Engaging Pot Podcasts You Should Listen To

Engaging Pot Podcasts You Should Listen To

Cannabis is everywhere. The plant’s popularity has gained a massive push after not less than 33 US states legalized it for health reasons. As other countries followed suit, you can expect its worldwide popularity to soar further. In fact, marijuana has regained its significance as a cultural icon, this time for medical reasons. Artists and designers include the plant in the hottest design trends in 2019 decades after the hippies made Mary Jane leaf as their symbol for freedom.

The popularity of the plant has reached the airwaves. Journalists and publishers continue to cover the events in the marijuana industry, which include CBD, THC, CBN, and other compounds extracted from the plant, As a growing multibillion-dollar industry, (estimated to reach $22-billion in 2022), health reporters are always on a lookout for any breakthroughs in the scientific community. Business reporters, on the other hand, are busy monitoring the growing demand and supply of this green gold, which analysts believe have eclipsed cryptocurrencies in the eyes of investors.

Weed is also a hot niche for digital marketers and content producers. There are thousands of blogs featuring the plant. And now, podcasters are starting to hop on the marijuana bandwagon and cash in from this wonder plant.

Cannabis Breaks Into Podcasting World

As video content dominates the internet, so are podcasts. Around 62 million Americans tune in to their favorite audio program on Spotify, iTunes or other channels every week while 90 million listen every month, according to a report. And experts believe there’s no stopping in the rise of this communication medium.

Podcasters, like bloggers, usually tackle specific niches in their programs. With the increasing interest of people in the U.S. and all over the world about everything weed, there are now several podcasters who are making a living from producing audio programs for pot enthusiasts.

Popular Pot-Casters To Listen to

  • CannaInsider

If you want to get updates on the latest developments in the weed industry, CannaInsider is the podcast to listen. This program remains as one of the most successful in the marijuana niche that you can tune in on iTunes.  In this weekly program, the host Matthew Kind interviews some of the leaders in the booming marijuana industry who share their insights into the hottest trends of this multi-billion industry.

This highly-rated podcast also features DIY tips, like how to create homemade CBD oils. This podcast also informs you about successful cannabis business owners, the updates on pot’s legal status in different states, You’ll also hear ideas of the experts at the forefront of the weed sector.

Kind sees to it that his audience and followers will hear his podcast on a consistent schedule. His interviews are professional and extremely informative.

  • Marijuana Today

Marijuana Today features the business and politics of weed  Since July 2014, the program hosts hold an in-depth discussion about the plant every week. So for newbies and enthusiasts, this podcast will get you behind the scenes on the latest news about Mary Jane

  • Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast

Interested in growing weed and learn the science behind it? You should monitor this podcast. Hosted by KIS Organics, leading pot growing experts and hobbyists join together to share their knowledge on how to cultivate quality marijuana.

Here, you can find out must-know information about soil testing, different containers, nutrient density, proper methods of growing big buds, and many others.

The Cannabis Cultivation and Science Project is the show to listen if you want to grow pot in your garden and have a bountiful harvest.

  • The Ganjapreneur

Want to get your hands wet in the legal marijuana business? With the Ganjapreneur podcast, you can gain nuggets of wisdom on how to tap this vast market. The program hosts interview trailblazing industry experts, business owners, growers, stakeholders, and other professionals qualified to give their audience information on how to start a “cannabiz” venture.

The podcast has already tackled how to choose the ideal weed investments, marketing strategies, the proper way to operate marijuana retail stores and dispensaries, and a lot more. This podcast can educate you on running a very lucrative cannabis-based business of your dreams.

  • Maria + Jane: Women in Cannabis Business With Jac Carly

For women who want to learn anything about marijuana with a women empowerment twist, this podcast is a must-listen. Hosted by Jacquiline “Jac” Carly, founder of Maria + Jane and GetPlanty, this program is dedicated to showcasing women who have succeeded in the marijuana industry.

