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Product Description

Kushly Lemon CBD Oil is an organic dietary supplement great for increased vitality and health. Our oil has a mild lemon flavor that is surely delicious, never dull or plain. Made from natural flavors, its pleasing aroma and taste will leave you satisfied.

Our CBD Oil is proven to be:

  • Organic
  • Contains a delicious lemon flavor
  • Free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides
  • Unadulterated and Non-GMO
  • Non-psychoactive (Less than 0.2% THC)
  • Laboratory tested to ensure purity, safety and potency

Kushly is the best source for high-concentrate and natural CBD Oil. It’s proven to be safe, potent, legal and totally affordable.

Choosing The Potency

In choosing the potency, consider starting low and gradually increase the dosage once you get the desired result. You can choose from 300mg, 600mg or go higher up to 1000mg.

For premium quality CBD-rich Hemp Oil, buy only from a trusted brand like Kushly.

* Not applicable for vaping

** Oil Color may vary

Why Buy Kushly Lemon CBD Oil?

By now, you are probably aware of the benefits that come with the CBD Oil. In addition to this, did you know that lemons are known to provide antioxidant, anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits. Plus, it tastes really good when combined with our propriety CBD extract formula.

Benefits of Kushly Lemon CBD Oil

  • Available in three different strengths: 300mg, 600mg and 1000mg
  • Subtle hint of lemon flavor masks earthly hemp taste
  • Maintains full potency of Lemon CBD Oil
  • Convenient dropper for accurate dosing and administration


When You Buy Lemon CBD Oil From Kushly, You’re Buying Pure Quality…

Finding a pure and good quality vanilla CBD oil is tough, with lots of low-grade oils appearing in the market left and right. Some products are even labeled “full-spectrum” extracts but don’t contain therapeutic potentials. At Kushly, we’re putting great effort into delivering only premium quality, effective and best-tasting CBD oils in the market.

Suggested Use

As a supplement, take once or twice daily. Place 1/2 of the dropper under the tongue, wait 60-90 seconds and then swallow.


Hemp Derived CBD Oil, MCT Oil, Natural Flavors

Product Reviews

  1. Avatar


    I’m a fan of organic products!
    It was such a great relief to find Kushly’s organic hemp CBD oil. Thanks!

  2. Avatar

    Leroy Petersen

    Great Product!

    I was skeptical when I first heard about this product. But, hey, it works great!

  3. Avatar


    Satisfied with this CBD oil. I’m just new to this product and so far it helps me sleep faster.

  4. Avatar


    Great energy booster for my whole day work. It also helps me relax and focus. Amazing

  5. Avatar

    Aileen Sanders

    My husband found it useful.
    First time to use this product. Somehow it works with eczema he has on his hands,

  6. Avatar

    Skye Johnson

    Will surely shop again!

    I never thought of how effective this product is. It helps me calm down and have a good sleep after a tiring day!

  7. Avatar


    The best CBD Oil I’ve tried so far!
    After suffering from a car accident a few months ago, walking with pain on my hip is really hard. Been using this product 2 weeks ago and noticed a great improvement!

  8. Avatar


    A powerful natural solution for your sleeping problem. I will never take sleeping pills

  9. Avatar

    Shaun Combs

    The citrus flavor and the potency of CBD are a great combinations to ease the pain of my arthritis. I love this product!

  10. Avatar

    Gary Kelly

    Staying physically active at the age of 65 is not easy. Taking CBD oil made this possible. Thank you

  11. Avatar

    Alexis Petersen

    Worth your money!

    Effective and cost-effective

  12. Avatar

    Isabelle Valenzuela

    The citrus scent is fabulous!

    I love the citric smell plus it works great on my migraine.

  13. Avatar


    I finally found the best CBD oil for my mom’s joint pain. No words can suffice to describe the joy seeing her pain-free due to her arthritis, Thank you Kushly

  14. Avatar

    Rigoberto Hodges

    Backpain of my wife dissipates!
    Wifey bought one last Saturday to see if this works with her back pain. Yes, it really did work fast!

  15. Avatar


    A few drops before hitting the bed is all I need to keep me asleep all night long. Plus it doesn’t have that ‘hangover’ effect.

  16. Avatar


    Impressive natural remedy for my lower back pain. I will surely recommend and buy again.

  17. Avatar

    Parker Bender

    Inflammation? You can now remove that from your vocabulary

    It really works reducing and easing the pain from inflammation on my knees.

  18. Avatar


    Energy booster!

    While others find this product effective for pain and stress reliever, this CBD oil helps boosts my energy and stay focus. Great product

  19. Avatar


    The taste is good and its potency is way beyond my expectation. I feel more relaxed than ever whenever I’m taking a few drops of this CBD oil

  20. Avatar


    For the past few months of using, I never get disappointed with this CBD oil. It keeps relax and anxiety-free

  21. Avatar

    Connor Meadows

    Great energy booster!

