Pairing CBD With Yoga

Pairing CBD With Yoga

Pairing CBD With Yoga Is Actually a Thing and Why You Should Try It

The popularity of yoga has heightened in recent years with more adults experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety due to chronic stress and fatigue. The inactive lifestyle combined with the overactivity of the brain, plus the toxic environment makes up for the burnout that most people experience. Considering this, many enroll in yoga classes in the hopes to find peace of mind and strengthen muscles.

But there’s a newer trend these days that involves the use of CBD or cannabidiol when practicing yoga. As you know, this compound is not responsible for the psychoactive effects associated with marijuana and is helpful for muscle recovery and pain management. In fact, more CBD products can be seen in some famous supermarkets and even cosmetics stores like Sephora, as cannabidiol has proven benefits to the body.

Yoga and the Health Benefits of CBD

CBD Heals Muscles Fast

Yoga involves power stretching which means they put your flexibility to the test along with agility and endurance. Certain poses cause micro-tears in your muscles which can make you feel sore after the exercises. The first few sessions may feel like hell, but after a while, you will get used to the feeling. If you hate the soreness after each session, you can try CBD products to help muscles heal fast.

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that relieves pain. In yoga, a series of poses need to be practiced achieving the proper techniques, but if your muscles are sore, repeated motions can be difficult. To tend to this problem, topicals infused with cannabidiol can be the answer to support muscle recovery and relieve soreness.

Even celebrities swear by CBD and its magic when it comes to alleviating pain. During red carpets, celebrities like Mandy Moore uses CBD cremes and topicals to be pain free while wearing high heels for hours.

CBD Promotes Focus and Balance

Focus is integral for yogis because some routines need 100 percent effort to not break any bones. Without focus, one can lose their balance and get severely injured. Now, when CBD is consumed right before the yoga practices, one can feel calm and focused. Since soreness of the muscles can be relieved, yogis can perform techniques and poses in a breeze.

Since CBD can relax the muscles, yogis can achieve balance by overcoming physical barriers like weight or body mass. It is important to set your own pace, so you don’t strain muscles and feel relaxed.

Decrease Nausea

The continuous motions while doing yoga, plus the positions can make you feel dizzy. This is true for those who are new to this physical activity. Sometimes, one can experience severe nausea and may even lead to vomiting. Cannabis has anti-emetic effects which help yogis reduce nausea during and after the routines. In many studies, it is found out that cannabinoids are more effective medications compared to antihistamines. Plus, it’s all natural, so it’s good for the body.

Increase Appetite

Calorie intake is essential for your fitness journey. If you have an active lifestyle, you need to take nutrient-dense foods to keep you energized. Those with demanding eating regimens can count on CBD to stimulate appetite. Of course, you also need to be consistent with your routines to burn the fats that you consume daily.

Deeper and Intentional Breaths

The calming effects of CBD can be beneficial in some challenging points of yoga. Aside from the pain from stretching your body, endurance can also be an issue, especially for those with higher body fat. Now, to recover from the routines, taking deep and intentional breaths is integral. CBD helps yogis stay connected to his or her body and be conscious about the pace, timing, and poses.

Guidelines For Taking CBD For Yoga

There’s nothing wrong in combining cannabis and yoga, especially if you already consulted a doctor before taking anything. It’s all in the matter of knowing which works best for your body. In addition, there are no side effects to CBD since it does not give the ‘high’ feeling.

Listed below are some of the considerations you need to think of before you buy CBD-infused products:

  • Dosing- CBD is an all-natural compound; therefore, it’s safe to consume and use if it’s clean and contains no toxic ingredients. However, when used daily, one needs to be guided on the proper dosing of CBD. For oils, you can take five to six drops a day, and increase the dosage depending on your requirement. Those with a medical history or conditions need to consult their doctors first before taking any CBD products.
  • Type- CBD can come in the form of vape, oils, topicals, edibles or drinks. All of these are safe, but you must find out which works for you when doing yoga. For example, if you want to consume the CBD straight to your body for a seamless experience, you can try CBD oil. If you need something to use to ease sore muscles, then opt for the topical.
  • Purpose- Do you need to take CBD for muscle relaxation and healing? Or maybe you are suffering from anxiety or depression? Know what your purpose is when taking CBD so you can adjust the dosage to your condition.


Staying fit and active is important to keep the body in great shape and condition. Yoga, which is one of the best physical activities that promote relaxation of mind and body, is incredibly helpful for those who are suffering from mental conditions and illnesses. This physical activity when combined with CBD, can help yogis feel relief plus performance can be improved. Thanks to this active compound, you can say goodbye to muscle spasms, pain, and soreness. Remember to consult a physician first before buying any CBD-infused product to reap the benefits that come with it.



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