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Product Description

Kushly CBD Gummies offer a delicious and discreet hemp-infused option that possess all the benefits of a cannabidiol edible. You get 750mg of cannabidiol per bottle, which means you are getting 30mg of CBD per gummy. These tasty edibles are free of any THC content, making them perfect if you are looking for relaxing relief after a long day at work.

When You Buy Kushly CBD Gummies…

…you are in for a treat! Every single one of our gummies are made using the leading Kushly recipe that guarantees cannabidiol goodness with a fruity twist and a fun, gooey texture. These little treats are made of 99% CBD hemp isolate. This means that you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol without any aid from THC.

Benefits of Kushly CBD Gummies

  • Guaranteed effectivity with 30mg of CBD per gummy
  • Tasty flavors courtesy of natural fruit extracts
  • Minimal carb content
  • Trademark Kushly industry-rate formula


Why Buy CBD Edibles (30mg)?

Customers love our gummies because of their discreet appearance. With these hemp-infused treats, you can get your CBD fix without getting strange looks from your colleagues. Whether you are in the office or on-the-move, you can simply pop one in your mouth and you are good to go.

Suggested Use

Consume 1-2 gummies per day for relaxation and relief.


Gelatin, Organic Cane Sugar, Natural Flavors (from fruits and vegetables), Natural Colors (from fruits and vegetables), Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Hemp CBD Isolate.

* Food Allergy Warning: These gummies are packed in a facility that packs peanuts, soy, wheat, tree nuts, and milk products.

Product Reviews

  1. Avatar

    Mark Anthony Campbell

    Pain is constant in my line of work. Good thing Kushly gummies are now available. Now i have something to fight the pain away and really wins the day

  2. Avatar

    Moira Brandon

    Dad’s has osteoarthritis and a friend told me to let him try these gummies. And behold it really work! Dad said pain went away and his feeling so much happier.

  3. Avatar

    Judy Ann Turner

    Excellent product! Will buy again and recommend highly to anyone else with chronic pain! I got relief within a few hours from taking it.

  4. Avatar

    Gina Philips

    Love the fact that it’s all natural and organic, no side effects. Great taste, too.

  5. Avatar

    Kester Harris

    Great value for my money. Gives me great quality of the product, and effectiveness.

  6. Avatar

    Vince Wilson

    I tried another brand of a similar product, very wrong move cause I felt no such relaxation, so I returned to these and bought more. I hope this review helps you out.

  7. Avatar

    Britney White

    So very helpful with mom’s joint pain. Enables her go up and down the stairs again without the pain.

  8. Avatar

    Camille Mitchell

    Got my second bottle of these yesterday. Happy to get back my active stress free lifestyle back again.

  9. Avatar

    Neil Smith

    First day result shocked me and I had to wait a few days of testing to confirm it’s consistensy, and it sure works great for my backpain.

  10. Avatar

    Whitney Carter

    Thanks CBD gummies for making my life pain free, I’m going to order more today.

  11. Avatar

    Chrystal Barnes

    I wasn’t sure what to expect with these. I have trouble sleeping, and after taking these gummies I could say I sleep like a baby now. Thanks for this great product

  12. Avatar

    Annabella Santiago

    Love this product! It really works for me

  13. Avatar

    Kayden Simmons

    The first night I tried one gummy and I find myself much more responsive and feeling better when I woke up the next day

  14. Avatar

    Nolan Tucker

    I could fall asleep without tossing and turning since I took these gummies. Will sure to buy again

  15. Avatar

    Isiah Hoover

    I’ve bought this brand of gummy since fall of the stairs and they work really great. The gummies themselves were fresh and had nice clarity, there was a great assortment of tasty fruity flavors

  16. Avatar

    Veronica Simpson

    Mom is having arthritis, so i bought this to help manage her pain. I started to notice a significant drop in inflammation. It is so great to have this gummy.

  17. Avatar

    Kelly Johson

    Bought this for my sleeping problem but it seems to also help not just to sleep but I seem to notice that I am losing some weight too. Happy to have this gummy

  18. Avatar

    Keira Owens

    I haven’t tried more than 2 at a time but felt so much calmer and centered about 15-20 minutes later.

  19. Avatar

    Juliette Gonzales

    These gummies seem to be really helpful at calming my anxiety and taking the edge off of my pain. Good flavor too

  20. Avatar

    Moshe Pugh

    I love them!!! they work really well for my all-over pain

  21. Avatar

    Callie Beard

    Started using these and it helps me relax after a long day of stressful work. It’s now my magic gummies.

  22. Avatar

    Luke Navarro

    Such a great treat knowing it’s an organic gummy yet give a delicious fruity taste.

  23. Avatar

    Jaden Duncan

    Seems like normal gummies, but have a lot of bonus benefits to relieve my pain.

  24. Avatar

    George Clements

    They worked well for my chronic back pain, and my insomnia. Highly recommended

  25. Avatar

    Jonas Miller

    Bottle number 2, can’t get enough of these gummies that makes my life pain free

  26. Avatar

    Julius Morrison

    I feel my life was going downhill because I am being irritable and anxious all the time due to lack of restful nights. Mom told me to try these gummies to help me out and it sure did help me wonderfully. My sleep quality is extremely satisfying which makes me wake up feeling fresh level headed and very energized. I didn’t know that a gummy can turn my life around! I highly recommend it!

  27. Avatar

    Gina Dizon

    I used to wake up in the middle of the night because of my back and joint pain. Then I found out about these gummies, now I would just pop one before bed, and it would help me sleep throughout the night without waking up. I am a fully satisfied client.

  28. Avatar

    Paolo York

    I had a horrible knee pain due to my biking injury. So I tried using these gummies to help me with the pain. I am so thankful I found the right one that works great. I manage to go back to riding my bike again all thanks to Kushly gummies

  29. Avatar

    Mico Martinez

    My husband and I both tried this and they are great for our pain management. We were having some chronic back pain and joint pain too, I guess due to aging. This helps us get through the day easier without my anxiety building up or having anger outbursts because of the pain I was experiencing. The best part is that they actually safe cause of it’s all-natural ingredients! Best supplement ever!

