This Is Not a Drill: Reasons to Add Cannabis to Your Wellness Routine

This Is Not a Drill: Reasons to Add Cannabis to Your Wellness Routine

Cannabis is now a hot topic in the media. The plant has been put in the spotlight after researchers showed remarkable results. And after some U.S. states decriminalized its use as a medicine, media outfits all over the world are scrambling to report the astounding wonders of cannabis.

Where does cannabis’s healing power originate?

Cannabis contains at least 113 substances known as cannabinoids with cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) being the two most famous. While both have medicinal properties, the medical community favors CBD over THC. Aside from being safe even in massive doses, cannabidiol also does not alter the mood of people taking it. It is so safe that even the WHO-backed its use in the medical community. 

Aside from the WHO, hundreds of scientific studies have been published proving CBD’s power as a medicine. Usually found in oil form, this cannabis-derived extract has properties that can provide relief to patients of the symptoms of a wide variety of diseases. For this article, let’s concentrate on CBD as a health supplement for your overall wellness.

How can CBD improve your Wellbeing?

Here are some of the fantastic benefits cannabidiol can provide for your wellness routine:

  • Relieves Different Types of Pain

From time to time, we encounter different types of pain in various parts of our body. From simple headaches to muscle spasms and rheumatoid arthritis, and we occasionally experience pain regardless of our age. Taking CBD hemp oil can provide quick and lasting relief to pain. One of the main reasons for this is cannabidiol’s capacity to influence the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This ECS is responsible for many things in the body, one of which is pain reduction. Cannabidiol can instruct the brain to release neurotransmitters that will reduce acute and chronic pain as well as soreness in the body.

  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Another function of the ECS is to regulate stress, mood, and anxiety in our body. Regular consumption of CBD can lead to a healthy ECS. With a well-maintained ECS, the body can effectively respond to stressful events, thereby reducing anxiety and tension in the body. Through regularly ingesting CBD products, you can improve your body’s capacity to handle stress. Many people prefer using cannabidiol over pharmaceutical drugs, which can cause many different side effects like headaches, sleep problems, and mood changes.

  • Suppresses Appetite for Weight Loss

Another function of the ECS is to regulate the secretion of hormones related to appetite and metabolism. CBD is a useful substance for reducing your hunger. Several studies on lab have shown that CBD increased the leptin levels of rats used in the experiment. In another study in South Korea, researchers discovered that cannabidiol incites proteins and genes responsible for stepping up the breakdown of fat in the body. The study also found that the cannabis-derived substance can also increase the number and movement of mitochondria, which intensifies the body’s capacity to burn calories at the cellular level.

  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health

More Americans have been killed by heart disease than any other health problem. Researchers found that CBD can help alleviate high blood pressure and Scientists have pointed out the substance’s capacity to reduce stress and anxiety and for lowering blood pressure. Cannabidiol’s antioxidant properties can also improve heart function and blood circulation. But doctors warn patients with heart problems that they should consult with their physician first before using CBD as a maintenance medication. 

  • Treats Acne and Other Skin Diseases

CBD oil’s healing properties extend to nourishing your skin. It has been proven to treat various skin irritations and maintain the youthful glow of your skin. Aside from regulating oil secretion, it can also hydrate your skin without clogging the pores. Moreover, CBD oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to reduce sebum production, which can help to soothe and reduce soreness and skin irritation caused by acne, psoriasis and other skin conditions while keeping the skin nourished and moisturized. CBD oil can also treat eczema by stimulating abnormal cell death. It also contains several nutrients like vitamin E to help improve and protect the skin from aging.

  • Gives Nightly Quality Sleep

To sufferers of insomnia and other sleep disorders, CBD can be a welcome relief. Cannabidiol can be a natural and safe remedy for insomnia. This substance can also promote refreshing REM sleep every night to address excessive daytime sleepiness. This power can be attributed to cannabidiol’s interaction with the ECS.  Part of the ECS function is to regulate various bodily functions, which includes regular quality sleep.

Ways to Use CBD

With all of these properties, how can you make CBD a part of your daily wellness routine? Here are some ways in which you can use this substance.

  • Under your tongue using drops: You can buy CBD oil in tinctures. By dropping them under your tongue, you can have a consistent and accurate dosage. Patients usually squeeze a few drops under their tongue and keep it there for 30 seconds. This method is perhaps the most efficient for cannabidiol intake because the substance is absorbed more directly into the bloodstream.
  • Orally using CBD capsules: You can ingest cannabidiol supplements in capsule form. However, consuming it through a capsule could be one of the least effective methods because this method has the lowest absorption rate by the body. In general, the body absorbs only about 20% of CBD if taken in capsule form. If you prefer to take the substance orally, look for “water-soluble” formulas that are more soluble in the digestive tract.
  • Through inhalation using vapes: Vaping is also a favorite way to consume cannabidiol. The lungs are highly absorbent. Since the vapor is absorbed directly into your circulation, taking cannabidiol in vapor form is a highly effective method considering its higher bioavailability and faster absorption as compared to other methods.
  • On the skin using creams and rubs: The skin is the largest organ. It can also absorb a lot more substance, including cannabidiol, than most of the other methods. Many cannabidiol creams also contain ingredients that can give additional healing effects, especially for muscle pains.
  • By eating cannabis edibles: Food and beverage manufacturers have capitalized on the booming cannabis market by producing food products with marijuana content. While this could be the least effective as a medicine, it is a sufficient dose of cannabidiol in your diet.

As medical cannabis becomes more readily available on the market, expect more people to make it a part of their everyday wellness routine. But be sure to get a doctor’s prescription to get the right dosage.

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