Trichomoniasis and the Remarkable Healing Properties of CBD

Trichomoniasis and the Remarkable Healing Properties of CBD

What is Trichomoniasis?

This is a sex parasite which will result in one of the most common sexually transmitted infections. This condition is twice as likely to happen in women over the age of 50. This is contradicting the assumption that the highest number of cases involving trichomonas vaginalis is among young women between the age of 16 and 35. This is why a study has been conducted among 7500 women between the age of 18 and 89. This has led to the discovery that trichomoniasis was less likely to occur in women between the age of 18 and 39 but as they grow older they are better candidates. Almost 10% of women between the ages of 40 and 44 had been infected. In the age group, 45 to 49 over 13.4 % of women were infected. Women over 50 years of age had a 13 % chance to be infected.

One piece of research suggests that we may be on the cusp of some interesting discoveries. But let’s explore this topic in more depth:

Commonly held assumptions are wrong

Most people are under the assumption that STD’s is most likely to afflict young people. That theory has been debunked by study results which clearly show that older women has a much greater chance to be afflicted with some form of STD. This does not mean that this problem cannot happen among young woman. Research has shown that this parasite is transferred through intercourse. It can also happen with vulva-to-vulva contact. This will then result in itching, and unpleasant discharge and strong odor in men and women. It is most often treated with antibiotics. Failure to have professional treatment can result in complications, especially in the cervix. It has also been discovered that this can increase the likelihood of a woman contracting and transmitting HIV. Over 7 million new cases of trichomoniasis are reported every year.

Overcoming the challenges

Efforts to contain this problem is hindered by the current screening process. Most physicians have been relying on methods which have been claimed to be effective by experts. Those tests were simply not very efficient. This has resulted in a new nucleic acid test which has been approved by the FDA. This test is aimed specifically at the detection of trichomonas. It is now hoped that the new test will help to bring about a lasting change. Research has shown that older woman is seldom screened. In most cases, this is because they have no symptoms of trichomoniasis.

The majority of older woman are under the impression that they are not at risk and this is unfortunately not true. Statistics is now indicating that older woman often has more exposure to a variety of sexual acts and sexual partners. Because of this, they can be at greater risk because in many cases they have more intercourse. A lot more research will be required in order to get an accurate picture of the whole problem. It is also necessary to look at the reasons why more women are now infected. It has been discovered that older woman is less likely to make use of condoms especially when they are with partners whom they trust. There is also the issue of an older woman who will become involved with different partners after divorce.

Older woman need to be proactive

The majority of older woman will never even consider the possibility of being screened. They seem to think just because they have no symptoms, that no problem is existing. Unfortunately, this is simply not true. It is now known that cannabis is one of the best alternative medications for a wide variety of STD-related conditions. It is now a well-known fact that THC is able to prohibit and also to slow down the growth of cells which may be infected with sexually transferable diseases. A lot of research is currently underway and more facts are becoming available regarding the effectiveness of CBD. Many forms of STD’s are known to act as either an anti-inflammatory or antiviral. It is already well-known that CBD is also both a very powerful anti-inflammatory and also an antiviral. When people are afflicted by STDs this is something which most likely will happen when people are having a cold or flu. It can also happen during menstruation, immune suppression or emotional stress. The virus will be actively attacking cell tissues especially those in mucous membranes. This is exactly why most STD outbreaks occur in the genital areas or in the mouth of human beings.

Using CBD to help treat Trichomoniasis

When such a virulent attack occurs in surrounding tissue the affected cells can become seriously damaged. This results in the release of white blood cells which will have to protect the body against attack. It is exactly because of this combat situation that people are experiencing inflammation, pain and it will happen that blisters and sores make their appearance. CBD is the perfect product to use in order to control and manage inflammation. It can also help with the immune response which has been triggered by viruses and bacteria. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is well-known for its ability to fight off a wide variety of foreign pathogens. It can also help to initiate tissue and cell repair.

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