Treating Multiple Sclerosis with CBD Oil: Is It An Option?

Treating Multiple Sclerosis with CBD Oil: Is It An Option?

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

This is an autoimmune disease which is known for its chronic inflammation of the myelin sheath which is surrounding the nerves in the spinal column and also in the brain. Research has revealed that when this tissue becomes inflamed for considerable periods of time this results in tissue damage which cannot be reversed. This interferes with the ability of the nerves to successfully communicate with the body through the central nervous system. This condition results in chronic pain, fatigue, loss of motor control as well as muscle weakness and spasticity. This has resulted in intensive research over the last couple of years.

Several researchers were anxious to discover the effects of cannabis on the symptoms which are widely associated with MS. They have been surprised by the results. It is now known that cannabinoids which are present in both CBD and THC are able to reconstruct the natural process which is performed by our bodies through naturally occurring endocannabinoids. We are only seeing early research on CBD and MS with so much more to be done in the field.

MS sufferers do not have sufficient levels of endocannabinoids

Research has now revealed that autoimmune patients including those suffering from MS are faced with a problem where the body is simply not able to produce sufficient amounts of endocannabinoids. This is because of attacks on the DNA of the MS sufferer by its own immune system. Because of this vicious attack, several body processes fail and the result is a nervous system which is no longer able to function properly. However, it is now known that the compounds which are present in cannabis are able to connect to these CBD receptors in the body as a substitute to help the healing process along.

Multiple Sclerosis and CBD

Researchers have found that results to be remarkable especially because CBD treatment is resulting in a higher quality of life for people suffering from MS. This disease is known to cause muscles spasticity. However, both CBD and THC can be highly effective when it comes to the reduction of uncontrollable muscle spasms.

These products will also help with those spasms which are forcing the MS patient to urinate frequently. Extensive research has been done at the University of Tel Aviv where a number of mice have been infected with a condition which is very similar to MS. As soon as CBD was administered those mice were able to walk normally again. This was simply not possible without CBD treatment. It has been discovered that the mice which have been treated with CBD were suffering a lot less from inflammation and nerve damage.

Research seems to be conclusive

A 2012 study conducted at the University of Plymouth has found inescapable proof that CBD was consistently twice as effective in providing relief of spasms and muscle pain as a placebo. The study was conducted over a period of 12 weeks. After that time the results among people who have received CBD was substantially better than the results of patients who were being given a placebo. It is now known that CBD can be a very powerful analgesic.

It is able to encourage pain receptors in the human body. This can help to substantially reduce chronic pain. It is well-known that chronic pain is the result of inflammation of the nerve tissue. This results in a situation where pain signals are sent through the entire body. We all know that when pressure is applied to a nerve on a sensitive part of the body such as the back this can result in pain traveling down the leg.

As far as MS is concerned this can result in a situation where a lot of pain is encountered in an unaffected area of the body. This happens because of damaged nerves which are causing signals to travel to this area. When inflammation of the nerves is successfully reduced this will help to obtain relief from all that pain.

CBD can reduce inflammation

One of the primary concerns as far as MS is concerned is related to the chronic inflammation which is plaguing the human body. In the experience of many MS patient’s inflammations are responsible for most of the suffering which is endured. Fortunately, it is now a well-known fact that CBD which is present in cannabis is an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory.

Both CBD and THC compounds which are extracted from cannabis is able to deactivate the immune response which is resulting in chronic inflammation. It is also able to effectively stop the attack which is launched by MS on the central nervous system. Other properties of THC and CBD is the fact that they are very potent antioxidants with excellent neuroprotective properties. This allows for better protection of the tissue, cells, and DNA. In the unfortunate event where the body is unprotected this will quickly lead to a situation where body tissue is irritated and inflamed.

Deterioration of those systems will be noticed. Because of this damage pain, signals will pass through the nerves and from there throughout the human body resulting in intense pain. All of this can be avoided by making use of THC and CBD which can prevent unnecessary damage and can also help to promote neurogenesis which is simply the creation of new brain cells.

CBD can also help with digestion

It is a well-known fact that the majority of MS patients will suffer from gastrointestinal issues which include uncontrolled bowels, constipation as well as difficulty when it comes to digestion. A large portion of the available immune cells is located in the gut. This makes it possible for CBD to interact with those immune cells and to eliminate most of the inflammation in the bowels.

There are also some CBD varieties which are a very effective appetite stimulant. This can be very beneficial for those people who have trouble to maintain a healthy weight because of a variety of digestive issues. MS patients should, therefore, take note of the fact that CBD is able to trigger the release of naturally occurring hunger hormones. These hormones, in turn, will ensure a healthy metabolism.

CBD is able to direct the flow of hormones and also other chemicals. This is important for communication with the body systems to ensure hormones and chemicals are flowing properly through the human body.

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