Menstruation and the Healing Power of Cannabinoids

Menstruation and the Healing Power of Cannabinoids

Millions of women are dealing with this – could CBD help the majority of them?

Menstruation can be a terrible ordeal for many women. This will happen every month when the new menstrual cycle arrives. This can result in intense pain and discomfort and many women can become very nauseous. The symptoms can be even worse than when people have been cavorting and drinking. There are millions of women that have literally tried everything possible to reduce the symptoms of menstruation. Some of them experimented with supplements, acupuncture, herbal baths, traditional painkillers, and even birth control. Some of these things might provide a limited form of relief but none of them is foolproof.

This is why there are millions of women who are constantly looking for new ways to manage the discomfort associated with menstruation. Likewise, there are now many women who have great expectations as far as CBD is concerned. Many of them have read some of the articles which have appeared in relation to cannabis and they are curious whether CBD will be able to make a difference.

Many women have already experimented with cannabis. Smoking this substance has made a significant difference in their menstruation problems. This is why they would now like to know whether CBD can help them to deal with their menstruation problems.

What is CBD?

CBD is extracted from the cannabis or hemp plant. This is one of the cannabinoids which is known for its unique medicinal properties. The human body contains many cannabinoid receptors. Interestingly CBD has the ability to bind itself to those receptors. That stimulation can alter how our cells function. The ECS or endocannabinoid system is known to regulate a whole range of body functions such as sleep, appetite, and reactions to pain and inflammation.

Not surprisingly when it comes to menstruation many people believe that CBD will be able to relieve the inflammation and pain which is created by contractions of the uterus. Currently, there are no publicized research studies relating to the connection between CBD and menstruation pain. There is still a lot of information that clearly show that CBD has pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties which is able to deal with a variety of chronic pain conditions.

Medical practitioners who have been providing their patients with CBD oil has received positive reports in those patients who have been using CBD consistently for three months. CBD can relieve chronic pain it is also effective when used for cyclical period pain and the symptoms of PMS.

The purpose of research

Most research programs will work with large groups of people in an attempt to see whether a certain product will be effective under certain conditions. The reality is that cannabis has been used by millions of people over a period of thousands of years and there have been very positive testimonies regarding the effectiveness of cannabis. This is exactly what has happened over the last couple of years where increasing numbers of people have reported on the positive effects which have been experienced when CBD has been used.

This may not have been backed up by scientific processes but still when there are many positive testimonies especially from sportspeople then it often happens that people start to take note. People have been surviving without science for thousands of years and surprisingly many of those ancient physicians such as the Egyptians have been head-on when it comes to the treatment of many commonly encountered illnesses.

This is not to say that science has no value but it frequently happens that something is asserted, only to discover that a few months later, it is contrasted by “new research”.  Clearly this can be confusing to the public at large.

Using CBD during Menstruation

They are unfortunately a lot of misinformation and confusion relating to CBD. A prospective buyer can encounter many problems. Just as with any other remarkable product, everyone is rushing in to benefit as much as they possibly can. For many of those entrepreneurs, profits are the only meaningful consideration. The well-being of patients is at best only a secondary concern. This can result in many problems. It must also be remembered that in the majority of cases CBD is marketed as a supplement and not as a pharmaceutical product.

At this point in time, there is simply not enough regulation of the industry and therefore a lot of gray zone products is available which can contain a variety of harmful substances such as high levels of THC. People should note that there are many factors which should be considered when purchasing CBD. Before you purchase from a specific company or website you should know where the raw product is coming from. You should also know which extraction process has been used.

Most experts prefer the CO2 extraction process because it makes the use of toxic solvents unnecessary. Prospective buyers should also make a decision about whether they will need full-spectrum CBD or only CBD isolate. More research into this issue will need to be done but it seems that full-spectrum CBD is more effective when it comes to the treatment of inflammatory conditions.

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