The Best Way To Keep CBD Edibles Fresh And Tasty

The Best Way To Keep CBD Edibles Fresh And Tasty

Thanks to the creative and innovative minds of researchers and manufacturers, you can now consume medical marijuana in food products. You can eat foods that contain the cannabinoid (CBD), the substance in cannabis with healing properties. Since the legalization of medical cannabis in a number of countries, more and more companies have started producing and selling CBD edibles. Now, you can consume candies, coffee, and power juices that contain CBD. You can also buy hemp-infused cookies and other pastries. There are even recipes using CBD oil that you can try at home. By eating these food items, you can enjoy the wonderful healing powers of marijuana while filling your stomach with delicious and nutritious snacks.

Why Should You Eat CBD Edibles?

In case you still don’t know, CBD is a substance extracted from marijuana. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of many cannabinoids identified in cannabis, this chemical does not affect your mood or thoughts. Aside from being completely safe for consumption, this substance also has tons of therapeutic benefits.

Researchers have found that CBD can be used in the treatment of a host of diseases. Even the World Health Organization acknowledged the healing properties of CBD, which include:

  • Pain
  • Acne
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease

With CBD’s healing properties, manufacturers have found a way to enable patients and ordinary people to reap the benefits of medical cannabis by including it in food items.

Why is the Proper Storage of CBD Concentrates Essential?

Like any other plant-based products, cannabis concentrates and edibles should be stored properly to retain their freshness and taste. While the perishability of foods can also depend on other ingredients, cannabis is easily spoiled if exposed to the following conditions:

  • A moist and humid environment
  • Direct sunlight
  • Sources of heat and light
  • Mold and mildew
  • Bugs and other pests

Under these conditions, the CBD-based edibles can taste bad, and the potency of the substance may also be reduced. Other products from medicinal marijuana can suffer the same results if exposed to these risk factors.

Where to Store Cannabis Edibles and Concentrates?

Cannabis-infused food items are best stored in closed, dark, and cool places such as cabinets, cupboards, refrigerators, and freezers. You just need to make sure that these places are free from insects. Here are the best storage methods for your marijuana-based edibles.

  • Airtight containers – Products such as candies can last for up to a month if you wrap the food items in parchment paper. Seal these in Ziplock food bags. You can then place them inside the airtight container.
  • Silicone containers – This is ideal for storing products short-term or foods that can easily spoil, like bread and pastries. Ideally, choose a container just big enough to fit the food item. This reduces the risk of excess moisture and air.
  • Glass jars – You can use glass jars of any size depending on the item you are storing. Once you’ve placed the edibles in the jars, you can then store them in refrigerators or freezers.
  • Freezers – If properly stored in freezers, you can keep the flavor and quality of oils and concentrates for up to one year. But make sure you put these edible items inside airtight containers to reduce moisture. When removing the items from the freezer, defrost them slowly. A sudden change in temperature can affect the taste and quality of the concentrate.

More Ways to Store Cannabis Edibles effectively

Here are more tips to help preserve the quality of your marijuana edibles:

  • Whenever possible, avoid placing them in transparent containers. As mentioned above, light affects the taste and quality of cannabis. When you place them in glass jars, store them in a dark cupboard.
  • Always wear gloves when you’re wrapping the edibles in parchment paper. This way, you will avoid transferring substances such as oils and microbes from your hands.
  • Don’t use plastic bags and containers. Plastic is not always airtight, allowing moisture and air to seep in.
  • Your refrigerator is the best place for storing marijuana edibles, concentrates, oils, and lotions. But be sure to keep them out of the reach of children!
  • You may need to invest in a small fridge to be used exclusively for cannabis concentrates. This way, you can keep your cannabis concentrates refrigerated.
  • Abrupt changes in temperature can affect the texture of these products too.
  • Always label the containers with the date the cannabis edibles were packaged and be aware of the storage period.
  • Be sure to buy containers, jars and other storage items from reputable sellers. You should also buy your cannabis products from reputable sellers only. Check the freshness level of the product if these are handed to you in a plastic bag.

How You Will Know If CBD Edibles Are Spoiled?

Just like any other food items, eating expired cannabis food items will taste bad. If it is passed its expiration date, the concentrate will develop spoilage organisms just like in any food. While these edibles can be eaten even a day or two after its expiration date, doctors strongly advise throwing them away.

Medical marijuana concentrates, and medical items are not cheap, so you should ensure that you eat or use them up before the expiry date.

From where should You Buy CBD Edibles?

After the legalization of medical marijuana in many states in the US, cannabis concentrates are currently available in many physical and online stores. And while the authorities impose strict regulations on the selling of medicinal marijuana in any form, you should still only purchase from trusted retailers. When you buy CBD edibles online, you should do your homework to avoid buying from scammers. Here are some qualities of reputable stores:

  • Licensed – You can easily buy anything online, even from fraudulent and illegal stores. Always check if the online retailer is authorized to sell. Remember, freshness is important in consuming medical marijuana.
  • Product and Company Certifications – Find out if the CBD gummies, or any other medical cannabis items, you are buying are made of industrial hemp. Make sure the product only contains 0.3 percent THC. Also, find out if it has been tested by a third-party laboratory. You should also check if the company has a GMP certified logo on their website.
  • Positive Customer Reviews – You can check the quality of the company’s products and service through the comments, reviews, and testimonials of their customers. Just make sure these have come from an unbiased source.

CDB edibles are legal, healthy and delicious. Just be sure to store them properly so that you can be sure of its efficacy and freshness for a longer time.



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