Anti-Aging CBD Cream with Apple Stem Cells

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Product Description

Enjoy the feeling of having a smooth, light, and deeply moisturized skin with our Kushly Anti-Aging CBD Cream with Apple Stem Cells (1). Specially formulated with pure CBD hemp oil, combined with the skin-rejuvenating effect of Apple Stem Cells, this cream is designed to promote a younger, lighter, and tighter skin perfect for your dream glow.

It is blended with the highest quality of ingredients, including Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Chinesis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Extract, and many more.

Our Kushly Anti-Aging CBD Cream with Apple Stem Cells is proven to be:

  • Organic
  • Free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and herbicides
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Gentle to the skin
  • Laboratory tested to ensure purity, safety, and potency

Expertly designed for those who have problems concerning stubborn fine lines and wrinkles, dull skin, age spots, and breakouts, our CBD-infused beauty cream is the ultimate anti-aging product you should never miss.

The Combined Power of CBD and Apple Stem Cells: Why Try It?

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties of cannabidiol have long been proven to be effective in diminishing breakouts and reducing redness. With this, hundreds of CBD-infused beauty products are increasingly taking the industry by storm.

On the other hand, scientists have discovered that a novel extract rooted from the stem cells of a Swiss apple presents tremendous ability to rejuvenate skin aging; thus, preventing the immediate appearance of wrinkles and helping in creating a more youthful and radiant skin. With this, the Apple Stem Cells came into the picture and birthed a number of products into the market.

Combining these two scientifically proven and powerful ingredients into a single blend, together with the anti-aging qualities of other antioxidants, Kushly Anti-Aging CBD Cream with Apple Stem Cells promises a safe, gentle, and effective beauty solutions for your skin problems.

How to Use the Kushly Anti-Aging CBD Cream with Apple Stem Cells

Erase the early signs of skin aging and paint your face with the gentlest and most soothing beauty cream available in the market today. Gently massage a dime-size amount of cream onto the face, neck and, decolletage in upward strokes.

For better and faster results, use the product in the morning and at night.


Suggested Use

Gently massage a dime size amount onto face, neck and decolletage in upward strokes. Use in the morning and at night, every day.


Purified Water, Glycerin, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Butylene Glycol, Malus Domestica (Fruit Cell Extract), Chinesis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Stearic Acid, Cetyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Peg 100 Stearate, Dimethicone, PCR Hemp Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Peg-16 Macadamia Glycerides, Octyldodecanol, Propylene Glycol, Zea Mays (Corn) Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Cholecalciferol, Retinyl Palmitate, Ascorbic Acid, Pyridoxine HCl, Silicate, Sodium Propoxyhydroxipropyl Thiosulfate, Silica, Polysorbate 20, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Potassium Sorbate, Hexylene Glycol

Product Reviews

  1. Avatar

    Amber D.

    I have combination skin that is prone to irritation, that’s why its hard to find an anti-aging product that I can work with. Thankfully I found this product. It doesn’t irritate my skin like the other brands. It’s a great anti-aging solution for sensitive skin.

  2. Avatar

    Gloria Hayes

    Substituted this for my staple night cream, a well-known brand. I saw instant effects with just a few days of usage. Looking forward to more amazing results with continued use.

  3. Avatar


    You will wake up to rejuvenated, resurfaced skin. It’s worth the buy.

  4. Avatar

    Diana Alexander

    This CBD oil is such a thick, moisturizing night cream. It also spreads easily and evenly on the face.

  5. Avatar

    Rosalie Griffin

    This is my Holy Grail night cream! I’m only in my 30’s in have already gotten wrinkles and fine lines due to stress. This product rejuvenated my skin instantly.

  6. Avatar

    Eva Sanders

    Took a chance on this product and I can say that I’m definitely impressed. Hemp CBD oil is such a skincare treasure that not everyone knows about!

  7. Avatar

    Gretchen B.

    The consistency is just right, not to thick and not to light. But it feels so rich on your face. The great thing is that it may be deeply moisturizing but not too heavy.

  8. Avatar


    Apple stem cells are said to reverse bad effects of UV ray exposure and repair damaged tissue. Added with CBD and it’s a very powerful anti-aging product. I just tried it two weeks ago and is already seeing impressive results.