  30. Avatar

    Jeremy Hugh

    Will be giving this to my dad to see how well they work with his arthritis. It worked for me so I know it will definitely work for him too.

  31. Avatar

    Maya August

    I am extremely happy! I finally found a key to my entire pain problem. I took it last night an honestly had the best sleep of my life. The pain was gone I woke up feeling tremendously alive. Thank goodness for Kushly for creating such product.

  32. Avatar

    Ricardo Lunder

    This gummy product has definitely helped with my aches and pains.

  33. Avatar

    Kelly Patterson

    My 16 year old daughter started having anxiety attacks when we moved her to a new school. I thought we will have to struggle so much in the adjustment but luckily my cousin recommended these gummies. Now she is more relaxed and is adjusting well in school. She rarely shows any anxiety. I love this product.

  34. Avatar

    Jhyll Luther

    I’ve started taking these gummies for a week now and I feel so much better now that I am getting enough sleep.

  35. Avatar

    Stephanie Carter

    Sleeping is not a problem anymore. I can have a restful night thanks to these gummies. I recommend this to anyone who has sleeping problem

  36. Avatar

    Jason Thompson

    Result is much better than I expected. I am loving the fruitiness of the gummies too.

  37. Avatar

    Naomi Cole

    Really love these! Will order again!

  38. Avatar

    Daniel White

    I love the effectiveness of the gummies.

  39. Avatar

    Benjie Reed

    Really helped the pain in my knees and the taste is great!

  40. Avatar

    Benjamin Cooper

    I worked in construction and I always come home with body aches. So I pop these gummies and my body pain disappear and I feel like brand new when I go back to work the next day.

  41. Avatar

    Janine Gray

    I have been suffering from chronic migraine, good thing I discovered these gummies. I never feel so good, no more pain!

  42. Avatar

    Leila Bennett

    They help with my headaches. Now I feel more relaxed. Thanks gummies

  43. Avatar

    Gabby Henderson

    Great product! Great taste too! It is relieving my pain and anxiety, my mom and I both use them and love them!

  44. Avatar

    Jonas Diaz

    Don’t waste your money on other brands like me, this really is more effective and doesn’t melt in the bottle before it even reaches you like what happened with other brands. I am happy I switch to Kushly.

  45. Avatar

    Camille Foster

    My grandparents wanted to stay active but they have been both suffering from old age joint pain. So I made a research and found this safe way to keep them active again. It’s been a month since I let them try this and they been thanking me ever since cause they say they can move better now and even sleep well. Also heard they have been recommending this to their friends too. I am so happy for them.

  46. Avatar

    Evan Moore

    This is my yummy gummy that helps me with back pain tolerable. It gives me a soothing relief.

  47. Avatar

    Fred Solis

    I can sleep better now with the help of these gummies. Highly recommend this.

  48. Avatar

    Alexander Bryant

    Absolutely love this product!!! Will definitely buy again.

  49. Avatar

    Peter Richards

    Worked on my pain and now I am happy and pain free.

  50. Avatar

    Jim Hayes

    These gummies are amazing! Helped me with my stress and helped me to relax and sleep soundly at night. I will definitely be buying again!

  51. Avatar

    Benedict Jackson

    Soooooo yummy! These gummies are soft and nutritious, too. Highly recommended

  52. Avatar

    Bart Watson

    I tried a lot of other brands but Kushly gummies are the one that I love best. It’s much more effective

  53. Avatar

    Tommy Diaz

    I got these for my back and joint pain. It helps me with the pain and I got a bonus to a free easy sleeping solution. I got great value with my money.

  54. Avatar

    Nestor Hughes

    My migraine has been a struggle for me, so I tried to find a natural remedy and found these gummies. Now I can actively play with my kids without the pain.

  55. Avatar

    Vito Griffin

    I now sleep better and wake up more active. Taste is suitable for my taste too. I highly recommend this to people who have trouble sleeping

  56. Avatar

    Beverly Smithson

    I didn’t know that pain reliever can be this great tasting. I love this product.

  57. Avatar

    Caroline Morris

    My pain is gone and my anxiety too. I am happy to have found this gummy. It is definitely worth my money

  58. Avatar

    Kurt Irving

    I tried drinking hot milk before going to bed but doesn’t work, good thing these gummies do work. I can now sleep better and I feel so much relaxed. I highly recommend it.

  59. Avatar

    Mike Hayes

    The fruity gummies are both tasty and amazing. This helps my son with his anxiety, he hates prescription drugs so the gummies are a real treat for him. Thanks for these

  60. Avatar

    Nick Hobart

    I have been using this product for a week now and I already started feeling much better. I used to always have headaches. And now they are gone.

  61. Avatar

    Jessica Jameson

    My neighbour saw me struggling with my back pain while I was gardening. So she told me about Kushly gummies and now the pains are gone. I can enjoy my gardening without the hassle of pain.

  62. Avatar

    Baxter Neil

    The gummies taste great and relieve my dad’s back pain, great value for the money too!

  63. Avatar

    Norman Jenkins

    They were delicious and very relaxing. I recommend this product for stressed people

  64. Avatar

    Billy Hendricks

    It eliminated my daily headaches and back pain. Good pain killers.

  65. Avatar

    Giselle Patterson

    I was doubtful at first but it actually works. It alleviate the swelling and pain of my joints. And because the pain is gone I can sleep better now.

  66. Avatar

    Kristine Henry

    My mom is experiencing knee pain while walking so I got her these gummies and thankfully it works. Now she is able to go to the park again and enjoy the beauty of nature.

  67. Avatar

    Thomas Richards

    I slept much better and it did help my little aches and pains as well. Overall it’s a good product.

  68. Avatar

    Joey Sutherland

    It relieves headaches and pain. I can now go on about my day pain free.

  69. Avatar

    Ingrid Jones

    I noticed a big improvement in my father’s emotional stability. His not so grumpy anymore, and he said he been having a good night sleep. Thanks to Kushly gummies.