  22. Avatar


    This is the best CBD Online Shop!

    Delivery is fast and had great customer service. They were very accommodating with my questions and provided me all the answers I need about CBD oil. I will order again very soon

  23. Avatar

    Amelia Short

    Works great!

    I had it for a week now and I’m really glad I bought one! Chronic pain in my neck is now gone

  24. Avatar

    Roger B

    Knees feel better now.

    I suffered a knee injury due to an intense sport I was in during my college days. CBD oil helps me a lot with this.

  25. Avatar

    Kenley Daugherty

    Will buy a few more bottles!

    It worked great for the chronic pain on my hip. Will give a few bottles to my friends for them to experience it as well!

  26. Avatar

    Andreas Wiley


    In a month time, my skin condition greatly improved!

  27. Avatar

    Abigail Paul

    Insomnia no more

    Having sleep disorder for a couple of years now is not easy. Gladly, my friend introduced this to me. It’s working great.

  28. Avatar

    Nickolas Reilly

    Dad loves it!

    Works great for OA pain and arthritis of my Dad

  29. Avatar

    Giuliana Conley

    This CBD oil helps me with my hip injury. It lessens the pain

  30. Avatar

    Kaylen Adams

    I began to feel more relaxed a few minutes after taking 2-3 drops.

  31. Avatar


    I have bought one for my mom who’s suffering from back pain. She said its working great! Thank you Kushly

  32. Avatar

    Andrew Novak

    The best organic hemp CBD oil I tried. Thank goodness I found this CBD oil

  33. Avatar

    Hillary Pierce

    I really love this CBD oil.

  34. Avatar

    Aisha Davies

    I have been suffering from migraine since grade school. My best friend advised me to take CBD oil to lessen the pain. And it did work

  35. Avatar

    Stephany Stuart

    We have been using this for exactly a week now. This gives us a good sleep

  36. Avatar

    Siddharth S.


    Great Flavor!

  37. Avatar

    Thomas G

    Why isn’t there a 7-stars rating option?!

    This product is Aaaaamazing! The Lemon flavoring is not too strong and pleasant. I’ve tried 6-7 other cbd oils in various flavors and this one by far is my new favorite. Nailed it on flavor, cost and shipping speed. Thanks!

  38. Avatar

    Torrey Welch

    Awesome….buying again!!!!!

    Not a flavor you come across a lot and it packs a nice punch in terms of reduction of inflammation and reduced anxiety. I’ve had tingling and numbness in my right fingertips (fibromyalgia mostly) and there is nothing I can take that helps me as much as this cbd oil. Can’t recommend it enough.

  39. Avatar

    George Cannon

    Working on a tedious job like a restaurant entails body pain. Our head chef recommends this CBD oil to us. It worked

  40. Avatar

    Mariela Forbes

    I really love this CBD oil We’ll surely order soon!

  41. Avatar

    Rogelio Graham

    Haven’t had a good night sleep

    After using this for the past few days, and it is working great!

  42. Avatar

    Lorenzo Castro

    This oil helps ease the pain on my knees

  43. Avatar

    Leah Holder

    Having an ADHD patient in your family is quite challenging. We’re using this to my daughter and it’s giving us positive results.

  44. Avatar

    Elijah Hampton

    I ‘m a chain smoker and quitting was not easy. I’m hesitant to try this at first but I did it anyway. Thankfully, its really helping me with my fight. Keeps me calm and relax

  45. Avatar

    Kaydence J

    I am hesitant to try this since my best buddy told me to try it. I took his word for this and glad it worked that way he describes it. A great remedy for my anxiety

  46. Avatar

    Marco Bartlett

    A natural remedy! my arthritis pain is gone!

  47. Avatar

    Anton A

    Better than sleeping pills
    This is much better compared to my sleeping pills. The best thing is, this is pure organic!

  48. Avatar

    Annika M

    easy to use!

    taking a few drops under the tongue or using it on some edibles – either way, it is working on my anxiety disorder

  49. Avatar

    Scarlett Tyler

    We bought one for my Dad suffering from fibromyalgia. It really works

  50. Avatar

    Jasmin Walter

    The results are better than I thought. I feel so relaxed and calm after taking a few drops.

  51. Avatar

    Marshall Reeves

    I finally found the best pain reliever for my arthritis. It’s effective and natural so I have no worries about its side effects.

  52. Avatar

    Teegan R

    I got into a motorbike accident and this CBD oil has tremendously lessened the pain from the injuries I got. Thank you

  53. Avatar

    Aron Schaefer

    The citric scent and oil are just perfect!

    Great help with my fatigue and gave me a goodnight sleep since I began using it last week! Try it! Highly recommended

  54. Avatar

    Layton Mckenzie

    Will buy one again

    Phenomenal CBD product! Thank you Kushly

  55. Avatar

    Hector Whitehead

    My grandma loves it!

