Power Up: Healthy and Delicious CBD Edibles to Help You Stay Energized

Power Up: Healthy and Delicious CBD Edibles to Help You Stay Energized

Not a morning person but need to get up early for work? What you need is a boost to help you get through the day and make mornings extra exciting. Ditch your normal coffee and go for CBD edibles that are absolutely tasty and gives you that smack you need to jumpstart the day. These come in different shapes, forms and sizes, making it totally handy on your way to work or before you take your breakfast. 

The thing about CBD or cannabidiol is it doesn’t make you high and slow. In contrast, it promotes good mood and total relaxation. In case you had drinks the night before and you are desperate to wake up early the morning after, simply pop edibles into your mouth and you’re good to go. 

Why Choose CBD Edibles? 

CBD products come in many forms; they can either be liquid for vape, CBD topical for muscle pain and joint pain, oil that’s perfect to mix with food and of course, the edibles for the health benefits. Gummies, vitamins, and cookies are normally packed with essential vitamins to boost immunity and help bodies stay healthy. If you’re new to CBD, edibles are definitely the best to get started. 

Edibles can also be in the form of chocolate bites, which is famous for people suffering from anxiety and depression. This way, if you’re feeling a little blue, simply chew on these treats and you’ll instantly feel better. 

Top 5 CBD Edibles to Boost Energy

To Whom It May chocolates

You really can’t say ‘no’ to a rich, flavorful and chocolatey goodness in beautiful packaging. The To Whom It May lovely and lively chocolates are simply sumptuous. Comes in four unique flavors: Vivienne, Zak, Myra and Ralph, you would surely want to wake up snacking on these goodies. 

If you want a taste of wine in every bite, the Vivienne is best for you. It’s dark chocolate partnered with a spritz of spice and cherry fragrance. It has different variants up to 15mg of CBD for that extra energy in the morning. For those who are fond of nuts, the Zak is the best choice, while Myra gives off a hint of brandy but compliments the taste of dark chocolate. For coconut, honey and hazelnut trio, you’re better off with the Ralph. 

Kushly’s CBD Gummies

These all-natural CBD gummies are simply delish and packed with vitamins and nutrients to help you stay active and energized. It is made with full-spectrum of CBD oil, with no trace of THC, and high in Vitamin C to boosts the immune system! Each gummy is packed with the right sweetness in every chew. Everything is sourced in the United States and has no artificial ingredients. 

It retails at $55.00. Each bottle containing 25 gummies. Stock up to have something to wake you up early in the morning. 

Lord Jones CBD Gumdrops

In high-end fashion, there’s Hermes, in CBD edibles, there is Lord Jones Gumdrops. It definitely looks luxe and expensive with its classy packaging and Hollywood flavor. To top everything, each gummy comes in bright orange or red color, absolutely mouthwatering. For $45, you get to taste the finest spectrum of CBD extract. Plus, each gummy has 20mg of CBD, not only good for relaxation but also makes you feel energized. 

All the products of Lord Jones are lab tested to achieve purity and potency of the CBD. Absolutely no trace of THC, so you won’t be high. 

PureKana CBD Vegan Gummies

Although PureKana is popular when it comes to CBD tinctures, the brand also has edibles that are truly mouthwatering and 100% THC-free. These Vegan gummies, for example, uses only natural ingredients without a trace of artificial coloring. Each bottle contains 500mg of CBD and is GMO-free. Product details are also included in the packaging, including the lab reports. Get this only for $33 and be amazed by its promising results. 

Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Bar by Gron Chocolate

Treat yourself with sweet, flavorful and savory chocolate that will give you the energy to start your day. The Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Bar is everything you are looking for a CBD edible –sweet, salty and rich. Although this has 40mg of THC, you can still indulge in every bite before you do your workout or go to work. This goodie also promotes creativity and productivity, to help you accomplish work without effort. Each chocolate bar retails for $24. 

Maximize the Effects of CBD Edibles

Admit it or not, cannabidiol edibles are quite expensive compared to the regular chocolates or vitamins. But let’s face it: you’re really getting the hype, energy, and relaxation you need once you pop these treats into your mouth. Now, if you want to maximize the effects of these edibles, here’s what you need to do:

1. Consult your doctor.
First and foremost, you want to visit your physician to see if taking these edibles are good for you. If you constantly feel weary, not only in the mornings but throughout the day, you might be lacking a nutrient in your body. Or maybe, there’s some underlying issue that needed to be addressed so you don’t feel fatigued taking a toll on your body. Therefore, consider taking a trip to your doctor first before trying out a bunch of products. 

2. Get something with low potency first.
In case you’re a newbie, remember to purchase edibles that have lower potency at first to let your body adjust to the effects of CBD. You can always increase the dosage after some time when your body has adjusted. 

3. Never take edibles with alcohol.
Give yourself a break and prevent drinking alcohol after consuming cannabidiol edibles. You don’t want to mix everything up because you might end up with an upset stomach or headache. Plus, you might not be able to maximize the effects of CBD, hence, wasting a bunch of money. 

Start taking CBD edibles to help you become productive, energized and motivated. Consider purchasing the products on the list to guarantee premium cannabidiol extract and safe consumption.

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