As a writer, entrepreneur, health advocate, and athlete, Jac is a recognized personality in sports medicine and fitness circle. After discovering the potential of weed, she decided to join the world of weed to empower and educate women interested in entering this booming industry.

Jac Carly is joined by various female industry figures such as Adelia Carrillo, Direct Cannabis Network founder; Denise Biderman, Mary’s List founder; Jennifer Skog, MJ Lifestyle founder; and many others.

  • The Russ Belville Show

Russ Bellville, known as “Radical Russ” online, hosts the podcast highlighting many aspects in the weed world. As one of the well-known voices in cannabis broadcasting, Russ tackles a wide variety of subjects related to pot news, analysis, science, and statistics and in a 30-minute podcast uploaded every week.

As a weed activist, Russ is a wealth of knowledge about everything marijuana. For many years, he has interviewed scientists, politicians, celebrities, athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, and patients on various aspects of cannabis. He also hosts a YouTube show of the same title.

  • Getting Doug with High

If you want humor in cannabis, you should never miss Doug Benson’s podcast. Known as the producer of pot documentary, “Super High Me,” Benson also hosts his Getting Doug with High podcast on iTunes. Here, he exchanges punch lines with his guest for about an hour using his sharp wit and engaging banters.

Doug has been guested comedians and personalities like Jack Black, Sarah Silverman, Tommy Chong, and P-Nut from 311 since 2014, Anyone seeking for a podcast overflowing with lively cannabis discussions would be drawn to listen to Doug Benson’s podcast.

  • Great Moments in Weed History

For people who want to know marijuana history with entertainment, tune in to this podcast. Abdullah Saeed and David Bienenstock will tell you entertaining stories about the important historical events and figures about marijuana.

Abdullah is a renowned cannabis producer, actor, writer, and host for HBO’s High Maintenance and Bong Appétit. Meanwhile, David, an author and journalist, has written books like How to Smoke Pot (Properly): and A Highbrow Guide to Getting High. He also involved in cannabis journalism as the previous head of content for High Times, a previous host and producer for VICE media, and a regular contributor at Leafly.

So, if you want to hear about the Dutch cannabis boom or find out how Willie Nelson became an industry icon, you should subscribe to Great Moments in Weed History with Abdullah Saeed and David Bienenstock.

  • Periodic Effects

Periodic Effects focuses on the business and scientific aspects of cannabis. This weed podcast is hosted by Wayne Schwind, the founder and CEO of Periodic Edibles, a cannabis-infused caramel company, This twice-a-month podcast will provide a deeper look at the company owners, executives, and founders within the cannabis market.

  • The Grow Show With Kyle Kushman

Kyle Kushman is a popular figure in the cannabis industry, especially for creating some of the famous strains (like the Strawberry Cough) weed smokers can buy on the market, He also has other cannabis-related feats. Kyle launched this podcast to inform cultivators about the various cannabis strains people can grow.

The Grow Show podcast educates anyone interested in cannabis cultivation as well as other aspects of pot, including industry news and legislation. With his extensive connections, his show was able to guest leading personalities in the industry such as High Times editor Danny Danko, and Rare Darkness founder Scott Reach and many others.

Even though this show was discontinued indefinitely at the end of 2016, you can still listen to all its 51 episodes on iTunes, Android, and the web.

  • Cannabis Economy

If you want to earn big in weed, Cannabis Economy is another pot podcast you should listen. People interested in the highly profitable business side of marijuana can listen to 30-minute episodes of this podcast. It records real conversations with the leading figures in the marijuana industry. With more than 300 episodes, there is a lot of content to learn from this pot podcast for business.

This podcast is packed with quality and informative interviews with state senators who voted for marijuana legalization as well as pot entrepreneurs and policy experts. Here, you can learn about the latest updates about marijuana legislation and other events in various states and gain knowledge on different strains and seeds, as well as trivia such as the history behind the strain Gorilla Glue #4.

These are just some of the pot podcasts that you can find in various channels sites all over the web. Listen to any of them to get the latest news, tips, and views about Natural CBD Hemp oil and marijuana.

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