Thanksgiving and Cannabis

Thanksgiving and Cannabis

Here Are Some Tips To Enjoy This Holiday With CBD

Thanksgiving is an annual national holiday that seeks to celebrate the bountiful harvest and blessings received for the year. Based on the joint celebration of the Wampanoag Indians and the Plymouth colonists known as the Pilgrims, Thanksgiving is considered as a celebration of one’s good fortune. But how does one enjoy Thanksgiving and Cannabis?

The whole of the United States of America and even the neighboring Canada commemorate this momentous occasion in history. However, this holiday is now imbued with more values and traditions which reflect the nation’s culture and history. Today, this event means gathering together and reflecting on the countless blessings each individual has received over the course of the year.

Families who celebrate Thanksgiving usually do so by preparing various types of dishes, as well as by playing football. Some even give gifts and while others tend to end their day with a bang, that is, with lots of fireworks that light up the sky.

If traditional and established ways of celebration are not exactly your thing, spicing up this year’s gathering with CBD products might be a great idea. After all, nothing brings people together than premium quality CBD oil, sumptuous food, and even better company.

Why CBD Products?

As an individual who might have celebrated Thanksgiving one too many times, you know how hectic it is for everyone. From your parents preparing the food to relatives bickering over the table, this gathering manages to somehow get on everyone’s nerves.

While most people in your party might be hesitant to try cannabidiol, letting them know about its safety and its uses can help ease beginners right in. For one, the benefits of this miracle worker can be used in a variety of ways. From treating chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and a slew of other conditions, this wonder product has become essential for every cannabis enthusiast.

Although cannabidiol does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component present in marijuana, users of these products won’t have to fear getting intoxicated. Instead, users can welcome a sense of comfort and relief upon taking cannabidiol-based products.

Because of its ability to provide a sense of calmness to its users, adding a bit to your gathering is a wonderful idea. Not only will it bring guests a sense of coziness and security, but it will also relieve whatever feelings of discomfort they have at the door. Not to mention, CBD oil adds more flavor to dishes and beverages alike, all the while bringing something new to the table.

Using CBD Products in Your Thanksgiving Celebration

Cook Using CBD Oil

There’s no denying that food brings people closer together. As a matter of fact, most of the time, food serves as the main event in almost any gathering. Take your dishes up a notch by adding CBD oil to your recipes. From the roasted turkey to the mashed potatoes, there is nothing a little cannabidiol can’t elevate.

Since you’re already going the novel route, you might as well look into the original types of dishes prepared in the olden days. This way, you can get the best of both worlds while still honoring the national holiday.

Some of the menu items present in the Indian-Pilgrim gathering were lobsters, seals, and swans. While seals and swans may not likely be on your menu, exploring new creations such as lobster thermidor or even baked lobster will certainly add something new. A side of cannabis-infused butter is sure to add an extra kick. Other dishes you can infuse with cannabidiol include desserts, pasta, and even your trusted beverages.

Give Your Friends and Family Cannabis Treats including your pets!

Sure, goody bags may normally be reserved for Christmas and even birthdays, but there’s nothing like showing your appreciation and love for the people dearest to you. If you’re feeling a bit more sentimental, you might want to give your adult guests with CBD gummies and other similar edibles to take home. This way, they can continue the party even while on their own. In the same way, such small tokens ensure you’ll always be remembered by your friends and loved ones.

Though food items are largely popular giveaways, there are also other cannabis-infused items available on the market. From ointments, CBD skincare products, cosmetics, to household items, you’re certain to find one that suits their fancy.

Prioritize Self Care – Use CBD Skincare Products

Gatherings of this scale definitely take a lot from you. So, at the end of the day, remember to give yourself some care and love as well. If your body feels sore from all the Thanksgiving preparations that you did, don’t forget to pamper yourself with some CBD products such as bath bombs, serums, moisturizer, lotions, and many more. After all, you only have one body and taking care of it the best way you can is how you start giving it thanks.

Reminders Before the Holiday

American (and Canadian) households prepare for this event way in advance. From buying food to setting up travel accommodations for friends and family, Thanksgiving definitely makes for a crazy ride. To help you ease your way, here are some tips you should be mindful of.

  • Read Up on Legalization

Though it’s tempting to smuggle in your beloved cannabis products, doing so can cause state violations and even greater distress on your guests. To prevent unwanted scenarios, read up on your state laws and ensure that hemp-derived cannabidiol products are allowed in your state. Better yet, familiarize yourself with the current legalization laws observed in your area.

  • Buy from Reputable Source

This rule already goes without saying. To get the purest and most potent CBD oil on the market, it’s always best to purchase from trusted and licensed dispensaries or companies like Kushly. This way, you can ensure high-quality cannabidiol with every use. Doing so also prevents contaminated products from being ingested by you or your guests.

  • Provide Non-CBD Options

Let’s face it, not everyone in your party will be fond (or open) to using cannabidiol. To cater to everyone’s preferences, make sure to provide non-CBD options, especially for children and the elderly. Likewise, remember to inform your guests about your intended way of celebrating to help them prepare for the festivities as well.

Holding Thanksgiving with cannabidiol is an altogether new experience for the whole gang. If you are interested in observing this holiday with this special ingredient, take note of these creative ways of incorporating CBD in your event.

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