6 Innovative Cannabis Mobile Apps You Can Download Now

6 Innovative Cannabis Mobile Apps You Can Download Now

Since the launch of the first smartphone, billions of people have been hooked into using mobile applications. Today, an overwhelming majority of people with smartphones have downloaded and used apps for many purposes. One of them is about dosing and learning about cannabis and CBD oil.

Importance of Mobile Apps

The boom in handheld devices market is taking the world by storm. With an estimated 2.7 billion smartphone users and 1.35 billion tablet users across the globe, the demand for developing and managing mobile applications is enormous. This fact is especially true in the U.S., where 90% of mobile users spend their using applications.

In only a little more than a decade from its initial release, mobile apps have equaled and in many respects have surpassed the popularity of websites and web applications. More and more people prefer connecting to the Internet via their mobile devices than desktops. This fact has led more people to access the web through a mobile app rather than loading their favorite website on the browser of their devices. Aside from being more comfortable to use, most applications can use the full features of the smartphones and tablets like their cameras, calculators, sensors, and other integrated hardware.

Cannabis-Related Mobile Apps

The popularity and usefulness of apps were some of the reasons why some companies and independent mobile app developers for cannabis. As one of the hottest items in medicine, marijuana, and a slew of products derived from the plant (such as cannabidiol) is making waves in most countries around the world. Volumes of research findings convinced many governments around the world, backing the medicinal benefits of many cannabis products, especially CBD oil. They have given the green light to use, sell, and promote them as supplements and medication within their jurisdictions.

Since its legalization in various areas, peoples interest in the plant and its products took off. This development requires the need for informing, promoting, and educating marijuana users about the use of the substance. Developers have launched applications exclusive for CBD and cannabis.

Cannabis and cannabidiol mobile apps can do many things for you as a user. Some can feed the latest news, breakthrough findings, and cutting-edge innovations in the marijuana industry. Others, meanwhile, can offer assistance in calculating the ideal pure CBD oil or CBD hemp oil dosage for the treatment of specific your health conditions and for boosting your wellness. 

Top Cannabis Mobile Apps for Download

Using advanced applications give many benefits. Aside from their seamless connectivity to the Internet, you can customize the settings according to your needs and preferences. What’s more, you can use them anywhere, even when you are offline.

There are many marijuana-related applications that you can download from Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Below are some examples of the top applications that you can use for both smartphones and tablets.


The sale of most marijuana-derived products, including cannabidiol follows strict guidelines imposed by the government. To ensure that these measures are enforced, governments only allow selling cannabis products in highly regulated retail shops known as dispensaries. Even in states where they are legal. budtenders (shop attendants in dispensaries) require patients to show documents such as medical cannabis ID so that they can sell you their products. The required papers may vary in different states or dispensaries.

To make your cannabis shopping convenient and productive, you need to use a digital map where you can find dispensaries near your area. It should also provide the specific requirements of a particular dispensary. Weedmaps is a mobile app designed to give you information about purchasing and using cannabis.  Aside from having the interactive map feature, the application also allows you to discover and explore cannabis products and brands and the latest deals in your area. You can also find doctors specializing in the plant near you. The app also feeds the latest about the science of cannabis, as well as the most recent industry and cultural news.

WeedMaps is available for iOS and Android devices.


As the demand for cannabis and CBD oil grows, the industry needs to fill it with continuous growing and production of the plant. GrowBuddy is the mobile app that helps cannabis growers, whether industrial or merely backyard, to help bring out the best products for the growing marijuana and CBD market. According to the GrowBuddy website, the application aims to connect the cannabis cultivation community and help growers better through technology. It allows growers to track the growth of a cannabis crop from planting the seed, tending it, and harvesting it. It also provides growing tips for different strains and other details for hobbyists and professional growers, which can help you maximize your yields at the minimum possible failures.

This mobile app is available for iOS and Android.


The largest and most comprehensive cannabis website has mobile app versions for iOS and Android users. Leafly contains a wealth of information for anything marijuana and hemp. Initially, the site was as an online database of cannabis strains, containing the details on the flavors, effects, and origins. Developers expanded the website by including information on cannabis for starters as well as dispensaries, CBD online shop, products, deals, and the hottest news on the sector.

Being a primary competitor of Weedmaps, Leafly also acts as an online directory for marijuana enthusiasts. Moreover, this mobile app gives them access to various reviews of dispensaries and relevant and timely information on strains. Its news feeds keep every cannabis users and enthusiasts updated with the latest developments on the CBD and marijuana sector.  The application also provides notifications of local cannabis conventions or other events that are taking place in various areas.

With its comprehensive database of marijuana data, news, and information, Leafly has become one of the most downloaded and highly rated cannabis and medical apps today.

Releaf App

Patients need a reliable digital assistant to track the progress of their treatment using marijuana and cannabidiol. If you need such assistance, you may want to download Releaf. This revolutionary patent-pending application allows you to track healing sessions with your cannabis doctor. It also provides a resource that enables you to monitor specific symptoms and record the details involved in your medical cannabis sessions. This application also enables you to document accurately how a particular marijuana strain or CBD product is helping you.

Your doctor can use the symptoms, doses, personal feelings, and other information you saved using the app. Through these details, they can determine to what extent the specific type of cannabis is helping you. The app also enables you to log your intake method. After processing the details you inputted, the application comes up with an intelligent recommendation that would educate you about the strains of cannabis. You can also use the report to better understand the intake methods, your symptoms, and overall medicinal benefits of different marijuana strains. You can share the findings with doctors and medical marijuana dispensaries to discuss better treatment options. Relief is available for both iOS and Android.


Being cannabis or CBD oil user or enthusiast can be alienating as some people. Many of the friends might still have the wrong notion against marijuana despite reading tons of research acknowledging the plant’s benefits for health and productivity.

High There! is an app that allows marijuana users to communicate and relate with each other. This application enables cannabis users and enthusiasts to connect with like-minded individuals through its features and other social media platforms. The app also allows newbies to connect to marijuana professionals and experts all over the world.

High There! has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy and entertaining to use. Like other mobile apps, it also has a database of news and articles.  This application is available for iOS and Android.


For people who love digital games, simLeaf is a great app that can bring entertainment while understanding marijuana. This 3D simulation game application allows users to appreciate and know how to grow cannabis from planting to harvesting. This unique app enables people to experience the art and science of nurturing the plant digitally without the need for investing in equipment or classes.

This app will train users the right methods of growing the plant. You can manage light, humidity, water levels, temperature, nutrients, and pH levels in your virtual growing facility.  You can rotate and zoom the plants during the growing process to check the virtual plant you are tending in high-resolution detail.

While growing cannabis, you can receive useful tips and information from time to time as your guide. Once you’ve grown a strain of marijuana successfully, you can even crossbreed your it to other strains. This way you can come up with a perfect hybrid that you can experiment. This app is only available for iOS for $2.99.

Thanks to the development of modern technology, using medical cannabis is now safer and more convenient than ever. These are just a few of the useful applications that allow you to use marijuana to treat your health condition or grow them in your backyard. With these apps, you can use marijuana for better health and rewarding life.

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