With the explosion of the on-demand economy, companies are revolutionizing the medicinal marijuana industry by changing the way people receive the natural medicine they need. This new wave of tech-oriented startups have the mission of ensuring that you can have access to your medication whenever and wherever you need it. With the rise of medical marijuana usage, more and more business are popping up around the country are working hard to initiate delivery service for a variety of medical marijuana strands and marijuana products and streamline how patients purchase medical weed with the end goal of making sure that every customer has a safe, quick, and easy experience having their medical marijuana delivered.

Unfortunately, many of the first-to-market early adopters have encountered trouble with the law so new companies entering the marketing are developing their software from the ground up to be in full compliance with the law. Transporting marijuana can be very complicated since patients are required to meet certain legal criteria, along with dispensaries and delivery drivers. New entrants are bridging the the grey areas between product to person by integrating technology that enables the user to upload photo ID as well as their medical marijuana club card to ensure the end user is legally qualified to complete their purchase. Some companies have also gone as far as created a legal network across various jurisdictions to ensure they are operating with the law no matter municipality they are working within.

To ensure the standard of product being delivered is of utmost quality many of these delivery companies have chosen to only work with dispensaries that have strict standards and are fully compliant with state mandate seed to sale programs. By working with fully compliant dispensaries that provide reliable and premium product these startups have a better chance of ensuring the end user has access to medical cannabis that’s affordable, accessible, safe and compliant with the law.

This means ensures that their patients can receive their orders quickly and consistently and not have to wait on medicine. Many of these new delivery companies also feel socially obligated to provide quick and seamless delivery options. The companies that focus on providing reliable service that is fully compliant legally should benefit greatly from the vast expansion legal cannabis industry into new markets. More and more states are legalizing cannabis use in one form or another; additionally, many of the states that have already approved marijuana for medicinal use are expanding the number number of diseases and illnesses that medical marijuana is approved for. This, combined with the explosive growth of the on demand economy is creating a situation ripe for growth.

As laws become more relaxed, you can expect to see an incredible amount of new companies entering the fray to provide delivery service as well as the amount of dispensaries who partner with these companies to offer the service to their loyal clients. All this means more options for the medicinal marijuana patient – finding a quality dispensary with the best products and the quickest delivery time will soon be at everyone’s fingertips. More choice and better options of marijuana delivered straight to your door, I think anyone will agree that’s a great thing.