Hemp Hand Cream – Is It Worth It?

Hemp Hand Cream – Is It Worth It?

Hemp CBD Cream: Everything you should know

Just how much do you know about CBD products? Well, you may claim to know CBD and CBD products well, but if you do not know about hemp hand cream (1), you are truly missing it. While they are not as popular as other CBD strains, they are among the most useful CBD products in the current market. Users across the board have reported benefiting from the healing abilities of CBD oil extracted from organic hemp. Hemp creams are readily available in the market. Maybe you have even tried them once or seen a friend use the cream on their hands or body. This article is for you if you are looking to advance your knowledge of hemp cream and how it can be useful.  

The hemp market continues to grow every day with new research discoveries and the entry of new hemp production firms. Continuous research has mainly been useful in guiding the direction the market takes. Besides the promising results posted by health and medical researchers, there are tons of information revealing how the wellness industry can benefit from the power of the hemp plant. Researchers from the beauty industry have also chipped in on the hemp and CBD race. From all the involved sectors, we can only expect discoveries and new & improved products all aimed to better our lives.

cannabis lotion What makes hemp special?

Long before the 2018 Farm Bill, researchers and users knew researchers and users widely knew the effects and benefits of the marijuana plant. The application of the knowledge was limited by our laws, and researchers have had a good battle over the years trying to get approval to study and recommend marijuana products to users. Ultimately, they won the battle, and as a result, hemp and CBD products have found their way to our drug cabinets at home.

The hemp plant contains low concentrations of THC making it suitable for the extraction of non-psychoactive hemp oil. The oil is, in turn, blended into several other products, including hemp hand cream (2), hemp skin cream, and hemp oil tinctures. All these products, even if taken differently, have close to similar benefits for the body. Hemp oil has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that benefit skin health. Hemp oil tinctures, taken sublingually, have extensive benefits for general body health, including but not limited to heart health, better digestion, and pain relief. Hand and skin creams, on the other hand, are beneficial for skin health.

Notably, the anti-inflammatory properties of hemp have given rise to many CBD and hemp products. CBD and hemp creams for hands and skin in this category have mainly found favor with people who frequently wash their hands, people with irritable skin, and people whose hands crack a lot. Hemp CBD cream primarily promotes skin cell growth while at the same time protecting your hands and skin against sunburns. Hemp hand cream (3), made to care for your hands, can prevent your hands from cracking, maintain a soft feel, and prevent irritation.

How hemp cream can help your skin hemp hand cream


Hemp oil contains essential fatty acids that act as anti-inflammatory agents preventing skin irritation and dryness. The fatty acids also promote skin cell growth and balanced skin oil production.

Control skin oil production

Hemp moderates skin oil production, giving users a comfortable feeling. The oil is suitable for use on all types of skins and does not clog pores. Additionally, it inhibits excess production of skin oil for oily skins and regulates its production when applied to dry skin.

Lower risk of acne and treat atopic dermatitis

By ensuring that the skin remains adequately moisturized and that there are no excess oils, hemp seed oil can reduce your risk of getting acne. Additionally, the presence of omega-3 and omega-6 in hem oil can help treat atopic dermatitis-with consistent use.

Prevent skin aging

The moisturizing properties of hemp skin cream and anti-aging properties, reduce fine lines on the skin. Hemp oil also contains essential acids that boost general skin health, preventing the development of wrinkles on the surface. Also, using hemp seed oil on your skin can increase linoleic acid levels, which helps the skin retain moisture, thereby fighting acute skin dryness.

Hemp cream for your hands

Many people experience dry hands, especially during winter. The condition may sometimes worsen, and your palms end up cracking, and worse even, bleeding. However, this should not happen to you as long as you have heard about CBD and hemp oil. CBD creams made with hemp oil can protect your hands even after multiple washes and prevent cracking or breeding. Additionally, many of the hemp hands cream available is non-greasy and dry up quickly, leaving your hands comfortable to continue with your daily routine. My hands do not crack, do I need to apply hemp cream? Considering the additional benefits that hemp oils bring along, you should use hemp creams on your hands regardless of whether you suffer dry skin, irritable skin, cracked skin, or not.

Additionally, the essential vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids in the oil may help you retain healthy hands and cover them against breakouts. Full-spectrum hemp hand cream (4) with CBD can reduce muscle and joint stress and tension caused by exercise or activities such as gardening. Unrefined hemp oil is, however, preferred by many owing to the abundance of beneficial nutrients.

hemp oil Hemp cream and CBD cream

Hemp cream vs. CBD cream is a topic that many have come across several times but do not yet understand what is in for each. We, therefore, gathered some facts to help you differentiate the two. First and most importantly, hemp creams extracted from hemp seeds have no CBD at all. CBD creams, on the other hand, are generally made from whole hemp-plant extracts, including the hemp seeds. Even without CBD, however, hemp creams have extensive benefits, especially for the skin. Hemp seed oil used to make hemp cream has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties useful for maintaining healthy skin. Unlike traditional lotions and creams, hemp oil does not clog skin pores.

