3 Ways to Enjoy Your Weekend Break with CBD

3 Ways to Enjoy Your Weekend Break with CBD

Every weekend has a story to tell. Whether you’re out for some weekend city breaks, romantic escapades, mountain retreats, or just a simple movie marathon at home, there always comes a broad list of fun activities to try on – with, of course, a little help from CBD.

Here, we have compiled three fun ways to get the most out of your weekend break with this miraculous active ingredient.

Weekend Break with CBD

Sweat it!

Looking for a way to enjoy your weekend while staying true to your fitness goal? CBD might just help you with that. Over the years, various studies have already been conducted to shed light on the true effects of marijuana consumption on athletes. From these series of studies, scientists were able to discover 4 significant ways CBD can help you with your workout.

Here they are:

  1. Anti-inflammatory properties:

Decades of research has revealed CBD to be a potent anti-inflammatory agent. In fact, in a study published by the European Journal of Pain, a group of scientists has applied topical CBD gels to rats with arthritis for 4 days. From there, the researchers have discovered that there has been a significant drop in inflammation and signs of pain in the experimental animals. With this, many athletes have been turning to CBD products to reduce exercise-induced inflammation and speed their muscle’s recovery time.

  • Pain relief:

Aside from its anti-inflammatory effects, many people are using CBD to counter any pain associated with high-intensity workouts. In fact, various studies have shown cannabis to be an effective treating solution for pain, including musculoskeletal pain caused by excessive exercise.

  • Settle your gut:

A stressed gut could bring utter discomfort to your workout, which, in turn, could affect your overall performance. Since most GI distress is caused by inflammation in the large and small intestines, taking CBD would help reduce your symptoms and allow you to get back on the right track of your routine.

  • Boost your energy:

Although this may sound contradictory to the common “lazy stoner” stereotype, CBD can actually help boost your energy. Once consumed, CBD will go through the bloodstream and reach the brain. From there, it will interact with the brain’s endocannabinoid system, which performs a homeostatic role. This enables the system to easily mediate certain physiological and psychological responses to exercise.

Read/Watch with CBD edibles

Not in the mood to exhaust your energy this weekend? That’s okay. If you’re not the active type, then why don’t you try reading your favorite books or watch your favorite shows with CBD edibles instead? As opposed to the “high” sensation associated with marijuana, turning to CBD helps you achieve the same relaxation and calmness the cannabis plant provides without the high, euphoric feeling. However, on the downside, the relaxed state induced by these edibles may leave you feeling a bit sleepy.

To date, there are a wide variety of CBD-based edibles available in the market. In order to help you find the right snack, here are a few items you might want to consider:

  1. CBD Gummies:

Who says gummies are only for the kiddies? To date, various CBD gummies are being sold both online and in-store spaces. Not only do they promise a soft, bouncy touch to the waiting tongue, but they also help relieve anxiety and induce relaxation in the body – perfect for your lazy weekend staycation in front of the TV.

  • CBD Brownies:

Nothing beats the classics when it comes to getting the most out of cannabis. Unlike gummies, CBD brownies can be made at the safety of your home. To create one, simply follow your own brownie-baking scheme and add a preferred dosage of CBD oil. This way, you can experience and enjoy the relaxing wonders of cannabidiol without the need to bear the bitter, hempy taste associated with the natural oil.

  • CBD Chocolates:

Who could forget chocolates? They are, after all, the public’s all-time favorite snack option. By availing this type of edibles, you can now enjoy the numerous effects of CBD in a yummy treat. Just like in the case of the two previous edibles, cannabidiol-infused chocolates also offer a relaxing effect to consumers.

Play games with your pals

Let’s face it, although there are certain activities that are better to do alone, spending some fun time with your favorite gals still stand as the better option. By engaging in fun and interesting activities with your friends, you are sure to enjoy your weekend break even more.

For your guide, here are 3 of the best CBD games you should not miss to try on:

  1. Play video games

Given CBD’s anti-anxiety effects, gamers are likely to perform at their best and display an increased focus. As opposed to smoking pot, CBD doesn’t reduce a person’s attention span and ability to focus. With this, it promises a more engaging and close fight competition with your favorite buddies.

  • Board games

Just like in the case of video games, playing board games while taking CBD-based products helps enhance your focus and mental flexibility. In some cases, CBD has also been reported to help spur creativity in people due to an increased focus and relaxation. This will help you come up with effective and strategic schemes that are sure to make the game livelier.

  • Never have I ever

Although CBD doesn’t make you high, it still serves natural mood enhancer. This suggests a more favorable situation for you and your pals when playing the classic “Never Have I Ever” game. This doesn’t just put you in a calm state that will help you think clearly but will also help you remember each hilarious confession.

For many, the weekend carries a certain feeling of escape, rest, and luxury. Whether you’re struggling through your tight schedule at school or wanting to have a break from work, it is always best to make sure you’ll get the most out of your weekends.

Which among these activities do you fancy doing? With a little help from CBD, your weekends are sure to become even more special.

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