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Product Description

Kushly CBD Gummies offer a delicious and discreet hemp-infused option that possess all the benefits of a cannabidiol edible. You get 750mg of cannabidiol per bottle, which means you are getting 30mg of CBD per gummy. These tasty edibles are free of any THC content, making them perfect if you are looking for relaxing relief after a long day at work.

When You Buy Kushly CBD Gummies…

…you are in for a treat! Every single one of our gummies are made using the leading Kushly recipe that guarantees cannabidiol goodness with a fruity twist and a fun, gooey texture. These little treats are made of 99% CBD hemp isolate. This means that you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol without any aid from THC.

Benefits of Kushly CBD Gummies

  • Guaranteed effectivity with 30mg of CBD per gummy
  • Tasty flavors courtesy of natural fruit extracts
  • Minimal carb content
  • Trademark Kushly industry-rate formula

Why Buy CBD Edibles (30mg)?

Customers love our gummies because of their discreet appearance. With these hemp-infused treats, you can get your CBD fix without getting strange looks from your colleagues. Whether you are in the office or on-the-move, you can simply pop one in your mouth and you are good to go.

Suggested Use

Consume 1-2 gummies per day for relaxation and relief.


Gelatin, Organic Cane Sugar, Natural Flavors (from fruits and vegetables), Natural Colors (from fruits and vegetables), Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Hemp CBD Isolate.

* Food Allergy Warning: These gummies are packed in a facility that packs peanuts, soy, wheat, tree nuts, and milk products.

Product Reviews

  1. Avatar

    Benedict Jackson

    Soooooo yummy! These gummies are soft and nutritious, too. Highly recommended

  2. Avatar

    Mary H

    I took 2 last night while getting ready for bed – usually when I’m so anxious. By the time I hit the pillow, I felt so relax. Woke up this morning energized

  3. Avatar

    Jamarcus Z

    CBD Gummies for the win!!!
    Thank you kushly for having a great product like this! I can take it just like having candies.

  4. Avatar

    Louis Roberts

    Loved how tasty these gummies are and I am now enjoying a full nights sleep. The best!

  5. Avatar

    Alden Bowen

    They work. I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and pleased with how it helps with my insomnia

  6. Avatar

    Anderson Osborn


    Amazing CBD vegan gummies from Kushly. Good job!

  7. Avatar

    Yael L

    Taste Well and works great!
    This is my ‘magic bean’ – relieves my aching hips!

  8. Avatar

    Jonathan Keifer

    I didn’t believe it until I tried!
    These gummy bears are tasty, didn’t even think its CBD. The product worked well controlling my asthma attacks, simply amazed!

  9. Avatar

    Con Cabrera

    The Fibromyalgia of my wife subsided.
    My wife has been taking this and it helped her with her fibromyalgia. I don’t know if it is just me, but I think I need a higher dose. Product is really effective, I can guarantee it.

  10. Avatar

    Samantha Hayden

    I can take it anywhere, anytime
    If you are looking for a convenient way to take your CBD, this would be it.

  11. Avatar

    Ernest Rasmussen

    Easy to take

    With CBD Gummies, taking your CBD dosage is as easy as1,2,3.

  12. Avatar

    Sergio Blevins

    Long-lasting pain relief – guaranteed!

  13. Avatar

    Adalyn Prince

    Super Tasty Medicine!

    These CBD vegan gummies are tasty and effective pain relief. I take 1 gummy every morning.

  14. Avatar

    Zaria Hayden

    Great for chronic pain. This is the best natural alternative for my pain pills

  15. Avatar

    Averi Potter

    CBD interacts well with my body. The pain and swelling due to fribromyalgia is just so overwhelming sometimes. Taking a CBD gummy helps a lot

  16. Avatar

    Maleah Calderon

    It helps me with the inflammation on my legs. Relaxing effect is also can be felt after a few minutes.

  17. Avatar

    Josef Irving

    I take 2 of these gummies before going to bed and it really calms me down. My sleep is really much better now.

  18. Avatar

    Denzel Juarez

    Excellent CBD product. These gummies work as described and what others are claiming

  19. Avatar

    Kenneth Bosh

    Amazing, it really works!
    After taking Kushly CBD gummies, my back pain was literally gone. I am definitely gonna recommend this to my friends.

  20. Avatar

    Ellie Sawyer

    Will definitely buy again. This particular CBD Gummy from Kushly helps with my anxiety and headaches. Flavors are good too

  21. Avatar

    Maddox Snow

    The best CBD gummies. Good price and works great

  22. Avatar

    Cristopher Delacruz

    Tasty gummies at an affordable price

    These CBD gummies taste really good probably because of its natural fruit extracts. More than that, it’s also an effective pain reliever

  23. Avatar

    Dalia Ware

    These are potent and delicious meds I’ve ever had for my migraine!

  24. Avatar

    Diana Marshall

    Effective and taste really good

  25. Avatar

    Jessica Merren

    Very Effective!
    I am taking 3 gummies a day for a week now and can see the big difference. It helps my joint pain in the knees allowing me to walk around the house more.

  26. Avatar

    Kinsley Ward

    Excellent CBD Gummies!
    CBD Gummies from Kushly offer real pain relief!