  70. Avatar

    Salem Miller

    The packaging and texture are wonderful. But the flavour is the best part of it all.

  71. Avatar

    Tim Morse

    I love that these CBD Gummies are very convenient for me. plus works well to help me sleep at night.

  72. Avatar

    Andrew Rupert

    I find it easier to concentrate now when I am studying. These gummies are really helpful.

  73. Avatar

    Elaine Enriquez

    My boss noticed how energized I have been, thanks to these gummies that helps me relived from my stress and gives me good night sleep

  74. Avatar

    Louise Phillips

    Works great, I noticed a great improvement in my husband’s mood, and it seems that he can focus more. I love Kushly gummies.

  75. Avatar

    Cherrie George

    I ordered these because I have been experiencing back pain and as I hoped for, it did provide relief. I would definitely recommend this to anyone having pain.

  76. Avatar

    Solomon Cook

    Beats taking painkillers all the time. I love this all-natural remedy for my chronic headache. Thx

  77. Avatar

    Vincent Gardner

    This is a great gummy product. I felt relief from my joint pain. Great flavor and helps me with sleep too.

  78. Avatar

    Angela Butler

    I couldn’t believe the results. I am now more relaxed and focus at work because i have been able to sleep well at night due to this gummy. I suggest you try them to know what I am talking about.

  79. Avatar

    Timothy Washington

    The worth of this product is excellent! The flavor, quality and benefit of this product is really amazing. Do not think twice! Go get them too!

  80. Avatar

    Layla Morgan

    I adore these little gummies! They are the best one I have tried by far. You won’t be disappointed!

  81. Avatar

    Lucas Brown

    This gummies are amazing it reduces anxiety and it helps me to relax and fall asleep with no problems

  82. Avatar

    Miguel Russel

    I’ve ordered these several times and I love them. Taste great and I only need 1 or 2 at a time. Usually take before bed and gives me a great night sleep. Always arrives fresh at work.

  83. Avatar

    Cassie Morrison

    I have a 14 years old son who has ADHD, focus is really a problem for him until I found this gummies. They helped him a lot to relaxed and stay focus on the task he has to do. Now I am so much happier. Thanks

  84. Avatar

    Geoffrey Adams

    I found relief right away from my joint pain. The best part is it helps me sleep well too. Thanks Kushly.

  85. Avatar

    Gilbert Watson

    I wanted a more natural way to relieve my pain and I am excited to try this

  86. Avatar

    Hugh Flores

    Results are great! My anxiety is down and my hip pain has gone away. I will refer these to my family and friends

  87. Avatar

    Athena Smithson

    I will be buying more! Thank you.

  88. Avatar

    Holly Patterson

    I am sleeping better with these gummies. They are the best ones that I have bought,

  89. Avatar

    Jaimee Jenkins

    These gummies really help with mom’s nerve pain and it’s easy to take.

  90. Avatar

    Rica Young

    I like everything about this product from the taste to the texture. I recommend this gummy

  91. Avatar

    Mary H

    I took 2 last night while getting ready for bed – usually when I’m so anxious. By the time I hit the pillow, I felt so relax. Woke up this morning energized

  92. Avatar

    Jobert Miller

    I began to feel more relaxed with the gummy. Definitely I will order again and I will advise my friends.

  93. Avatar

    Tim Vermont

    Improved my sleep at night and my body feel so relaxed I can’t ask for more.

  94. Avatar

    Jamarcus Z

    CBD Gummies for the win!!!
    Thank you kushly for having a great product like this! I can take it just like having candies.

  95. Avatar

    Nicolas Perry

    This is a very delightful product. Gummies are soft not hard and has fruity flavor unlike other products

  96. Avatar

    Frederick Ross

    I look forward to taking them each day cause it makes my anxiety go away and I become more relaxed and happier.

  97. Avatar

    Jasmin Smith

    Out of curiosity from a friend who keeps talking about this product I bought one to try it for myself and I did not expect these to work! It’s really good value for your money

  98. Avatar

    Alex Henderson

    I have been feeling stressed lately from work so I bought these and they effectively made me relaxed and more focus. I would recommend this

  99. Avatar

    Nadine Coleman

    They work nicely for me. I sleep easier now.

  100. Avatar

    Samson Barnes

    Definitely better than the others I found.

  101. Avatar

    Henry Kramer

    A 100% Body pain solution.

  102. Avatar

    Naomi Miller

    So far I notice it definitely relaxes me and help me sleep better at night which was the point of having it. I recommend these for the price and flavor!

  103. Avatar

    Ian Kelly

    I love the fact that I can chew away my chronic joint pain with this great tasting Kushly gummies.

  104. Avatar

    Meredith Sully

    I always wonder how can something so small knocked me out in just 15-20 minutes every night. But thankfully it does. Now I have complete rest at night.

  105. Avatar

    Pablo Stark

    Before, I would wake up repetitively at night and always wake up feeling so irritable cause I didn’t get enough rest. So I took these gummies and I have gotten the best rest I ever had in years. I highly recommend these!!!

  106. Avatar

    James Jackson

    the gummies help me sleep and it works great. I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs help falling asleep.

  107. Avatar

    Henry Carlton

    Kushly gummies are more effective than the previous brand I got. I love its fruity taste.

  108. Avatar

    Aaron Brooks

    This is a brilliant product! I never knew that a productive life can be possible just because of a gummy. I suffer from anxiety and back pain and these gummies have helped me so much!

  109. Avatar

    Danny Price

    I bought them for my dad’s arthritis discomfort. He is so thankful I found him an answer to his pain problems.

  110. Avatar

    Phoebe Martin

    My husband now swears by these little gummies of bliss. Goodbye body ache!

  111. Avatar

    Jonathan Taylor

    It gives me a soothing effect. Makes me relax better.

  112. Avatar

    Soraya Hilton

    CBD gummies is new to me, not so sure if it is going to work at first but when I started trying it I am so happy my friend told me about it. Now I can sleep so well at night and let’s me wake up feeling so active.

