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Product Description

Kushly Cinnamon CBD Oil is purely organic, with no additives or preservatives for enhanced stamina, vitality and health. This CBD Oil has a hint of cinnamon that is not too overpowering and strong to the taste.

Kushly is your best source for premium and organically-grown CBD oil with cinnamon flavor. This particular CBD oil is:

  • Organic
  • Cinnamon flavored
  • Free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides
  • Unadulterated and Non-GMO
  • Non-psychoactive (Less than 0.2% THC)
  • Laboratory tested to ensure purity, safety and potency

Choosing The Potency

It’s best to start low and gradually increase the dosage until you’re suited with the potency, taste and result. You can choose from 300mg, 600mg or go higher up to 1000mg.

Buy only from a trusted brand like Kushly for premium quality CBD-rich Hemp Oil.

* Not applicable for vaping

** Oil Color may vary

Buy Cinnamon CBD Oil and Experience Therapeutic Cannabidiol

CBD or Cannabidiol, as an active compound, offers countless benefits to people. However, did you know that Kushly’s full-spectrum CBD extracts also contain multiple beneficial cannabis compounds like Terpenes and Phytocannabinoids? These compounds can be linked to sleep aid and muscle relaxing properties and helps relieve pain.

Advantages of Kushly Cinnamon CBD Oil

  • Available in three potencies: 300mg, 600mg, 1000mg
  • Contains organic Phytocannabinoids for refined benefits
  • Pure CBD Oil with added cinnamon and 100% hemp extract potency
  • Comes with a convenient dropper for accurate dosing and ease of use

Invest In Kushly Quality

The booming of CBD markets has resulted in a number of CBD extracts and hemp seed oils with no therapeutic potentials. Given this situation, it can be difficult to find a pure, natural CBD Oil. Here at Kushly, we ensure to deliver only the most potent, best-tasting, most therapeutically effective hemp CBD oil online. In fact, we’re even recognized and voted by today’s leading websites.

Expect that only pure, organic ingredients of Kentucky-grown hemp are infused into Kushly Cinnamon CBD Oil. All our products are 100% free of any artificial sweeteners and laboratory-tested to prevent residual solvents or added ingredients. If you prefer other naturally-flavored options, you can try our Mint and Vanilla-infused CBD oils too.

Suggested Use

As a supplement, take once or twice daily. Place 1/2 of the dropper under the tongue, wait 60-90 seconds and then swallow.


Hemp Derived CBD Oil, MCT Oil, Natural Flavors

Product Reviews

  1. Avatar


    Best natural CBD

    Amazing product. I am a big fan of Kushly now, the natural CBD oil is exceptional. Highly recommended.

  2. Avatar

    Ryder Kline

    The best CBD product for me. Shipping is fast!

  3. Avatar

    Josie Contreras

    Kushly’s CBD oil help me combat the side effects of depression.

  4. Avatar

    Jenny Braun

    Consuming a few drops helps lessen the inflammation and pain on my hands due to Arthritis

  5. Avatar

    Rene Mcclure

    The medicinal benefits of this CBD oil are really great. It’s really worth your money

  6. Avatar

    Yair Copeland

    I will never buy another CBD Oil if it is not Kushly’s. Works well with my anxiety

  7. Avatar

    Rene Mcclure

    The medicinal benefits of this CBD oil are really great. It’s really worth your money

  8. Avatar

    Aydan West

    Being an ADHD patient is not easy. This CBD oil helps me stay focus and perform tasks efficiently.

  9. Avatar

    Jonathan C

    Flavor is a bonus!

    I’ve tasted some crap oils but this one is delicious. Only “problem” is I go through it faster bc it tastes so good lol

  10. Avatar

    Chan S.

    Big Red in a tincture

    Best flavor but the lemon and mint are also phenomenal

  11. Avatar

    Joey F.


    Love the taste!

  12. Avatar

    Ramona S.

    Excellent Taste, Great Product

    Absolutely Great service and great pricing! I got this product super quick and the pricing was unbeatable compared to what many online and retail stores are charging. Glad I came across this product and love the cinnamon flavor!