  9. Avatar


    Was a bit skeptical at first but then now I’m a believer!

  10. Avatar

    Bobbie Sands

    Learned more about CBD as an anti-aging weapon through this blog. Great content and easy to navigate website! The delivery is also quite fast.

  11. Avatar

    Nyla Caldwell

    Leaves my skin soft and fresh. It not greasy and it minimized my pores

  12. Avatar

    AJ Leeds

    I’ve gone through a jar for the past months now and I must say that I’m OBSSESSED. Performs as well as the other expensive brand that I’m using. I’m loving the consistency as well as the gentle scent.

  13. Avatar

    Jenni Z.

    This feels amazing on my skin. I will probably order a 2nd jar since my sister is also using it.

  14. Avatar

    Alayna Short

    I have a sensitive skin and this product works well for me and doesn’t irritate my skin

  15. Avatar

    Daniela Mcclain

    Its smooth on my skin and absorbs really well. The best part is the glow if gives my skin

  16. Avatar

    Nicole Haywood

    Bought this because my friend recommended it. Planning to amp up my anti-aging regimen and I wanted to try new ingredients. Apple stem cells and CBD sounds like a great combination. It was nice that I was able to make a purchase so conveniently, checkout was simple and direct. Got my order earlier than expected as well. Thumbs up for the great service.

  17. Avatar

    Catalina Michaels

    I wake up with a softer skin every morning. Love it

  18. Avatar

    Jocelyn Tucker

    I got supple and bright skin using this anti-aging cream.

  19. Avatar


    One of the few night creams that doesn’t irritate my skin. I was surprised how healthy my skin looked by the end of the week.

  20. Avatar

    Amara Vaughn

    My skin has really improved.

  21. Avatar

    Patricia H.

    The consistency is quite rich, so a little really goes a long way. Using it for 2 weeks straight now and there has been significant improvement in the texture and firmess of my skin.

  22. Avatar

    Josie Obrien

    Tightens and smoothens my skin. Fine lines are less visible. Love it

  23. Avatar

    Gracie Poole

    My skin feels wonderful, this product is quality!

  24. Avatar

    Callie Buck

    The results is fast, I noticed how it reduced fine lines on my face

  25. Avatar

    Astrid Young

    Surprisingly good! Helped fade my stubborn hyperpigmentation in a few weeks of use. Will definitely purchase again.

  26. Avatar

    Davina Landers

    An elegant moisturizer that is elegant on the skin. A great alternative for well-known night creams in the market.

  27. Avatar

    Charlee Montgomery

    My skin does look brighter and softer after a week of using this product.

  28. Avatar

    Daleyza Barajas

    This anti-aging cream gave my skin a new life. Its made my skin more subtle and soft

  29. Avatar

    Lilah Nielsen

    My skin feels firmer and smoother

  30. Avatar

    Annabelle Carney

    Gives me a youthful glow, this anti-aging cream is amazing

  31. Avatar

    Ayla Lloyd

    It works well and moisturizes my skin giving me a radiant glow every morning

  32. Avatar

    Adriana Cline

    Fast Shipping. So excited to use this product.

  33. Avatar

    Vivian Buchanan

    This cream improved the appearance of my skin. Thanks

  34. Avatar

    Eden Graham

    I used this cream every night and it gives me a youthful glow in the morning

  35. Avatar

    Anastasia Peterson

    This cream makes my skin softer and brighter. It actually rejuvenate my skin and I can see the great results

  36. Avatar

    Lola Dickson

    My dark spots are lighter and my skin looks tighter and younger.

  37. Avatar

    Ryleigh Michael

    I love how this anti-aging cream is light and non greasy on my skin.

  38. Avatar

    Leila Mata

    It smells great and leaves my skin soft. I think it reduced my fine lines as well

  39. Avatar

    Pauleen Gibbons

    Thick and creamy, but is quick absorbing. I woke up with brighter skin after.