  113. Avatar

    Lorrie Bosh

    Dad’s been in pain since his accident, thankfully these gummies are available, it helped his pain and now is being more relaxed.

  114. Avatar

    Jerry Ward

    This product helps me to get to sleep faster. I had previously been using normal sleeping pills but found this organic alternative. It works quite as well. I am overall happy with the product.

  115. Avatar

    Ursula Mosley

    I am suffering from sciatica pain and Kushly gummies helped me relax enough to put m to sleep. The flavor and texture are really good which help when you need to take more than once. I’d buy these again.

  116. Avatar

    George Davis

    Made my life more livable again away from pain

  117. Avatar

    Louis Roberts

    Loved how tasty these gummies are and I am now enjoying a full nights sleep. The best!

  118. Avatar

    Marco Bustos

    I got these mainly to resolve my back pain cause I was too scared to keep on taking Rx meds cause I know it’s gonna hurt my liver. So I opt for an organic way and it really works

  119. Avatar

    Jason Martin

    Love the CBD gummies, it helps me go to sleep takes my pain away

  120. Avatar

    Eric Bosh

    I was looking for a safer remedy for my back pain and luckily found Kushly gummies. This all natural gummies is the best one I found. I highly recommend this product.

  121. Avatar

    Mylene Barboza

    Having this product to my daily lifestyle to get rid of my foot pain and other body aching issues is the best thing I have done.

  122. Avatar

    Dan Jordan

    My wife and I both take these gummies, and they have helped my wife with her pain and help me sleep well.

  123. Avatar

    Angel Cox

    I never had the best sleep in a long time until I took Kushly gummies. Highly recommend!

  124. Avatar

    Richard Wade

    These gummies amazed me by actually helping me sleep peacefully and rejuvenate my body for work the next day.

  125. Avatar

    Andre Richarson

    I love Kushly gummies. I take them every night. They really help me sleep well. I have also gotten these for my parents.

  126. Avatar

    Joshua Bailey

    This gummy product really works great for taking the ache away from my arthritis. I do recommend this.

  127. Avatar

    Merwin Leslie

    My mom started taking one and it helped the discomfort in her chest from her asthma and made her motivated in doing her daily activities.

  128. Avatar

    Keith Rogers

    I manage to fight my insomnia with the help of this gummy. Worked so well I started recommending it to my friends.

  129. Avatar

    Alden Bowen

    They work. I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and pleased with how it helps with my insomnia

  130. Avatar

    Anderson Osborn


    Amazing CBD vegan gummies from Kushly. Good job!

  131. Avatar

    Gerald Morris

    Having a bad arthritis so I started using this, and surprisingly it works. The pains slowly disappeared

  132. Avatar

    Marjorie Taylor

    Certainly helps me a lot. The tremendous change in my disposition! Feeling a lot more relaxed now. Thank you gummies!

  133. Avatar

    Yael L

    Taste Well and works great!
    This is my ‘magic bean’ – relieves my aching hips!

  134. Avatar

    Nate Merced

    This is way better than taking sleeping pills. And much safer for me too. Loving this product.

  135. Avatar

    Wesley Cousins

    Sleeping is now an enormous success thanks to this Kushly gummies. They are now a part of my life.

  136. Avatar

    Cynthia Potter

    Works great in giving me the best relaxation for my anxiety. I am sure to buy more of this

  137. Avatar

    Kimberly Wilson

    At first, I didn’t want to believe that the solution for my chronic pain is in this gummy. But thankfully I did. These small fruity things made my life heaven. I am certainly buying this regularly from now on.

  138. Avatar

    Jonathan Keifer

    I didn’t believe it until I tried!
    These gummy bears are tasty, didn’t even think its CBD. The product worked well controlling my asthma attacks, simply amazed!

  139. Avatar

    Con Cabrera

    The Fibromyalgia of my wife subsided.
    My wife has been taking this and it helped her with her fibromyalgia. I don’t know if it is just me, but I think I need a higher dose. Product is really effective, I can guarantee it.

  140. Avatar

    Sherry Kendall

    I never thought gummies is the solution to help my kid focus due to his ADHD. Wonderful product.

  141. Avatar

    James Devon

    I often have trouble sleeping but since I got this gummy, sleeping is never a challenge anymore

  142. Avatar

    Pauline Rebong

    My husband suggested to get this as a mother’s day present. Mom was thrilled cause she said this what always helps her sleep and relives her joint pain.

  143. Avatar

    Nelson Matthews

    My daughter has ADHD and I am happy to have found this gummies that is all natural and safe for her. She is more relaxed and we have no trouble making her take the gummies because of it’s fruity flavour

  144. Avatar

    Samantha Hayden

    I can take it anywhere, anytime
    If you are looking for a convenient way to take your CBD, this would be it.

  145. Avatar

    Peter Collins

    Definitely feel more relaxed after taking it.

  146. Avatar

    Regine Summers

    My wife was able to relax from a stressful day after having the gummy. Now it it makes me think of eating regular gummies too.

  147. Avatar

    Adam Bell

    I bought this for my sister who is always having anxiety attack. Since then she seems to be much more relaxed. I am happy it worked on her.

  148. Avatar

    Ernest Rasmussen

    Easy to take

    With CBD Gummies, taking your CBD dosage is as easy as1,2,3.

  149. Avatar

    Zaldy Morgan

    I bought grandma a bottle as a gift, She loved it. She told me its the best gift I have ever given her. She claims her joint pain are gone after taking this. I guess I made a right choice.

  150. Avatar

    Sergio Blevins

    Long-lasting pain relief – guaranteed!

  151. Avatar

    Adalyn Prince

    Super Tasty Medicine!

    These CBD vegan gummies are tasty and effective pain relief. I take 1 gummy every morning.

  152. Avatar

    Isaiah Morris

    I feel so relaxed beats going to a spa. Worth my money!

