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Product Description

Kushly Cinnamint CBD Toothpicks are fully infused with 250 milligrams of CBD. This toothpick pack has a combined cinnamon and mint flavor that brings a refreshing burst of taste in your mouth. Kushly Cinnamint CBD toothpick is made with the subtle flavors of natural cinnamon oil, leaving a sweet taste. This Cinnamint CBD toothpick is also flavored with mint for a cooling and revitalizing sensation.

Our Cinnamint CBD Toothpick is:

  • Organic
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Cinnamint flavored
  • Lab tested for consistent dosages
  • Free from insecticides
  • Ultra-potent

All of our toothpicks are made from natural and organic flavors and ingredients. Kushly is the best source for affordable, potent, and pure CBD oil products on the market.

Buy Cinnamint CBD Toothpicks and Feel the Difference

With the generous information available on the Internet, chances are, you are aware of the benefits that come with taking CBD oil. But did you know that CBD oil combined with natural cinnamon extracts and mint flavoring has a host of advantages? Cinnamon is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It can also lower blood sugar levels and fight against infections.

Meanwhile, mint has the anti-inflammatory compound known as rosmarinic, relieving allergic reactions and inflamed bodily responses. It also soothes and calms upset stomach, aids in indigestion problems, and provides fresh breath.

Partnered with our effective CBD oil extract, these flavors and benefits permeate the toothpicks, bringing oral relief to our customers.

Benefits of Cinnamint CBD Toothpicks

  • Comes in 250mg potency
  • Available in two options: single and 3-pack
  • Contains pure CBD oil with natural cinnamon and mint extracts
  • Comes in a tube for maximum convenience
  • Improves oral hygiene
  • Reduces bad breath


Purchasing Cinnamint CBD Toothpick from Kushly

There are a number of companies and sellers who have released CBD products under their name. Often, these businesses make outrageous claims that have little to no therapeutic potential. Here at Kushly, we take pride in offering naturally-made and laboratory tested CBD toothpicks.

What makes our CBD toothpicks stand out from the crowd is the mint extract we use from M. Piperita plants and the sweet cinnamon extract we have on hand. When mixed together, these flavors enhance and magnify the benefits of CBD oil.

All our products are made from organic ingredients that are free from chemical fertilizers. Our products have been reviewed by third-party specialists and medical experts to ensure potent goods for our customers.

Suggested Use

Place in mouth and suck for 5–10 minutes to soften pick and release the CBD. Micro-dose effects should be felt within 20 minutes. Full effect should be felt within 45 minutes to an hour. Your body will absorb CBD through your tongue and the lining of the mouth – remainder will be swallowed and ingested. The effects will be felt throughout your body. For full dosage intake, flip the pick to the other end and repeat. Do not swallow the chewed wood. Use and discard!


Hemp Oil, Xylitol, Spilanthes, Natural Flavors, Artificial Flavors, Sucralose

Product Reviews

  1. Avatar

    Sam Morgan

    I am impressed with how quickly the effects of these Picks. Looking for a fast-acting product? These are perfect!

  2. Avatar

    Christian Foster


    Work through these picks like wild fire!

  3. Avatar

    Timothy Collins

    Awesome product!

    Wish I had tried this sooner! Keep me energized, I feel like I’m ready for anything.

  4. Avatar

    Ethan Hayes

    Lets see..

    This is an interesting product. Not sure if I’m completely sold on the flavor though.

  5. Avatar

    Levi Austin

    Love the flavor.

    I enjoyed the taste. The cinnamint flavor is really delicious.

  6. Avatar

    Rachel Ross

    Must Buy!

    These picks are my go-to when I need to cool down from a tough day.

  7. Avatar

    Camila Hughes

    Perfect cbd product for travellers like me. Its very handy and the quality is soooo great!

  8. Avatar

    Jay Walker

    This product sure makes me happy, its refreshing to chew on and gives me the same effect as cbd oil. Will definitely order again.

  9. Avatar

    Michelle Cooper

    I’ll buy more!

    I love the calming effects of these picks.

  10. Avatar

    Lewis Walker

    The mint flavor with the cinnamon is not something I thought will be a good combo, but this pick sure surprised me. Love it!

  11. Avatar

    Joshua White

    Not to bad, I probably need to buy a different flavor though.

  12. Avatar

    Jake Clark

    The cinnamon flavor makes these great to chew on, after 20 mins the CBD takes effect.

  13. Avatar

    Marco Robinson

    Effective for my anxiety attacks, chewing on these picks relaxes me.

  14. Avatar

    Benedict Martin

    Affordable and effective, love the fact that I can have my dose of CBD without everyone knowing it

  15. Avatar

    Terry B


    This is a Gotta-Try flavor…Didn’t think the two would work together. (imagine chewing EXTRA mint gum and Big Red at the same time, now tone it down just a tad). I enjoy it!

  16. Avatar

    Alex G.

    I was introduced to these toothpicks by my friend and I’m glad i bought them. I will try other flavors on my next order.

  17. Avatar

    David Harris

    Great to chew on. CBD product at its best

  18. Avatar

    Cesar Archer

    Nice taste

  19. Avatar

    Jason Anderson

    These work great as a CBD oil alternative for me.

  20. Avatar

    William Jones

    The combination of cinnamon and mint flavor is great.

  21. Avatar

    Angeline Miller

    Love the minty flavor with a touch of cinnamon.

  22. Avatar

    Karla Johnson

    The product is ok, but I think the flavor is too strong.

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