The Benefits of CBD

The Benefits of CBD

Truth About CBD and its Benefits

Over the last couple of years the research for uses of CBD has sky rocketed in terms of discovery, research, usage utility and adoption. When cannabis was initially offered in specific states, for as an alternative to your standard prescription pain medicine, a group of patients stood behind cannabis as a remedy for pain and pain management. There were patients that ultimately wanted the pain reduction with out the high that goes along with the usage of THC. This is where CBD comes into play.

CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol, which is just one of the 113 cannabinoids that are found in cannabis. CBD has no psychosis effects on the body, unlike THC. Scientist have been finding a vast array of uses for CBD, and continue to publish new beneficial findings on almost a monthly basis now.

CBD and pain?

CBD has been found to have a multitude of user cases when it comes to combatting pain and assisting in pain management. Studies have shown that CBD is so effective as an alternative solution for treating pain because it utilizes the bodies cannabinoid receptors. Unlike your standard pain medications, CBD is an all natural chemical with no additives, having absolutely no side effects or addiction issues once treatment is complete.

How does CBD work?

When CBD is ingested either orally or absorbed through the skin it travels through the body until it reaches your cannabinoid receptors. Once CBD reaches with the receptors it adjust how the bodies cannabinoid receptors work. In the user case of taking CBD for main it will modify the pain output signals from the receptors to slow down the pain pulse wave from your point of ailment to your brain. As an example, You have an injured knee and you rub a CBD topical on your knee. Once the CBD is absorbed into your skin it will then begin to modify your cannabinoid receptors, sending signals to your brain telling it that there is no pain in your knee. Unlike a beta blocker which acts in the same manor, CBD oil is 100% natural and has no known side effects.

What kinds of pain can CBD be used for?

CBD can be used to treat the following pain ailments:

  • joint pain
  • inflammatory issues
  • headaches
  • muscle pain and spasms
  • stomach or digestive pains
  • chronic back pain
  • athletic related injuries
  • arthritis
  • cancer treatment relief
  • and more

Which CBD Product is right for you?

With new brands offering different variations of CBD on an almost daily basis, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find the best one for the average consumer. Especially with a new CBD user the task of simply finding the right CBD brand can be enough to turn someone away. Luckily, that’s why we have built this site to provide information on all of the different CBD brands that we test, rate and review so that we can provide a data drive answer to the question “what is the best cbd for”. When it comes to CBD and treating pain there are plenty of options that are currently on the market. From oils to topicals, and gel caps to gummies there are hundreds of different options currently available online.

Our process for review is simple. We select three different staff members to a specific CBD and then provide us with a single paragraph for our readers. This allows us to give you real world user cases and honest reviews of the CBD’s that our staff members tested.

Brandon: “I have never taken CBD in my life. I injured my back playing a pickup game of basketball while I was in college. I have used Icy Hot, Bengay, TENS, Physical Therapy and just about every other remedy anyone has ever told me to help with the pain. I normally have a dull ache that flairs up on rainy days and when it is cold outside. Having chronic pain, I would be able to know with in the first half of an hour if a CBD based topical was going to work or be thrown in the medicine cabinet with all the other worthless topicals. The Kushly CBD topical was on desk when I got back from lunch. Luckily for me and everyone else in the office my back pain is in my lower back so I didn’t need any help applying the topical. After rubbing it in I felt nothing, got sad, and continued my day. I am use to the fake instant gratification that comes with Icy Hot, out of habit I tend to judge things based off of the two factors that make up Icy Hot. It’s speed and it’s smell. After about 10 minutes I have must admit, it actually started to feel better. Not one of those I cut my finger so I put a band-aid on it feel betters, but I actually noticed my pain was starting to diminish. After 20 minutes I was ready to find the closest pick up game and redeem myself… Ok maybe I shouldn’t take it that far but my back felt better than it had felt in years. Overall my pain was at a minimum to a point where I might dare say “non existent” for about 4 hours. So like any good employee would, I stole the bottle of Kushly and took it home to continue to use. I wanted to see if it was a one time thing or not, turns out it wasn’t. I now am a loyal customer and advocate of Kushly and give this a whopping 100 out of 10. I would have given it a 150 out of 10 but it could have gotten me fired for making me steal it. Overall I recommend this to anyone that might have chronic lower back pain, as it somehow does the trick for me.”

Sam: “I had never used CBD, or even heard of it in my life until I was sucked into using it on my ankle that I broke at our company party 8 weeks ago. When first asked if I would use Kushly’s topical CBD on my ankle my original response was “no, I don’t want to get high because I broke my ankle.” After being made fun of by my coworkers for a good five minutes I changed it more to the tune of “Yes, as long as I am not going to get high from it.” For clarification I mistakenly associated CBD with marijuana and figured this was the same kind of product that as sold at a dispensary. I quickly learned that THC is what gets a user high not CBD. Once that was out of the way I grabbed a bottle, squirted some of its content on my poor ankle, rubbed it in and went back to my job. My ankle has this constant annoying main right at the top of my joint that does not seem to want to go away since I broke it. I have tried some over the counter topicals and aspirin but that’s about it. After about 25 minutes of applying it to my ankle I felt a pleasant tingling sensation right in the spot that has been nagging me. The tingling changed to a numbness after about 30 minutes. At around 40 minutes my ankle felt normal again! This sensation only lasted about two hours but that was two hours of pure joy for me. It has been around 8 weeks since I have been pain free so this was amazing! I did feel weird using it at first because I had created a pre conceived notion from the name “CBD”. After using it though I think it is a terrific product. I am going to give it an eight out of ten. I just wish it lasted a little longer than the two hours that it tends to last.”

Richard: “I have previously used a CBD topical before being asked to try Kushly’s topical. I have tennis elbow, although I know I look like a world class athlete, I am not. I started to develop the issue around 5 years ago from playing golf. I have purchased a couple of different brands off the internet to use before I go and hit the links. Most all tend to work the same. I have get temporary relief and it is typically enough to get me through all 18 holes. Around hole 14-15 my elbow tends to be hurting the most as the CBD has worn off and I just have to power through it. With Kushly I applied it just before taking a round with a couple of guys from the office. It did not work instantly, but I did not have an expectation for it to. The topical did work well, the only thing it couldn’t do was help my game. After we hit hole 14 I was mentally preparing myself for the onslaught of pain that I was about to face. When I hit 14 and 15 I began to get cocky and think I had found the magic cure for my golf outings. Unfortunately I jumped the gun and the pain did kick in by hole 17. I was still extremely happy with the results and think I will continue to use this until I find a longer lasting alternative. I give this topical a nine out of ten based on how long it lasted for me.”

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