CBD Craze Explained

CBD Craze Explained

CBD Craze Explained: Why People are Loving It

As of today, medical cannabis is legal in 33 states and cannabidiol is permitted for use in all but three states. Market studies show that people are loving this compound, but why exactly do they adore it? Here’s why:

Status of the CBD Craze

In the past years, cannabidiol has been gaining immense popularity. A survey by the Brightfield Group involving 2,400 participants revealed that 57% of the respondents decided to include CBD in their medical treatments. On the other hand, 42% replaced medications with this cannabinoid.

This surge in the use of cannabidiol is consistent with sales data. In fact, the U.S. saw a $108.1 million consumer sales in 2014, which increased throughout the following years. In 2018, the sales amounted to $512.7 million and by 2022 the sales are projected to reach a staggering value of $1.812 billion.

One reason for this increase in usage and sales is the legalization of medical marijuana, which paved the way for many people to realize the vast possibilities that this cannabinoid has to offer. Aside from this, the role of this cannabinoid in creating a more active and healthier lifestyle seems to be a huge factor in the growth of the cannabidiol market.

Reasons Why CBD is Highly Popular

These numbers show that this compound is not only becoming an accepted medical treatment of choice for chronic diseases and debilitating conditions but also as a way to enhance people’s lifestyle. If you are not sure what people particularly like about cannabidiol, here are 4 reasons why it is popular:

It Offers a World of Benefits

The fact that cannabis was legalized in the majority of the states shows that its cannabinoids are highly valuable, especially in light of the benefits it can give. These benefits include:

  • Mood and Energy Boost – A lot of people take a dose of cannabidiol every morning and in the middle of the day. This cannabinoid is known to give consumers more energy. It is also a great way to relieve some stress as it can lower stress levels and improve your mood. In fact, many people add it to their anxiety and depression treatments. Some prefer drinking coffee to get the energy they need to get through the day, you can try to ingest CBD to give yourself a little pick-me-up. Or, if you love coffee, you can mix cannabidiol oil to your cup of joe.
  • Inspiring Creativity – Aside from giving you energy and lowering your stress level, CBD can also help you become more creative. Cannabidiol attaches to the receptors in your brain, which improves blood flow. This results in an enhanced mood, cognition, and creative thinking.
  • Pain Relief – Cannabis can be prescribed to people suffering from chronic pain. The reason for its effectiveness in treating pain? You guess it, it is CBD. This cannabinoid is known to minimize pain levels, making it perfect for people suffering from arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Anti-Inflammation – Pain relief and anti-inflammation go hand-in-hand, especially as chronic pain is often caused by inflammation. It’s a good thing that cannabidiol is also found to be effective in preventing and treating inflammation, making it all the more perfect for treating painful conditions.

It is Non-Psychoactive

Perhaps the reason why people are more comfortable using CBD, whether regularly or occasionally, is because it is non-psychoactive. Keep in mind that much of the stigma surrounding cannabis is because of its psychoactive effect, which is largely caused by THC. Because CBD products are properly marketed as cannabis-infused items without the “highness”, more people are more amenable to try them. So, if you are looking for ways to consume cannabis without getting high, then this compound is your best bet.

It Can Be Consumed in Many Ways

If you are wondering how to consume this compound, you will be glad to know that there are many ways you can do so. Here are just some of the best ways:

  • Vaping – Vaping is all the rage in the past few years, especially as it is a feasible alternative to smoking. Similarly, you can try vaping CBD juices instead of smoking marijuana. This method is perfect for those wanting to get their cannabidiol fix whilst also blending in with regular vapers.
  • Capsules and Pills – These tiny tablets resemble traditional medications a lot, making it inconspicuous when you take it in public. It may be a boring way to take the compound but an upside to it is you can easily take measured doses, which makes it easier to monitor your consumption.
  • CBD Skin and Body Care Products – The best thing about this compound is that you can use it not only for your health but also for taking care of your skin and body. CBD is known to treat acne, psoriasis and other skin conditions. Some body skin care products you can use include balms, ointments, soaps, and shampoos.
  • Oils and Tinctures – If you want a product which allows flexibility, oils and tinctures are for you. You can use your tinctures for a much efficient effect, especially when you consume it sublingually. You can also mix your oil to your food and drinks, giving you a wide variety of choices to mix it with.
  • Edibles and Drinkables – Because CBD in oil form is very versatile, many companies produce edible and drinkable products infused with this compound. You can get gummies, which offer a discreet and fun way to ingest cannabidiol. If you have a sweet tooth, baked goods such as cookies and brownies are your best bet. To top it all off, you can wash it down with a generous help of CBD milk or coffee.

It is Easier to Get Nowadays

With the legalization of medical cannabis and the acceptable of CBD in many states, you can easily get your CBD and CBD-infused products easily. If you live in a state where medical or even recreational marijuana is legal, you will have no problem getting cannabidiol-based products.

With more and more cannabidiol-infused products emerging in the market, there is no doubt that it will become more popular in the future. Interested in trying these items? Make sure that you get them from a licensed and reputable dispensary and you are good to go!

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