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Combine the meaty juiciness of Bacon and Sweet Potato with the strong taste of pure hemp oil only with our Kushly Large Dog Hemp Treats – Bacon & Sweet Potato. Formulated with 50 mg hemp extract blended with the soothing flavors of Gluten Free Oat Flour, Sweet Potatoes, Bacon, Eggs (Farm Fresh), Organic Coconut Oil, Vitamin C, Hemp Extract, Salt and other natural preservatives, this delectable dog hemp treat is the perfect snack to give your favorite gal at home.

Our Kushly Large Dog Hemp Treats – Bacon & Sweet Potato is proven to be:

  • Organic
  • Free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and herbicides
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure purity, safety, and potency

Specially designed to give your dog a delicious, immunity-boosting treat for an energized day, our product is something you definitely shouldn’t miss out. Not only does it promise a sweet, savory goodness but also a salty, health-booster quality that is sure to leave your furry best friend asking for another bite.

Each pack comes with 20 pieces of treats (91 G) to feed your precious dog. Filled with the juicy flavors of bacon and sweetened potato, our hemp-infused dog snack carries the soothing sensation similar to freedom and tender strokes that will surely remind your dog who’s the good boy at heart.

Dog’s Best Friend – Why Buy It?

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give your ultimate buddy, then our Kushly Large Dog Hemp Treats – Bacon & Sweet Potato is, surely, the one to buy. Enriched with pure hemp extract that is proven to provide your dog with a calming feeling and pain-relieving sensation, together with gluten free oat flour (which is filled with vitamins, mineral, and antioxidants), the immunity-inducing quality of Vitamin C, the metabolic function of organic coconut oil, and other natural preservatives, our product offers a safe, effective, and delicious dog hemp treat to give your hairy best friend.

How to Prepare – Steps and Tips

Preparing a bowl of treats for your favorite companion has never been easier with our Kushly Large Dog Hemp Treats – Bacon & Sweet Potato. Just simply feed as snack or treat to your dog as part of a healthy diet. Always monitor your pet while treating. Fresh drinking water should always be available.

Suggested Use

Feed as snack or treat, as part of a healthy diet. Always monitor your pet while treating. Fresh drinking water should always be available.


Gluten Free Oat Flour, Sweet Potatoes, Bacon, Eggs (Farm Fresh), Organic Coconut Oil, Vitamin C, Hemp Extract, Salt and Other Natural Preservatives

Product Reviews

  1. Avatar

    Hannah P.

    My chihuahua has suffered from separation anxiety for a year now. She’s actually on prescription but I tried this hemp treats in conjunction with it. The effects are good and there’s definitely an improvement in her behavior. I recommend this!

  2. Avatar


    This hemp treats helped my dog relax, but he still loves to play.

  3. Avatar

    Francesca S.

    I’ve tried different brands for my 6-month old baby German Shepherd. But I’m done with trying them all out now, my baby is in love with these treats! She looks forward to eating it.

  4. Avatar

    Cooper S.

    Easy to navigate website. Was able to checkout easily. Transaction is fast and easy.

  5. Avatar


    Been using CBD oil on my dog for anxiety, pain, and inflammation issues. CBD is great. But these treats are even better- convenience and effectivity-wise.

  6. Avatar

    Lauren W.

    Can really attest to its effectiveness. Our dog was prescribed anxiety meds by the vet but we wanted to give him something more natural, so we tried this. And it really worked!

  7. Avatar

    Janie T.

    My dog, Lottie, loves this hem treats. She eats around 3 pieces then she starts to relax. She also stopped chewing on my shoes, which is great.

  8. Avatar

    JB C.

    I ordered this product for my anxiety-ridden, 3-year old terrier. It helped to take the edge off.

  9. Avatar

    Joyce Sumers

    I can definitely see its effect on my baby, who has a licking disorder. Five stars for this treat.

  10. Avatar


    I have a 1-year old pomeranian and this treats really calmed her down. I have to put peanut butter with it though, she loves it like that!

  11. Avatar


    My Spaniel had joint issues and moved around with great difficulty. She licked these chews out of my hand and voila, it seems to have put a spring in her step again.

  12. Avatar

    Kerry W.