  40. Avatar

    Adalyn Hanson

    Just like any other anti-aging cream, nothing special in particular but not bad either

  41. Avatar

    Julianna Meyers

    I wake up with softer and smoother skin. I am in love with this product

  42. Avatar

    Katherine Mayer

    A great organic substitute that performs as well as the well-known brands in the market

  43. Avatar

    Arianna House

    Great value for the price

  44. Avatar

    Valeria Daugherty

    another great product from Kushly

  45. Avatar

    Norah Reeves

    I will order more and keep using this product, I can see the difference it does and my husband noticed it too

  46. Avatar

    Delilah Foley

    Great cream to delay skin aging.

  47. Avatar

    Sophie Vega

    I got hyper-pigmentation and this cream reduced it. Love this product

  48. Avatar

    Brielle Brandt

    At the age of 35, I need to take care of my skin even more. I am glad I found this product as it works well and not greasy on my skin

  49. Avatar

    Julia Summers

    I am impressed how this cream makes my skin looking fresh and smoother. Will buy again

  50. Avatar

    Kaylee Solis

    This cream reduced fine lines particularly around my eyes. Its moisturising effect is pretty amazing

  51. Avatar

    Anna Bates

    This cream plumb up my skin making me looks younger than my age.

  52. Avatar

    Paisley Dorsey

    My skin is softer and rejuvenated after using this cream

  53. Avatar

    Everly Buchanan

    I have been using this cream everynight for the past 2 weks now and I love the effect. It makes my skin looks radiant

  54. Avatar

    Lucy Hinton

    At my age of 58, its important to have a anti-aging cream to moisturize my skin and this one works pretty well on me

  55. Avatar

    Skylar Vargas

    This cream is lightweight and is not greasy. I love the glowing effect it does on my skin

  56. Avatar

    Claire Meyer

    Feels wonderful my skin. My skin is softer.

  57. Avatar

    Mia Reed

    Will purchase again. This is a great for my skin and reduces my fine lines

  58. Avatar

    Bella Branch

    My skin feels moist and I love how my skin looks brighter when I wake up in the morning

  59. Avatar

    Jane Burch

    Very pleased with this anti-aging cream. My skin feels smooth and hydrated.

  60. Avatar

    Amelia Lewis

    My pores minimized and my skin is more hydrated using this cream.

  61. Avatar

    Hazel Bentley

    I’m totally in love with this! Despite it being thick and heavy, it easily absorbs into my skin and does not transfer to my pillow

  62. Avatar

    Meriah Lee

    Having oily skin, I use a water-based night cream on most days of the week. But I use this twice a week to lock in more moisture

  63. Avatar

    Chantal M.

    I’m a fan of using rich moisturizers at night. This product is just okay. I’m waiting to see its effects after long-term use.

  64. Avatar

    Raissa Cobbs

    This is exactly the product I have been looking for, it made me skin softer and smoother

  65. Avatar

    Maribeth Santiago

    My skin is brighter and softer since I used this anti-aging cream

  66. Avatar

    Ava Martinez

    Amazed at how well it works, my skin is smoother and my fine lines are not so visible anymore

  67. Avatar

    Sophia Andrews

    Using it every night. It moisturize my skin and leaves a certain glow

  68. Avatar

    Charlotte Hopkins

    Its moisturizing and a great anti-aging product. My skin feels a lot younger after a month of using it

  69. Avatar

    Jamaica Wiggins

    I noticed how my frown lines softened and my skin is more even out.

  70. Avatar

    Simone Pitt

    Can’t go wrong with this product. My skin looks brighter and naturally smoother

  71. Avatar

    Alexandra B.

    Finally close to achieving porcelein-clear skin without any wrinkles. I’m still gonna purchase after finishing this tube.

  72. Avatar

    Katya Pratt

    Absorbs quickly and my skin texture is now even, it gives a natural glow that I love

  73. Avatar


    Tried plenty of anti-aging creams. What makes this a star is that it’s not just effective but there is also no greasy and oily feeling!

  74. Avatar

    Monna Paul

    Will order again. The quality of this cream is superb

  75. Avatar

    Skye C.

    Impressive anti-aging cream that makes my skin plump and bouncy after waking up. I’ve noticed it does wonders on my hyperpigmentation too.