CBD cream, on the other hand, is made from CBD rich oil. CBD cream shares in the qualities of hemp cream but brings along the benefits of CBD. Besides the benefits of hemp oil, CBD possesses powerful antioxidant properties and reportedly heals skin rashes, sensitive skin, and acne.

Hemp cream and CBD cream, which is better?

Hemp cream is especially useful to people who want to avoid THC at all costs. Also, hemp cream has fewer side effects compared to CBD cream. CBD cream, on the other hand, is considered to contain THC, even though in lower amounts, and has additional benefits due to the presence of CBD. Additionally, most of the hemp creams are suitable for general family use.

The modern hemp market

Hemp oil is an umbrella name that covers both CBD-containing hemp oil and pure hemp oil products. The two categories of products are, however, different, even though slightly. The CBD contained in each is the main point of difference with pure hemp oil contains close to zero, and sometimes zero, CBD. They are also extracted from the hemp plant in different ways. CBD oil includes whole-plant hemp extracts, and hemp oil only involves hemp seed and is called hemp seed oil. Also, CBD oil can be extracted through advanced methods such as the CO2 method, while hemp seed oil is extracted through cold pressing hemp seeds. This means you may experience slight differences if you take one product for the other. However, products from the two categories have distinct use cases. Hemp CBD cream, in particular, heals dry and chapped skin.

Buying hemp cream for pain best hemp cream for pain

Selecting the best hemp cream for pain may be daunting since the hemp market is overcrowded with both manufacturers and products. However, there are a few qualities that every best hemp cream for pain must possess. These include a reliable manufacturer, full-spectrum hemp oil, organic, and free from contaminants. Also, hemp cream containing menthol may act faster on pain compared to other blends.

Note that hemp cream intended to relieve pain is designed for localized use. You will only need to apply the cream on the affected area of your skin and not all over.

Are hemp and CBD creams legal?

Like the cultivation and processing of hemp, hemp CBD cream is legal to possess and use in all the fifty states, albeit with limitations. Generally, all CBD products derived from the hemp plant are permitted to use across the U.S.A so long as they contain less than 0.3% THC. On the other hand, CBD products containing more than the federally stipulated maximum THC content can only be used freely in about eleven states where recreational marijuana is legal. This, however, should not worry you since most of the manufacturers are aware and compliant with the regulations within their areas of operation. However, if you are still concerned about THC content, you can again check the label of your product and confirm you have the right thing.

How to use CBD hemp cream

Hemp cream is designed to be applied topically on the skin. Using a thin uniform layer over your skin consistently for several days can help you achieve your goal for s healthy non-flaky skin. For the hands, even a smaller amount is enough. Experts advise that before committing to long term hemp oil use, you should first test it on a small part of the skin to ensure it is suitable for you. Also, it is advisable to apply hemp cream on your hands and skin when going to bed. This way, the oil will have more time to penetrate your skin without the slightest distraction.

Side effects of CBD cream

Most people do not have trouble using hemp CBD oil products. However, people with allergic and sensitive skin may experience irritation caused by some ingredients of hemp CBD cream. You should not have a reason to worry unless, alongside using CBD cream, you are also taking CBD tinctures for your diet. CBD taken sublingually inhibits saliva production resulting in a dry mouth and increased thirst. It may also interfere with other medications you may be taking, leading to unexpected side effects.

For the case of hemp cream, only consult your dermatologist if you are on prescribed skincare products.

hemp skin cream

What to consider when buying CBD cream and hemp hand cream

There are distinctive features and qualities that you should always consider when buying creams for your hands and body. The best creams, regardless of whether they have CBD or not, must still indicate the actual ingredients on the label. Additionally, each of the ingredients shown on the labels should have direct or implied benefits to your skin.  Besides the ingredients, the company you buy from must be willing to support you and respond to any questions you may have about their products. This shows the commitment they have to your skin health and general wellness. Hemp hand cream should also be non-greasy and have a smooth texture.

In the case of Cannabis creams, the labels should indicate the content of CBD available, and the parent company must provide easy access to third-party lab test results.

Bottom line and future of hemp oil

Hemp, in general, has vast benefits to the human body and pets too. Recent research has led to the development of several strains of hemp oil. Mostly, all the blends have close to similar benefits, but each has unique features that identify them. Creams usually are applied topically and feature an array of benefits for the skin and hands. There are also specialized strains of CBD creams intended for more specific use cases, including but not limited to muscle and joint pain.

Even though the hemp market is highly unregulated, it is still possible to get quality hemp products from responsible manufacturers. However, the quality notwithstanding, you should always seek professional guidance before trying out the products.

As for the future of hemp oil, it will only get better. The 2018 Farm Bill removed barriers that would otherwise discourage advanced research currently going on in many institutions. You can, therefore, expect high-quality hemp products and probably prescription drugs based hemp oil.

cbd products


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