  13. Avatar

    Laila Dillon

    I can say that for all the pain reliever I took for the past few months for my hip injury, this CBD oil is the best. Trust me

  14. Avatar

    Camden Nielsen

    Body pain is normal in my line of work. Good thing, this CBD oil helps reduce the pain and makes me relax as well. Thank you Kushly

  15. Avatar

    Elliot Fitzgerald

    The best CBD Oil I’ve tried!

  16. Avatar

    Sierra Murphy

    Mom seems to okay now since she started taking CBD oil for her dementia. Really amazing product

  17. Avatar

    Cassidy Moore

    As an athlete myself, this CBD oil has been my good companion after a strenuous practice. It helps reduce body pain

  18. Avatar

    Mckenzie Solomon

    Taking a few drops before going to bed helps me have a good sleep.

  19. Avatar

    Valeria Macias

    My hubby was able to relax after tedious work. This oil is great for everyone

  20. Avatar

    Bailey Blevins

    Thanks to this CBD oil. It gives my knee a comfort when my arthritis attacks.

  21. Avatar

    Angela Pruitt

    The best CBD product we have tried for my mom. Her pain slowly dissipates after taking a few drops

  22. Avatar

    John Rey

    Fast results

    Been taking this product for a span of 1 week now and I can see the difference. I feel relax and my joint pains doesn’t bother me as much as before.

  23. Avatar

    Amaris Franco

    It helps me with the process of drug withdrawal.

  24. Avatar

    Aria Oneal

    I’ve taken a few drops before going to bed and it helps me fall asleep faster

  25. Avatar

    Clarence Mcdaniel

    It’s really worth your money – effective and convenient to use.

  26. Avatar

    Case Gates

    The effects of treating cancer lessen dramatically after using this CBD oil. I was able to regain strength and my appetite compared when I’m not taking CBD oil.

  27. Avatar

    Marlon Chandler

    This product keeps me focus and energetic.

  28. Avatar

    Rowan Ellison

    I’m a working mom and need to do some chores at home after my office work. This CBD oil gives me the energy I needed.

  29. Avatar

    Louis Mclaughlin

    Effective pain reliever compared to some pharma meds I tried. Plus, it’s natural! Great product from Kushly

  30. Avatar

    Scott Davidson

    The ultimate pain reliever for my back and knee pain

  31. Avatar

    Marco Mcbride

    Will buy another one after this bottle. It helps me with my anxiety disorder

  32. Avatar

    Carson Walton

    Helps me calm down during my panic attacks. Really effective

  33. Avatar

    Holly Goodwin

    It helps me lose weight faster! Amazing product

  34. Avatar

    Nick Noble

    Going through the process of withdrawal from smoking habit becomes easier with the help of this cannabis product.

  35. Avatar

    Bella P

    Best natural pain reliever

    I am using this CBD oil as a pain reliever for my arthritis and it works great!

  36. Avatar

    Eden Love

    I am now sleeping deeper compared when I was not taking this CBD oil.

  37. Avatar

    Bailey Briggs

    Improved the autism condition of my child

  38. Avatar


    Pain no More
    I am always in front of my computer and it cause me neck pain, but after trying this oil product it really help me ease it. It work wonders

  39. Avatar

    Abby Johnson

    Great for athletes like me!

    I always feel sore after training and would always take over the counter supplements, until I tried this cbd oil from Kushly. It works wonderfully for my strained muscles.

  40. Avatar


    It work wonders

    Its now part of my daily routine. Just 2 drops a day and I can get rid of my joint pains. Thanks Kushly!

  41. Avatar

    Tianna Chang

    This works great!

  42. Avatar


    No more sleeping pills

    This oil is better than any sleeping pill in the market, just absolutely amazing. I never felt so rested

  43. Avatar


    Good stuff

    I wondered why everyone is raving about the wonders of this product, and true enough I bought one and saw the difference it does to my body. Work wonders for my post-workout recovery

  44. Avatar

    Kendal Beltran

    The best pain reliever. I am suffering from multiple sclerosis

  45. Avatar

    Quinn Compton

    The best natural pain reliever we have tried for my granny.

  46. Avatar

    Joslyn Carpenter

    I will definitely be buying again not only for me but for my friends as well.

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