  153. Avatar

    Max Keith

    My body aches are gone. I love these gummies! Never been so happy, Will sure to recommend these to my friends

  154. Avatar

    Ben Cook

    My work mate noticed me dozing off at work so he asked me why and I told him about my sleeping problem, He then recommended CBD gummy, and so I tried it and I am very happy with the results. Now I am more focused at work.

  155. Avatar

    Zaria Hayden

    Great for chronic pain. This is the best natural alternative for my pain pills

  156. Avatar

    Nathalie Howard

    They taste amazingly good and works well on my pain. Will definitely buy more.

  157. Avatar

    Ray Calvin

    You won’t be disappointed with this product, I know I wasn’t. It worked so well with my back pain

  158. Avatar

    Averi Potter

    CBD interacts well with my body. The pain and swelling due to fribromyalgia is just so overwhelming sometimes. Taking a CBD gummy helps a lot

  159. Avatar

    Maleah Calderon

    It helps me with the inflammation on my legs. Relaxing effect is also can be felt after a few minutes.

  160. Avatar

    Vilma Reed

    When i tried these gummies, I can definitely feel a difference. Works great with my anxiety

  161. Avatar

    Erwin Matthews

    These gummy helps with my anxiety as well as chronic pain from osteo arthritis. I will buy more

  162. Avatar

    Jeffrey Benedict

    I have trouble falling asleep, these gummies helps me to relax me and slow my mind down so I can fall asleep easier.

  163. Avatar

    Josef Irving

    I take 2 of these gummies before going to bed and it really calms me down. My sleep is really much better now.

  164. Avatar

    Chandler Gilbert

    Best product I bought so far. The pain went away, it works like a charm.

  165. Avatar

    Mikee Nelson

    The gummies taste good. They relax me and I can fall asleep faster

  166. Avatar

    Xeres Carlton

    You get what u pay for. Great product. Best part is it really works

  167. Avatar

    Kyle Smith

    Life is better now with these gummy

  168. Avatar

    Monica Cross

    My muscles are a lot more relaxed after taking these gummies and I feel more relaxed overall and a lot less anxious. I would highly recommend these if you have anxiety issues.

  169. Avatar

    Gary Perkins

    I find that I sleep deeper and wake up less tired after taking these gummies.

  170. Avatar

    Randy Steward

    When I started taking the gummy I find that I sleep better and wake up less tired.

  171. Avatar

    Nancy Bauer

    I finally got my gummies yesterday, and i am so happy with the results

  172. Avatar

    Victor Robinson

    Other gummies seem to melt before it even reached me. But these are packed well and can tell it’s great quality CBD gummy

  173. Avatar

    Danny Clark

    I wake up ready to face the day ahead thanks to these gummies.

  174. Avatar

    Denzel Juarez

    Excellent CBD product. These gummies work as described and what others are claiming

  175. Avatar

    Kenneth Bosh

    Amazing, it really works!
    After taking Kushly CBD gummies, my back pain was literally gone. I am definitely gonna recommend this to my friends.

  176. Avatar

    Benjamin Curtis

    I’ve tried other gummy and they have bitter taste in them but these are excellent!! Definitely will be ordering some more once I finish this bottle… I will recommend this to family and friends…

  177. Avatar

    Chris Paxton

    I’ve taken them before sleep I feel calm and relaxed. No struggle in waking up too.

  178. Avatar

    Wendy Kendrick

    Mom seems to be in a better mood ever since she took CBD gummy. I have never been so happy for her.

  179. Avatar

    Margaux Nelson

    The product is amazing. After a day the pain in my hip was completely gone, I highly recommend taking it.

  180. Avatar

    Rizza Benjamin

    I love the gummies they help me with my stress and pain management.

  181. Avatar

    Jenny Evans

    I’ve never had a better night’s sleep before taking them. It very effective!

  182. Avatar

    Kendra Brown

    Would definitely buy again and recommend extremely fast shipping.

  183. Avatar

    Cheska Jones

    I am sleeping better since I used this product.

  184. Avatar

    Jona Martin

    These are very helpful in getting rid of my back pain

  185. Avatar

    Ellie Sawyer

    Will definitely buy again. This particular CBD Gummy from Kushly helps with my anxiety and headaches. Flavors are good too

  186. Avatar

    Maddox Snow

    The best CBD gummies. Good price and works great

  187. Avatar

    Cristopher Delacruz

    Tasty gummies at an affordable price

    These CBD gummies taste really good probably because of its natural fruit extracts. More than that, it’s also an effective pain reliever

  188. Avatar

    Dalia Ware

    These are potent and delicious meds I’ve ever had for my migraine!

  189. Avatar

    Gilbert Ryan

    I love the fruity flavor and it helps really well with my lower back pain. I already recommended it to a few family members too. Will be buying again.

  190. Avatar

    Anthony Tan

    Excellent product with great benefits. Quick shipping too

  191. Avatar

    Kurt Harold

    I simply love the convenience of this product. Taste great too. Gonna buy more

  192. Avatar

    Rick Nelson

    It help me with my son with ADHD to clam him down. Great product easy to administer due to its fruity flavour.

  193. Avatar

    Beatrice Anderson

    I got it for my mom because she broke her hips and hasn’t been able to sleep well and is in a lot of pain during physical therapy after the operation. She said these work amazing and she’s been able to sleep and walk around and get through her physical therapy so much better.

  194. Avatar

    Clarice Sanders

    I love gummies but never knew it could help me sleep better until I found this CBD gummies, Now i chewy what I love with a plus factor.

  195. Avatar

    Rick Davis

    I just moved to my new place and my whole body is so sore from carrying boxes, so i pop these gummies and just like a miracle the pain is gone

  196. Avatar

    Wilma Moore

    So good to know there’s an organic pain reliever that fits my needs.

  197. Avatar

    Diana Marshall

    Effective and taste really good

  198. Avatar

    Jessica Merren

    Very Effective!
    I am taking 3 gummies a day for a week now and can see the big difference. It helps my joint pain in the knees allowing me to walk around the house more.

