Why You Should Start Integrating CBD in Your Workout Routine

Why You Should Start Integrating CBD in Your Workout Routine

For many individuals working out is not only means weight management but also to keep their bodies active. Because of this, these people have regular workout sessions penciled into their weekly or even daily schedule. If you are one of these individuals, you might want to consider integrating CBD into your routine. Read on to know more.

Why CBD?

Perhaps the first question that pops into your mind is why you should opt for cannabidiol instead of other substances such as whey protein. First off, you don’t even have to let go of your go-to protein powder should you opt to take CBD. In fact, a sports nutrition company released a CBD-infused protein powder, giving consumers the best of both worlds.

Now that that’s out of the way, you want to know how cannabidiol is compatible with working out. The most important thing you should know is that this cannabinoid is not psychoactive at all, which means that it will not get you high. This substance from the cannabis plant is actually highly medicinal.

Taking CBD Products Before and After Working Out

Knowing this, more and more individuals are opting to incorporate cannabidiol into their workout routines. If you are wondering how this substance can improve your performance during training, check out the benefits you can enjoy before and after.


  • Get into the Mood – This cannabinoid is known to provide an uplifting mood, allowing you to get into the groove for your workout. With a clearer and more inspired mindset, you can improve your motivation to work harder.
  • Increased Relaxation – For many people, exercising and working out is a highly therapeutic activity. Combined with another therapeutic addition to your routine, your session will surely be a relaxing one. From blowing off steam to simply letting your mind and bodywork synchronously, taking CBD can greatly improve the feeling respite you experience while exercising.
  • Energy Boost – Lastly, this compound has the potential to boost your energy before your session. As workouts require a whole lot of your energy, you will certainly need a boost to successfully finish the activity. By getting extra strength, you can accomplish your goal without expending all of your energy.


  • Muscle Recovery – Your muscles take the brunt of your workout. This can leave your body lacking in the strength you usually use for your day to day activities. As this can be detrimental to your daily life, you can opt to consume CBD after your session. It aids in restoring your strength, letting you recover your vigor at a faster pace.
  • Soothing Aches and Pains – With the lack of strength from your muscle comes a wide variety of aches and pains. From discomforts your feel in different muscular parts of your body to the joint pains, your workout can leave you sore and tender. Well, worry not because you can use CBD topical ointment for your aches and pains. This compound is known to relieve pains and soothe inflammations, making it the perfect after-workout treat.
  • Unwinding – While you are likely to feel de-stressed after your workout, you may be looking forward to a relaxation session to treat yourself for your hard work. Cannabidiol can calm your mind and body, allowing you to better enjoy your leisurely time.

Some Pointers to Consider

Incorporating CBD for your workout session certainly is a good idea. However, you want to make sure that you are using it correctly and that it does not violate any rules or laws you should be abiding by. Here are some of the most important things you should consider when using cannabidiol when working out:

Time Your Consumption

When you consume CBD products before your workout, you want to make sure that you time it perfectly. Keep in mind that orally taking the cannabinoid results in longer waiting time before it takes effect. CBD oil tinctures, when taken sublingually, can take up to 20 minutes before you feel any effects. Edibles, pills, and capsules, or anything you intake orally can take from a few minutes to two hours.

Given the length of time that it takes before the substance takes effect, you may be tempted to consume more in an attempt to get results faster. However, keep in mind that the only outcome of this practice is that you will overconsume the product.

So, in order to feel the invigorating attributes of this cannabinoid just before you start your session, make sure to give your body ample time to absorb the cannabinoid

Read Up on Anti-Doping Rules

As mentioned, you want to make sure that you comply with rules and laws pertinent to your consumption of cannabis-derived products. If you are an athlete, it is important that you know whether this is allowed.

The good news is consuming cannabidiol is allowed in and out of competition, according to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). However, keep in mind that other cannabinoids are not allowed at all times, especially tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, which is the psychoactive component of cannabis.

When buying CBD products for your workout sessions, see to it that it is purely cannabidiol extracted from hemp.

Check Your State’s Marijuana Laws

Aside from knowing the rules implemented by sports anti-doping organizations, you also need to make sure that the consumption of the plant is not outlawed in your state. As of late, there are 11 states, including Washington, D.C., which legalized the use of cannabis and cannabis products for recreational purposes. Meanwhile, there are 33 states that allow using the plant for medical use.

The best way to proceed is to check whether your state has legalized, or at least decriminalized, the use of cannabidiol. This ensures that you are abiding by your state’s marijuana laws while guaranteeing that you can reap the benefits the plant offers for your workout.

Making your session as productive and fulfilling as it can require no additional time in the gym. By simply adding cannabidiol to your routine, you can enjoy the benefits of exercising, while also reaping the benefits of CBD.

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