    Satisfied with quick delivery. Til the next transaction. The packaging is also very good.

  13. Avatar

    Katrina P.

    Took my dog to a family trip. I knew that she will have the tendency to be anxious so I bought this treat in advance. It’s a calming miracle, worked wonders during the trip.

  14. Avatar

    Jason N.

    I adpoted my shitzu from a shelter and soon after she’s started to be scared of loud noises, thunderstorms, etc. These hemp treats worked on her like a charm. It’s great for pets’ situational anxiety.

  15. Avatar

    Melinda Vanderbilt

    My sweet baby girl has been in pain due to cancer. She already went though several chemo sessions with the vet. These CBD treats gave her comfort during the pain and I can see that it was a great relief to her. Thank you so much Kushly.

  16. Avatar

    Sue Taverna

    The order several days before expected. Gave this to my Australian Shephard and I can see that she is pleased. Will definitely order again next time.

  17. Avatar

    Jackie Durnham

    At first I was skeptical if this would work, but then my hyperactive pup mellowed down because of it.

  18. Avatar

    Anita S

    Great help to my Collie’s walking. She was suffering from a limp for month’s now and this improved it significantly.

  19. Avatar

    Maria Henson

    Giving this five stars because my dog loves them! She displays a more relaxed behavior for about 30 minutes to an hour after feeding.

  20. Avatar

    Robert Strong

    This is an absolute help for my dog during thunderstorms. It’s a great relief for anxiety.

  21. Avatar

    Amber Barton

    I have yet to receive the product but I must say that the customer service is amazing. The customer rep was able to promptly respond to my emails with complete details. Thanks Kushly!

  22. Avatar

    Kayce F.

    Brought home a pup from shelter who was suffering from initial bouts of anxiety. She was chewing on her cage and salivating a lot. Gave these hemp treats to her and she devoured it! She’s looking forward to eating it as part of her nightly routine.

  23. Avatar


    Awesome product. Transaction is straightforward and easy. Can’t wait to try this for my dog.

  24. Avatar


    My dog Reeves has calmed down a lot after taking these. However, he still is lively enough to bark at strangers at the door. It’s also easier to bathe him and clip his nails.

  25. Avatar

    Riley Garcia

    It takes about an hour to see the relaxing effect on my dog. Once the calming effect develops, my babies become more calm and can better manage being at home without me.

  26. Avatar


    My yorkie loves them

    Father of a yorkie which are known to have joint issues and teeth problems. I don’t know if the taste was so good but i’ve never seen her devour a treat so fast, and she’s 9 years old! Seems to have some added pep in her step, so I love it!

  27. Avatar


    Great for high energy pups!

  28. Avatar

    Ricky Thomas

    Our newly adopted pup’s separation anxiety was getting so bad that she was clawing her way through all our furniture. This product did a lot to calm her down. This is a very impressive product, will definitely repurchase.

  29. Avatar

    Renee R.

    Consistency is key when it comes to these hemp treats. Fed them faithfully to my dog and in a week’s time I’ve noticed a change in overall mood. My dog seems calmer and does not have separation anxiety anymore.

  30. Avatar

    Alison M.

    This is my second purchase because my dogs love this, they eat them right up. Perry loves them and he seems to be in a happy mood. Meanwhile, Prince does not but just sleeps all day.

  31. Avatar

    Lisa P.

    My dog is usually hyper and assertive every time I have guests around. So when I know I have visitors, I have to tie him in a leash. But this hemp treat did wonders since it helped my dog calm down when there’s people around.

  32. Avatar

    Nicole M.

    Our Izzie loves these treats, it’s her favorite. She’s always looking forward to every meal. There’s a big improvement in her disposition as well.

  33. Avatar

    Steven D.

    Wish I came across this sooner. It helps my dog stay calm during long drives.

  34. Avatar

    Elizabeth I.

    Our lab was suffering from hip problems and these treats were such a great relief for him. He can now move better and get to one point to another with ease.

  35. Avatar

    Carol E.

    My dog, Cuddles, recently had surgery to repair a torn ligament in her front leg. These treats help her relieve pain and in a form that is easy to administer. It’s a good thing she loves these treats.

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