CBD Treatment for Lupus

CBD Treatment for Lupus

Are there any risks?

Many people know about the wonders of CBD but many people still want to know whether it is legal, effective and safe. When natural marijuana is processed one of the products is CBD oil. CBD oil is now widely used to help treat many diseases especially those relating to inflammation and pain. The jackpot question now whether CBD can help for lupus – something the research refers to these days.  One of the problems relating to CBD products is that it is a relatively new market. CBD related products have only been legalized very recently.

Many years of extensive research will be required in order to prove scientifically that CBD related products are beneficial to be used as pharmaceutical products. What we do know at this time is there is already a lot of research results which provide us with strong indications that CBD can provide us with many health-related benefits. As far as lupus is concerned this subject has not been researched thoroughly yet but there are indications that certain aspects of lupus may benefit from CBD. Even after the legalization of marijuana, it remains a highly controversial topic and even among legal experts, there is a lot of confusion. There is also a tremendous amount of misinformation about CBD. This is resulting in a situation where people are skeptical and they are hesitant to use CBD for their health-related problems.

There is a lot of confusion about CBD oil

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol. CBD is derived from cannabis but it does not have any of the psychoactive properties which can intoxicate people. People get high from a different chemical which is present in marijuana and this is known as THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. There are many marijuana growers who are making use of different techniques and strains that will allow them to increase THC levels. It should be understood that cannabis which is grown in order to produce hemp proportionally have a lot more CBD than THC. There is already a lot of information available online.

There are many people making a wide range of claims about CBD usage and how it can be used for different medical problems. When looking at many of these things objectively many of them simply seem to be too good to be true. A wise approach will be to always remain skeptical of those websites that promote marijuana. Many of these so-called benefits of CBD has not yet been scientifically proven. And therefore when it comes to the question of lupus there is no proof that it can heal lupus. However, on some points and with some elements of lupus there are in fact enough evidence to say yes it might be possible or we have reason to think that there may be benefits.

Some CBD related claims

Over the last year, CBD oil has been used to treat a wide variety of health-related conditions. Many claims have been made but the product has not yet been approved for any of those conditions. This includes things such as anxiety, glaucoma-related pain, childhood epilepsy, chronic inflammation and pain, Fibromyalgia, insomnia, sleeping disorders, nightmares, cancerous tumors, smoking cessation, Huntington’s disease, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis.

With every new invention, there is always a lot of questions. It is the same when it comes to CBD oil. It can be consumed in different ways such as by smoking, using CBD capsules or drops. CBD can also be sprayed under the tongue and is also available as a topical ointment. Even in the US CBD research has a very long way to go. This is regardless of the fact that cannabis has been around for thousands of years. Research has been delayed because of legal restrictions which have made it just about impossible to thoroughly study the alleged medical benefits of marijuana.

CBD for Lupus?

Because of the complete absence of research relating to CBD oil for the treatment of lupus we can only speculate by stating what is currently known about CBD. Fortunately, research has already been made into other conditions which have symptoms which are very similar to lupus. There are already indications that the potential of CBD as a lupus cure will certainly attract the attention of researchers before long. Lupus has been known to cause pain and most of the available treatments is certainly not perfect and this provides pharmaceutical companies with a lot of incentive to discover medications which will be more effective.

They are already many problems with opioids and addictions. Overdosing is also occurring which is not acceptable for societies which are relying on the resources of the medical community. There are already many studies which have revealed that as soon as cannabis is legalized in a state there is an immediate decrease in the number of descriptions for opioids. Unnatural deaths resulting from overdoses also decrease. They are already many medical practitioners who are paying attention because they are eager to protect their patients. Other interested parties are lawmakers and law enforcement agencies who are also looking for long-term solutions.

Certain benefits of CBD cannot be denied

It has already been emphatically proven that CBD oil is providing effective relief from inflammation and pain. Properly processed CBD oil is very pure which is making it very safe to use. Anyone familiar with lupus will know that there is a lot of inflammation associated with this disease. There are a large number of people suffering from lupus who are claiming that CBD has made a difference in their condition. While personal testimony may not be an effective substitute for scientific proof it has nevertheless attracted the attention of medical practitioners.

This has resulted in an intensive study of which the results have been published in Cellular Immunology. It was discovered that CBD might alter T-cell activity which develops after spinal cord injury. It is known that abnormal activity of T-cells is considered to be involved in lupus. T-cell is actually part of the immune system. It is known that lupus can also involve pain which is caused by neuropathy which is simply nerves damage. It has been discovered in many studies that CBD has the ability to reduce the pain which is caused by these things.

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