  27. Avatar

    Aniya Zimmerman

    Its so convenient buying CBD products on this site. Fast Shipping too 🙂

  28. Avatar

    Will Herbert

    Will order soon. This works effectively for my anxiety, I never felt this relax for a long time. I am impressed with this product. Best of all its 100% natural.

  29. Avatar

    George Bartlett

    Tasty and Perfect Potency!

  30. Avatar

    Roland Powell

    Will buy one again!
    Wife bought 1 pack and it really is effective and of course, tastes great!

  31. Avatar

    Molly Gomez

    These gummies are great! Taking one or two helps relax and makes me sleep faster

  32. Avatar

    Leslie Whitewood

    This product helped me in so many ways. I feel much better and gets better sleep at night. Will order again.

  33. Avatar

    Krystal H

    Taking my CBD dose has never been easy!
    I can bring it anywhere and take it anytime I want. Plus its really delicious!

  34. Avatar

    Susan R

    Better than your average gummy!

    Surprise surprise, these things taste Amazing!

  35. Avatar

    Tory C

    Easy on the tastebuds and effective

    Started using cbd over a year and a half ago for my chronic arthritis. This product has helped me regain my ability to type at over 120 wpm (i’m an accountant by trade). Def recommended

  36. Avatar


    Better than candy!

    I’ve had to order 2 more bottles as the effects/taste of these cbd gummies are fantastic. I take them for chronic joint stiffness/pain and for sleep. Nice little treat first thing in the morning and just before bedtime 🙂

  37. Avatar

    Jessica F.

    Enjoyed these!

    Very tasty and does the trick

  38. Avatar

    Darryl Watkins

    Great-tasting CBD Gummies

    Good to know that there are amazing CBD edibles like these.

  39. Avatar

    Serge Woods

    Since taking this CBD gummies, my chronic pain doesn’t attack much anymore. I feel so much better.

  40. Avatar

    Allen Hines

    Super Effective for weight loss

    These CBD gummies help me with my weight management. It increases my metabolism

  41. Avatar

    Steve Mann

    Seizure Suppressant

    We bought 1 bottle for my son and has effectively suppress the seizures

  42. Avatar

    Darien Coleman


    Fabulous flavor and relieves anxiety after a few mins

  43. Avatar

    Barrett Graves

    Long-lasting effect for my knee pain. I usually take 1 before heading for work and relief last the whole day

  44. Avatar

    Homer Davis

    Absolutely tasty. Can’t complain, need to order soon as my stock is running out fast.

  45. Avatar

    Thalia Horn

    Tastes great!

    Highly recommended

  46. Avatar

    Clinton Camacho

    Great! I am now having a good sleep since I started taking these gummies. Less anxiety as expected

  47. Avatar

    Leroy Ortiz

    Good product. The taste was awesome.

  48. Avatar

    Finley Douglas

    Will order another one
    Effective in keeping me relax. And the best thing – this is 100% natural

  49. Avatar

    Jaxson Anthony

    It was really worth the price. Effective and tastes amazing!

  50. Avatar

    Jose Caldwell

    Tasty and effective. I’m pretty sure that this is not a placebo. By the time I took 2 gummies last night, the relaxing effect kicks in

  51. Avatar

    Josh Osborne

    Tasty gummies!
    Kushly gummies are soft and tasty. It works wonders and helps me relax and sleep better.

  52. Avatar

    Jeffrey Lam

    CBD Gummies
    Nice product and affordable! Fast shipping with no issue

  53. Avatar

    James Devon

    Great Buy!
    Affordable and taste really good.

  54. Avatar

    Hanna Presley

    Effective pain reliever with Zero side effects. It tastes great!.

  55. Avatar

    Samir Joyce

    Reduce anxiety

    Keeps me uplift and motivated after taking 1-2 gummies.

  56. Avatar

    Sergio Blevins

    Long-lasting effect – guaranteed!

  57. Avatar

    Luciana B

    A must-have CBD gummy for everyone. I have tried different CBD edibles and this, so far, is the most effective for my arthritis

  58. Avatar

    Kamila Payne

    Helps with my anxiety problem

  59. Avatar

    Paula C

    I am taking this CBD gummy to keep my blood pressure in control. And its working really great

  60. Avatar

    Karla Becker

    Effective for ADHD!
    We got this mainly for my grandson suffering from ADHD. It works. Since then, we make sure that he takes a CBD gummy before going to bed and it really knocks him off quickly.

  61. Avatar

    Caryn Little

    Appetizing and effective.
    A great way to take CBD!

  62. Avatar

    Rowan Barton

    Great sleeping aid
    Taking CBD gummies had become a routine for me. It helps me relax before going to bed and feeling refreshed the following morning

  63. Avatar

    Ryan Fitzgerald

    Joint pain relief. Best CBD Gummies for joint pain

  64. Avatar

    Will Zavala

    Very potent for pain management.

  65. Avatar

    Izabelle Bright


    It really is and it is effective. Plus it’s organic. What more can you ask for?

  66. Avatar

    Felicity Fowler

    I’m loving it! Tastes great!

  67. Avatar

    Tatum Fischer

    With so many CBD products in the market, its refreshing when I finally found the product that works great for my anxiety. In this case, it is Kushly’s CBD gummies

  68. Avatar

    Emmalee Downs

    Found relief after taking them

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