  199. Avatar

    Kinsley Ward

    Excellent CBD Gummies!
    CBD Gummies from Kushly offer real pain relief!

  200. Avatar

    Jordan Williams

    My husband gets anxiety and this really helps him stay calm and it helps him focus more on his daily task.

  201. Avatar

    Aniya Zimmerman

    Its so convenient buying CBD products on this site. Fast Shipping too 🙂

  202. Avatar

    Will Herbert

    Will order soon. This works effectively for my anxiety, I never felt this relax for a long time. I am impressed with this product. Best of all its 100% natural.

  203. Avatar

    Venice Samson

    My sister’s working round the clock so she is very stressed, but now she is taking the gummies she’s been able to sleep through the night stress free.

  204. Avatar

    Heidi Lang

    I now go to work full of energy thanks to these little gummies

  205. Avatar

    George Bartlett

    Tasty and Perfect Potency!

  206. Avatar

    Roland Powell

    Will buy one again!
    Wife bought 1 pack and it really is effective and of course, tastes great!

  207. Avatar

    Luke Roberts

    I actually purchased this product for my husband’s, then over the weekend I did some yardwork and that night I had a lot of pain in my right knee. My husband suggested that I take one of his gummies, and I did. To my surprise, the pain was gone in a few hours. Will definitely be purchasing this product again.

  208. Avatar

    Fred Murphy

    Never been so happy to have an organic pain reliver

  209. Avatar

    Molly Gomez

    These gummies are great! Taking one or two helps relax and makes me sleep faster

  210. Avatar

    Alice Dickens

    I was skeptical at first but tried the product anyway and to my surprise it works! No more endless tossing and turning in bed. Will definitely buy more

  211. Avatar

    Luis Bell

    Helped my husband who has been having insomia for years now. He is like a different person, gaining weight, sleeping great and such a great new look on life after taking these gummies. And I am also great and so happy

  212. Avatar

    Leslie Whitewood

    This product helped me in so many ways. I feel much better and gets better sleep at night. Will order again.

  213. Avatar

    Jerrick Wright

    It really helps with my anxiety and sleeping problem. Very thankful to have these gummies

  214. Avatar

    Conrad Smith

    Effective for pain and anxiety relief, these actually do work.

  215. Avatar

    Sheree Baker

    I am having headaches and back pains and this helps as a pain reliever. Next month will buy more.

  216. Avatar

    Anne Gumabao

    Been taking these gummies for few days now, and I feel great!

  217. Avatar

    Lance Wilbert

    Takes some inflammation away! Works really great and I highly recommended

  218. Avatar

    Krystal H

    Taking my CBD dose has never been easy!
    I can bring it anywhere and take it anytime I want. Plus its really delicious!

  219. Avatar

    Derrick Scott

    Definitely will be using more of this product in the future, good value for my money

  220. Avatar

    Justin Wall

    Feeling light pain in joints so I decided to start taking CBD Gummies. After about a week of using my pain went away and not coming back so far.

  221. Avatar

    Precious Reyes

    Best gummies ever! Good taste, chewy and yummy and great results to relive pain.

  222. Avatar

    Steven San Jose

    Gave me energy and helped me with my sleep. Pretty happy with this purchase

  223. Avatar

    Earl Homer

    Had it just for days yet it significantly reduced pain from arthritis.

  224. Avatar

    Giselle Jones

    Nice flavor and worked for me as described. It really helped. Will buy more.

  225. Avatar

    Yonina Mark

    I tired them because I had a bad headache and it really helped.

  226. Avatar

    Benjo Nathaniels

    Quality are excellent! The taste is also very delicious! I will order more!

  227. Avatar

    Daleson Hill

    I am super impressed with this gummy! They have a great taste and they are powerful. I will purchase these again

  228. Avatar

    Samantha Miller

    I bought it for my aging father and he said his feeling much better now.

  229. Avatar

    Stephen Howard

    I can recommend this product to those who are sleep badly and experiencing stress.

  230. Avatar

    Susan R

    Better than your average gummy!

    Surprise surprise, these things taste Amazing!

  231. Avatar

    Tory C

    Easy on the tastebuds and effective

    Started using cbd over a year and a half ago for my chronic arthritis. This product has helped me regain my ability to type at over 120 wpm (i’m an accountant by trade). Def recommended

  232. Avatar


    Better than candy!

    I’ve had to order 2 more bottles as the effects/taste of these cbd gummies are fantastic. I take them for chronic joint stiffness/pain and for sleep. Nice little treat first thing in the morning and just before bedtime 🙂

  233. Avatar

    Jessica F.

    Enjoyed these!

    Very tasty and does the trick

  234. Avatar

    Tommy Webber

    Felt more productive since these gummies relives me of my body pain.

  235. Avatar

    Christian Mason

    Great gummy! It calms me down a lot, help me sleep well and I feel better after taking them every day

  236. Avatar

    Darryl Watkins

    Great-tasting CBD Gummies

    Good to know that there are amazing CBD edibles like these.

  237. Avatar

    Carrie Bartlett

    I purchased it for pain and the product absolutely helps and I am very happy with the results.

  238. Avatar

    Nicole Benedict

    Such tiny gummy but such great help for my chronic back pain. Big things do comes in small packages. Highly recommend you to try it.

  239. Avatar

    Danica Lowe

    I am very pleased with my ordered of this product. They calm me down and make me sleep well.

  240. Avatar

    Serge Woods

    Since taking this CBD gummies, my chronic pain doesn’t attack much anymore. I feel so much better.

  241. Avatar

    Michelle Collins

    I’m glad i found this gummy. Helps me a lot with pain in my back and headache.

  242. Avatar

    Felicia Wong

    Helps with my neuropathy and also helps me to relax so I can sleep well. Taste really good and work great

  243. Avatar

    Allen Hines

    Super Effective for weight loss

    These CBD gummies help me with my weight management. It increases my metabolism

  244. Avatar

    Carter Lim

    I never knew great tasting gummy can come from organic and natural source. I definitely will buy again.