    Taking CBD oil to help her with chronic pain by Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and it really works!

  56. Avatar

    Lane Melendez


    This product taste so much better than the others I tried before. Its more effective sleeping aid as well. Gracias!

  57. Avatar

    Haidee Mays

    While other people say that this helps them with their pain or sleeping issues, this CBD oil help me cope with depression and panic attacks. It was a tough moment in my life.

  58. Avatar

    Tyshawn Key

    Stress is a common thing in my job. Having to work on your desk, reports, deadlines, client meetings, and all are part of my routine. Im glad to discover this CBD oil. I always take a few drops during my lunch to manage the stress and keep me energetic throughout the day.

  59. Avatar

    Gemma Whitaker

    The pain immediately goes away after taking CBD oil

  60. Avatar

    Gianna Nash

    Do not buy other CBD brands if it’s not Kushly. I have used and can attest the effectiveness of this CBD oil

  61. Avatar

    Jacoby M

    Remedy for anxiety is CBD!
    True to what others say, this product is really effective! Try it!

  62. Avatar

    Salvador Shepard

    I always love lemon and having this flavor in CBD oil makes it even better. Highly recommended

  63. Avatar

    Carmen Dizon

    Amazing cure for seizure. We’re using this on my niece

  64. Avatar

    Carlos Vang

    Top Calibre product! It ease the pain/side effects of my mom’s chemo therapy.

  65. Avatar

    Glenn Wu

    Great product and really woking well with my swelling leg. Keeps the pain away

  66. Avatar

    Marcel Meadows

    3 drops a day, keeps my migraine away!

  67. Avatar

    Jaylyn Ayala

    This is the best CBD oil in the market. GMO-free and tastes great!

  68. Avatar


    Positive Effect

    My job is very demanding, so its so hard for me to relax and have a good sleep, I feel stressed all the time, but after buying this CBD oil and dropping a few on my tea, it calms me as no other products can

  69. Avatar


    The best CBD oil product to try out!
    Thank you Kushly! Thumbs up!

  70. Avatar

    Henry McCann

    I used CBD oil to help me with alcohol withdrawal. It helped a lot. I am now free

  71. Avatar

    Isabel Robertson

    I really love this CBD oil for it helps me with my insomnia. You see, it’s been months since I got this and after using your CBD oil, I began to fall asleep much faster.

  72. Avatar

    Ariel Ryans

    Great flavors. Works great for my gout

  73. Avatar

    Mark Curry

    Second time to order CBD oil and as on the first, the delivery was swift. This product is great

  74. Avatar

    Richard Miranda

    Easy to order and delivery was swift.

  75. Avatar

    Arielle Mullins

    This is excellent. Im looking forward on buying again.

  76. Avatar

    Cassidy Andrews

    This is my first time to give a review and I’m really satisfied with how this helps me with my migraine. Thumbs up!

  77. Avatar

    Emilia Bruce

    This is my second Kushly product (1st one was an apple cinnamon oats for my dog – and he loved it) This oil works perfectly for my lower back pain

  78. Avatar

    Bailee Parrish

    Great CBD oil coming from a great company. Thank you Kushly

  79. Avatar

    Ferds J

    It sure makes a difference

    This oil makes me calm down compared to over the counter medicines. Goodbye anxiety!

  80. Avatar

    Sienna Dunlap

    I have problems with anxiety and getting enough sleep has become a challenge to me. Taking a CBD oil helps me wind down at the end of stressful day

  81. Avatar

    Haillee Bauer

    Your customer service is excellent!

  82. Avatar

    Katelynn Shepard

    Help immensely in relieving the pain in my joints

  83. Avatar

    Case Gilbert

    This was referred to me by a friend who also bought 1 from Kushly. This works great

  84. Avatar

    Fred Mason

    I noticed a great improvement after a week of using this CBD oil – I can now fall asleep in a few minutes.

  85. Avatar

    Ronin Esparza

    I’m happy that I bought one. Since this is a non-GMO product, this would be a better and healthier option for my chronic pain.

  86. Avatar


    Will buy again soon

    I bought this product for my headaches, but it appears to me that it can do more, my back pain is much less now too!

  87. Avatar

    Gloria Massey

    It helps me cope with my anxiety.

  88. Avatar

    Marrissa Alvarado

    Very fast shipping. The packaging was excellent.

  89. Avatar


    Best online CBD Shop

    Fast delivery and great customer service. They were very accommodating with my questions and provided me all the answers I need about CBD oil. Will order again

  90. Avatar

    Hugo Kerr

    This is a revolutionary product. This helps me with my fibromyalgia

  91. Avatar

    Cannon Roach

    Excellent product!

  92. Avatar

    Raimundo Morales

    I bought it on the advice of a friend for my leg pain. It doesn’t completely relieves me of the pain but it helps easen it,

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