  76. Avatar

    Annie Wilbert

    I love this product and makes my skin looks and feel tighter.

  77. Avatar

    Melissa Truewaters

    Applied this on my face for three nights and I can see the results. It effectively blurred my fine lines and smoothened out the wrinkles at the corners of my eyes. Great product. Five stars!

  78. Avatar

    Maliyah Harrell

    My skin looks tighter after using it and it also looks smoother

  79. Avatar

    Kelsey Sweeney

    I got acne scars and I hate that it ruins my skin and how I look, but this cream lightens it.

  80. Avatar

    Tatum Morton

    It does not feel greasy on my skin when I apply it at nice and it smells good. Love this product

  81. Avatar

    Isabella Montes

    I have been using it for a week now, so far it works as expected and didn’t irritate my skin

  82. Avatar

    Skye Jennings

    I will keep using this product. It plump up my skin and makes me look a lot better

  83. Avatar

    Averie Mcmahon

    My dark spot is less noticeable after a week of using this anti-aging cream.

  84. Avatar

    Carrie S.

    While I do not have a ton of wrinkles, I love the way this moisturizes my skin. This will probably help me prevent having wrinkles in the future. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

  85. Avatar

    Mariyah F.

    It’s a great, aptly-priced product that I can use for my face, neck, and also the hands. Interesting formulation because of the CBD and the apple stem cells.

  86. Avatar

    Helen Oconnor

    It gives great results, my skin is a lot smoother and softer since I used this product

  87. Avatar

    Adrianna Porter

    It’s very refreshing on my skin, and it looks brighter

  88. Avatar

    Ingrid Stevens

    The product is a little above market price but you get what you pay for. This product really delivers!

  89. Avatar

    Elle Clarke

    I got better skin since I used this product every night. Love this product

  90. Avatar

    Emma Woodard

    Using it every night. The fine lines I have around my eyes are not very visible anymore.

  91. Avatar

    Jewel Newton

    Mositurized my skin and makes me look younger

  92. Avatar

    Jacqueline Rowe

    Tried many brands but this is by far the most effective for my skin. I can feel my skin is softer

  93. Avatar

    Lisa Tanner

    This cream is easy on my skin. I love how it makes my skin radiant in the morning

  94. Avatar

    Blythe Mason

    I got brighter skin after using this anti-aging cream. Will purchase again

  95. Avatar

    Amelia Bond

    Got results in just a few days of using it.

  96. Avatar

    Angela Hardin

    My skin has smoother texture since I started using this product

  97. Avatar

    Stella Hartman

    This product works as needed. It reduced my fine lines and my skin looks so better

  98. Avatar

    Remy Porter

    It’s rich but nit heavy on my skin. I woke up every morning with a radiant skin.

  99. Avatar

    Joy Evans

    Reduced my fine lines and its just been 2 weeks since I started using it. Quality

  100. Avatar

    Rose Ann Matthews

    Its light and very smooth on my face. I feel that my skin looks younger too

  101. Avatar

    Maileen Gibbons

    Its only been 3 weeks but I can see the positive effects it does for my skin. I am very pleased

  102. Avatar

    Kim jones

    Bought this for my mom and she loves how it makes her skin softer

  103. Avatar

    Kinley Edwards

    This anti-aging cream improved the texture of my skin, it becomes softer

  104. Avatar

    Gracelyn Cummings

    This cream is light and not greasy. It absorbs fast and I can see the effect immediately.

  105. Avatar

    Gabriela Frye

    This cream minimized the signs of aging, I see how it moisturizes my skin and gives me the radiant glow

  106. Avatar

    Paris Suarez

    Using this product makes my skin looks relaxed when I wake up. I can feel that its smoother than before as well

  107. Avatar

    Vina Merritt

    Great product for my skin

  108. Avatar

    Madilyn Moyer

    Love it! My fine lines are not so visible and my skin looks radiantly smooth

  109. Avatar

    Zuri Blanchard

    I feel moisturized every morning. I am very pleased with this product

  110. Avatar

    Maggie Cuevas

    I like the effects of this anti-aging cream. It makes me feel clean and fresh.

  111. Avatar

    Raelyn Adkins

    I love this product, will buy more

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