energizing strains to replace (or supplement) your cup of coffee!



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