  245. Avatar

    Ben Wright

    A great alternative from my pain pills. Safer and flavourful too

  246. Avatar

    Steve Mann

    Seizure Suppressant

    We bought 1 bottle for my son and has effectively suppress the seizures

  247. Avatar

    Trevor Marcus

    I tried this for a while and immediately noticed a positive result in my energy. Maybe because it help me sleep better.

  248. Avatar

    Daniel Hall

    It is easier to fall asleep. Will definitely buy more

  249. Avatar

    Darien Coleman


    Fabulous flavor and relieves anxiety after a few mins

  250. Avatar

    Barrett Graves

    Long-lasting effect for my knee pain. I usually take 1 before heading for work and relief last the whole day

  251. Avatar

    Homer Davis

    Absolutely tasty. Can’t complain, need to order soon as my stock is running out fast.

  252. Avatar

    Thalia Horn

    Tastes great!

    Highly recommended

  253. Avatar

    Jesse Franco

    Relaxing my nerves before starting my work day, it helps me stay focused and active

  254. Avatar

    Salma Jones

    I feel refreshed and relaxed but not feeling drowsy in the morning after a good night sleep

  255. Avatar

    Georgette Clark

    I mostly take them for stress relief, sometimes when I have some muscle pain and I can say it really helps me a lot.

  256. Avatar

    Clinton Camacho

    Great! I am now having a good sleep since I started taking these gummies. Less anxiety as expected

  257. Avatar

    Leah Martinez

    I have not been disappointed with this product. I take 1-2 gummies when feeling stressed and it seems to just mellow me down

  258. Avatar

    Hilda Williams

    I love this product, its tastes makes a whole lot easier to give them to children since they don’t like to eat healthy and usually supplements are bitter and look like pills.

  259. Avatar

    Yolly Walker

    This flavor is good for me, not very sweet not too blant, just right to my taste.

  260. Avatar

    Leroy Ortiz

    Good product. The taste was awesome.

  261. Avatar

    Finley Douglas

    Will order another one
    Effective in keeping me relax. And the best thing – this is 100% natural

  262. Avatar

    Pilar Cardinal

    Loved the taste and effect in me, after a few days could see the results of the pain going away.

  263. Avatar

    Mary Ann Jackson

    Use to help relieve my lower back pain. Definitely gonna get more.

  264. Avatar

    William Silverio

    It improve my sleep. resulting to a more active day for me.

  265. Avatar

    Jake Matthews

    I can highly recommend this product to those who are struggling to sleep

  266. Avatar

    Jaxson Anthony

    It was really worth the price. Effective and tastes amazing!

  267. Avatar

    Heidi So

    Bought it for my dad and he says it works well for his joint pain.

  268. Avatar

    Raynor Homer

    I actually felt less pain in my legs, and i feel safe taking them since it’s organic

  269. Avatar

    Kylie Lorenzo

    Thank goodness for gummies! I can now sleep.. finally!!!

  270. Avatar

    Homer Gibbs

    It helps a lot with my anxiety! and it taste great too.

  271. Avatar

    Jose Caldwell

    Tasty and effective. I’m pretty sure that this is not a placebo. By the time I took 2 gummies last night, the relaxing effect kicks in

  272. Avatar

    Penny Martin

    It helps me sleep and thank goodness it doesn’t give a hang over feeling when I wake up. Waking is such a bliss

  273. Avatar

    Connor White

    Never knew what tranquility mean until I tried CBD gummy.

  274. Avatar

    Charles Morgan

    Love the chewy feeling in my mouth but love the effect more.

  275. Avatar

    Josh Osborne

    Tasty gummies!
    Kushly gummies are soft and tasty. It works wonders and helps me relax and sleep better.

  276. Avatar

    Jeffrey Lam

    CBD Gummies
    Nice product and affordable! Fast shipping with no issue

  277. Avatar

    Lynn Matthews

    I noticed it is easier to fall asleep since I took these gummies. Helps me rest well.

  278. Avatar

    James Devon

    Great Buy!
    Affordable and taste really good.

  279. Avatar

    Hanna Presley

    Effective pain reliever with Zero side effects. It tastes great!.

  280. Avatar

    Simon Jackson

    I LOVE this product!!!!! The dosage alone is worth the price, and Kushly ships incredibly fast too.

  281. Avatar

    Matthew Clarke

    They helped a lot with my joint pain, anxiety and relaxing. Highly recommended

  282. Avatar

    Samir Joyce

    Reduce anxiety

    Keeps me uplift and motivated after taking 1-2 gummies.

  283. Avatar

    Sergio Blevins

    Long-lasting effect – guaranteed!

  284. Avatar

    Wilbert Morris

    I noticed that it helped stabilized my nervous system, make me more relaxed. Great product

  285. Avatar

    Francis Davis

    Sleeping now is a breeze, thanks to these tiny gummy.

  286. Avatar

    Ronald Johnson

    It is very effective and its quality meets my standards. No more pain and no more stress.

  287. Avatar

    Billy Martinez

    I wake up fresh and ready for my day. Thanks Kushy for making this gummy available for people like me who is always stressed.

  288. Avatar

    Brandon Thomas

    My new job is making me stressed and is keeping m up at night. Thankfully mom told me about these gummies, now I sleep better and helps me manage my stress level.

  289. Avatar

    Queenie Jones

    I love what they do for the bad pain in my feet and legs, walking is a challenge. But I take these gummies and the pain goes away in about 15 to 20 ms. Its great ! they actually work

  290. Avatar

    Luciana B

    A must-have CBD gummy for everyone. I have tried different CBD edibles and this, so far, is the most effective for my arthritis

  291. Avatar

    Derrick Jones

    They taste really good and helps me sleep well

  292. Avatar

    Jose Keifer

    Definitely made me sleep. Plus Great flavor!

