Gift for Friends Who Can’t Get Enough of Cannabis

Gift for Friends Who Can’t Get Enough of Cannabis

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Sometimes, giving gifts tend to be boring, with you being clueless on what to get for your friend. If you know someone who’s obviously into marijuana, buying munchies are not enough as gifts for their birthday. Spice things up and look for things your friends can actually use for fun and pleasure—and it shouldn’t always be bong and rolls this time. There are tons of things to get including CBD oil for starters and some accessories for a better experience.

Cannabis Gift Ideas

Hide That Pot Smell Candle $18.88

Smoking a joint wouldn’t be a problem because this candle can help bury the strong smell of cannabis. Made of soy wax and high-quality fragrance oil, this product gives off a slight hint of vanilla and chocolate mint when lit. It’s 100% vegan and is a healthier counterpart compared to petroleum-based candles.

The smell it gives off last longer because of the soy component. Unlike the traditional candles made of paraffin, these are non-toxic, burn twice as long (up to 90 hours) and non-irritating. Imagine how helpful this product would be for friends who secretly smoke weed in their rooms. Time to retire those air fresheners!

24K Gold Rolling Papers $43.95

Here’s something out of ordinary—rolling papers made of actual gold for that sassy friend of yours. One box contains 12 packs of fine and pure 24K Gold roller papers. These are shiny, edible and definitely gives off a smooth burn every hit. Available on Amazon for worldwide shipping, this classy handcrafted product promises luxury experience. Perfect for that friend who likes to be extra when it comes to smoking weed.

Kushly Vegan CBD Gummies $59.99

The holy grail when it comes to therapeutic snacks with guaranteed health benefits, this product is a total must-have. Just because it’s CBD doesn’t mean it’s boring. Due to natural fruit extracts, Kushly Vegan CBD Gummies is guaranteed with tasty fruity flavors. With CBD and its fruity flavors, you will feel a flush of relaxation after every consumption.

Perfectly blends with almost anything, this is as great as the CDB oil for that morning rush and a calming night. For friends who have a hard time when it comes to catching up with sleep, this one works wonderfully.

Arizona Stash Can $11.50

Going anywhere in public with your stash at hand is a police magnet unless you have this cute Arizona stash can. With this, it’s easier to hide weed in plain sight, plus it’s sealed, with top part actually screwed. Give this to girlfriends who like to travel to different locations with their stash. It can be ordered from Amazon and delivered anywhere in the world.

The best thing about this product? It is made from the actual can of green tea, so it looks legit. It has the same weight as the can with the product but with a secret compartment. How awesome is that?

Pocketball Weed Grinder $14.95

Got any friends that are die-hard fans of Pokémon? This portable grinder is the perfect gift as it looks like a toy but is more useful because it makes stash finer. Inside, it has sharp diamond cut aluminum for effortless grinding. The fallen herbs fall into a big catcher, to not accumulate dirt over time. It’s easy to use, maintain and is perfect for indoor and outdoor marijuana smoking sessions.

More than being a grinder, this Pokémon ball has neodymium magnets for close-fitting to maintain weed freshness and for odor control. Of course, this must be stored away in a secured place, away from children and pets.

The Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter $13.50

To reduce the strong smell of marijuana every puff, this product must be used. It is a personal air filter that comes in three colors—red, teal and blue. The size is just right, fits perfectly in a pocket. What makes this product totally cool is it purifies the air to not make a room smell cannabis.

If your friend secretly smokes marijuana, this is a holy grail. Safe for both indoor and outdoor use, having the smoke buddy helps make your experience better, without affecting others around you. The package comes with a free smoke buddy keychain to make the product look like a standard toy, other than a cannabis accessory.

CBD Bath Bombs $13

Treat your friends to a relaxing retreat by giving the Kushly CBD Bath Bombs. These come in three varieties: citrus, rose and eucalyptus mint. For a soothing bath experience, simply drop these bombs into the tub and wait until everything’s all mixed up. After a few minutes of soaking, one can already feel the intense relaxation brought about by cannabidiol. This product not only sooths tired muscles and joints but also boost the immune system.

For those who are suffering from insomnia and anxiety, these bath bombs are perfect night time routine. For maximum effect, use a CBD lotion to put yourself to sleep without effort.

A Pot for Pot’s Beginner’s Growing Kit $49.95

Do you know what’s actually cool? To grow marijuana at home and smoke organic stash. In case you and your friends are living in states that legalize recreational use of cannabis, then this kit is a good gift idea. It comes with seeds, watering can, drain saucer, water with nutrients, scissors, rooting booster, top soil mix, seeding pot and a growing guide.

To top it all off, this kit also has a breathable fabric cover, which helps you hide the plant and at the same time, prevent over and under watering.

Take gift giving seriously to make friends feel as if it’s Christmas already! Find the time to do your research and ask friends if there’s anything particular they are looking for. To make everything perfect, seek the opinion of other friends in your circle to see if a product is a good choice. Don’t forget to gift wrap the item for that birthday-vibe!

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