  293. Avatar

    Kenneth Wall

    It should have been called Power Booster!!! I’d say try it and you’ll know what I mean

  294. Avatar

    Kamila Payne

    Helps with my anxiety problem

  295. Avatar

    Ben Wayne

    Like the taste and its very relaxing

  296. Avatar

    Michael Webber

    I toss and turn like a fish out of the sea at night, so my friend told me to try these gummies and I slept so good and had no pain, great product..

  297. Avatar

    Chris Thompson

    I take it at bedtime and it helps with stress and relaxation and best of all it make me sleep well

  298. Avatar

    Chrystal Barnes

    I wasn’t sure what to expect with these. I have trouble sleeping, and after taking these gummies I could say I sleep like a baby now. Thanks for this great product

  299. Avatar

    Paula C

    I am taking this CBD gummy to keep my blood pressure in control. And its working really great

  300. Avatar

    Felix Whitman

    These CBD gummies help with lots of problems, I will order again.

  301. Avatar

    Ulysses White

    It is easier to fall asleep now, make me more relaxed. great product.

  302. Avatar

    Karla Becker

    Effective for ADHD!
    We got this mainly for my grandson suffering from ADHD. It works. Since then, we make sure that he takes a CBD gummy before going to bed and it really knocks him off quickly.

  303. Avatar

    Paul Vincent

    Just what I need. Helps me with my anxiety and mood and stress

  304. Avatar

    Peggy Lewis

    Mom is very picky on taking meds so I got her these organic gummy and she loves them reliving her joint pains

  305. Avatar

    Anna Moore

    I take them a few hours before I sleep at night it seems to help me stay asleep ALL night.

  306. Avatar

    Earl Graham

    Seems to really help reduce stress and makes me sleep well.

  307. Avatar

    David Bolster

    Giving me much more presence of mind.

  308. Avatar

    Michael Garcia

    Boost my energy everyday! I love this gummy

  309. Avatar

    Jame Robinson

    I didn’t know it can also help my skin, my face has really cleared up. All I wanted was to sleep well at night. Thank you so much for the bonus benefits!

  310. Avatar

    Myra Simmons

    The gummy help feel less tense and help fall asleep.

  311. Avatar

    Jomar Baltimore

    This product tastes so much better comparing to others.

  312. Avatar

    Gloria Mason

    I have arthritis to my whole body seems to be a little bit better since i started taking these gummies. Won’t stop now.

  313. Avatar

    Gilbert Thomas

    Magic in a gummy! Pain is gone and now sleeping well is a plus factor.

  314. Avatar

    Mary Hilario

    I will continue to buy it because I really think it’s helping me sleep better.

  315. Avatar

    Herbert Norman

    I needed a fast pain solution and these are perfect for especially bad days at my job! Never knew that all I need is a gummy to save my day.

  316. Avatar

    Calvin Black

    It’s awful when I get too stressed out, good thing these gummy is available now to help me calm down.

  317. Avatar

    Margaret Hubber

    Managing life now is easy thanks to CBD gummy,

  318. Avatar

    Caryn Little

    Appetizing and effective.
    A great way to take CBD!

  319. Avatar

    Vincent Cole

    These are so much better than the ones I tried before. Definitely found the right one for me now!

  320. Avatar

    Ronnaveth Williams

    It hits where it hurts, now I have a better painless day.

  321. Avatar

    Kenneth Brown

    I just got these gummy and immediately noticed a positive result.

  322. Avatar

    Benedict Adams

    Great gummy product that relieves my anxiety at its worst times. I’d definitely buy again.

  323. Avatar

    Sarah Thompson

    Gummy is now part of my nightly routine, sleeping is such a peace.

  324. Avatar

    Matteo Garcia

    Struggling to sleep is always my thing, but thanks to this CBD Gummy, I now can sleep easily.

  325. Avatar

    Beejay Anderson

    Helps me sleep and it works great, highly recommend

  326. Avatar

    Olive Johnson

    After I received my order, I quickly recommened it to my brother, now we both sleep well at night

  327. Avatar

    Penny Williams

    My husband bought these to try a safe alternative from his pain pills since he suffers from chronic pain. 1 gummy goes a long way and has been able to cut down on his pain pills!

  328. Avatar

    Bernard George

    Meeting many clients everyday is stressful, but these CBD gummy seems to make my day great and smooth.

  329. Avatar

    Kayden Simmons

    The first night I tried one gummy and I find myself much more responsive and feeling better when I woke up the next day

  330. Avatar

    Nolan Tucker

    I could fall asleep without tossing and turning since I took these gummies. Will sure to buy again

  331. Avatar

    Emmalee Downs

    Found relief after taking them

  332. Avatar

    George Davis

    Made my life more livable again away from pain

  333. Avatar

    Fred Murphy

    Never been so happy to have an organic pain reliver

  334. Avatar

    Moshe Pugh

    I love them!!! they work real well for my all over pain

  335. Avatar

    Luke Navarro

    Such a great treat knowing it’s an organic gummies yet give a delicious fruity taste.

  336. Avatar

    Anthony Jenner

    Been using for a few weeks and I am loving it more as the days go by

  337. Avatar

    Jason Martin

    Love the CBD gummies, it helps me go to sleep takes my pain away

  338. Avatar

    Josh Manning

    I am so glad I found this gummy and have recommended it to several friends

  339. Avatar

    Kendrick Chan

    Hate taking sleeping pills so I resorted to these gummies and thankfully I did cause it works great and it is much safer for my body

  340. Avatar

    Jeff Holt

    These gummies as pain reliever is very impressive. I feel it is safe and very effective for my sleeping problems

  341. Avatar

    Kenneth Wall

    It should have been called Power Booster!!! I’d say try it and you’ll know what I mean

  342. Avatar

    Miguel Russel

    I’ve ordered these several times and I love them. Taste great and I only need 1 or 2 at a time. Usually take before bed and gives me a great night sleep. Always arrives fresh at work. I will continue to order more

  343. Avatar

    Dan Jordan

    My wife and I both take the gummies, and they have helped my wife with her pain and help me sleep well.

  344. Avatar

    Lance Wilbert

    Takes some inflammation away! Works really great and I highly recommend this.

  345. Avatar


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