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Product Description

Kushly Natural CBD Oil is purely organic, with no additives or preservatives for enhanced stamina, vitality and health. Suited for individuals who don’t like artificial flavoring and additives, our organic CBD oil has a light hemp taste and aroma you’ll hardly notice.

Kushly is your best source for premium and organically-grown CBD oil with natural flavor. Our products are:

  • Organic
  • Unflavored
  • Free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides
  • Unadulterated and Non-GMO
  • Non-psychoactive (Less than 0.2% THC)
  • Laboratory tested to ensure purity, safety and potency


Choosing The Potency

It’s best to start low and gradually increase the dosage until you’re suited with the potency, taste and result. You can choose from 300mg, 600mg or go higher up to 1000mg.

Buy only from a trusted brand like Kushly for premium quality CBD-rich Hemp Oil.

* Not applicable for vaping

** Oil Color may vary

Buy Natural CBD Oil and Experience Therapeutic Cannabidiol

CBD or Cannabidiol, as an active compound, offers countless benefits to people. However, did you know that Kushly’s full-spectrum CBD extracts also contain multiple beneficial cannabis compounds like Terpenes and Phytocannabinoids? These compounds can be linked to sleep aid and muscle relaxing properties and helps relieve pain.

Advantages of Kushly Natural CBD Oil

  • Available in three potencies: 300mg, 600mg, 1000mg
  • Contains organic Ternepes and Phytocannabinoids for refined benefits
  • Pure CBD Oil with no added flavor and 100% hemp extract potency
  • Comes with a convenient dropper for accurate dosing and ease of use


Invest In Kushly Quality

The booming of CBD markets has resulted in a number of CBD extracts and hemp seed oils with no therapeutic potentials. Given this situation, it can be difficult to find a pure, natural CBD Oil. Here at Kushly, we ensure to deliver only the most potent, best-tasting, most therapeutically effective hemp CBD oil online. In fact, we’re even recognized and voted by today’s leading websites.

Expect that only pure, organic ingredients of Kentucky-grown hemp are infused into Kushly Natural CBD Oil. All our products are 100% free of any artificial sweeteners and laboratory-tested to prevent residual solvents or added ingredients. There may be a hint of “earthly” taste in our Natural CBD Oil but if you’re fond of bitter flavors like black coffee or dark chocolate, we think that you’ll enjoy it. On the contrary, if you prefer naturally-flavored options, you can try our Mint and Vanilla-infused CBD oils too.

Suggested Use

As a supplement, take once or twice daily. Place 1/2 of the dropper under the tongue, wait 60-90 seconds and then swallow.


Hemp Oil Extract, MCT Oil, Terpenes

Product Reviews

  1. Avatar

    Zoey R

    Believe it or not. this product is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

    This help me improve with my sleeping problem. I’ve tried various products and this one is really the superb solution! You should try it too!

  2. Avatar

    Mitzie Brown

    Awesome Product
    My migraines went from every 2 days to just twice a month. I am amazed with what this product can do for me. Highly recommended

  3. Avatar

    Barbara P

    Great product!

    It helped me with my sleeping problem.

  4. Avatar

    Michael S

    Awesome CBD Oil

    If there’s an ultimate CBD Oil product, this would be it. Kushly’s Natural CBD Oil is a must have.

  5. Avatar

    Charles L

    A CBD oil for everyone!

    I was adamant to try this at first, but it was really worth the price with the medicinal benefits it brings.

  6. Avatar

    Thomas A

    Truly effective!

    Kushly’s CBD Natural oil is the best oil I’ve tried so far. Highly recommended

  7. Avatar


    CBD Natural CBD Oil is a superb one!

    I bought one for my grandma and saw how this oil help her with her insomnia. Highly recommended!

  8. Avatar

    Lourd D

    A burnout and fatigue reliever!

    Having a hectic schedule and deadlines is a common thing on my line of work. Taking a CBD oil help me cope with burnout and fatigue. I highly recommend this product.

  9. Avatar

    Lailah Church

    Anxiety no more!

    Taking some pills(not CBD) for anxiety and making no difference is really frustrating. After using CBD oil, my anxiety is now slowly dissipating.

  10. Avatar


    This is Kushly’s truly excellent cbd product!

    I can vouch for its potency after using it for the past 6 months now.

  11. Avatar

    Brandon Mcmahon


    I’m really cautious about trying new products especially if it’ll be for health issues. I read a lot of reviews about CBD oil. After using a CBD oil for the first time, my knee and joint pain really improve – pain relief!

  12. Avatar


    Feeling Depressed? Try this oil!

    It helped me go through a painful stage of my life.

  13. Avatar

    Carolina Cordova

    Great company for people like me with an anxiety disorder. I love its natural taste

  14. Avatar

    Zachariah Lopez

    Satisfied customer!

    Believe me, I am not easily pleased when it comes to trying new stuff. But things change when I used this CBD oil for my anxiety and sleeping disorder. Kushly’s CBD oil is superb! two-thumbs up!

  15. Avatar

    Nathalia C

    Sleeping problem no more!

    I have sleeping problem for the couple of years. After taking CBD oil for a couple of days, I really felt the improvement. Thank you Kushly

  16. Avatar

    Amani Leach

    I feel more relax and calm after taking a few drops.

  17. Avatar

    Spencer Padilla

    I will surely buy another one for it helps me relax, and sleep faster after a stressful work

  18. Avatar

    Brooklynn Cummings

    Falling asleep is so much easier now. I have been using this for a week now.

  19. Avatar

    Emmalee Randolph

    This natural CBD oil helped a lot with my joint pain. Plus it keeps me calm when dealing with so much workload, and meetings.

  20. Avatar

    Nylah Potts

    I just got this CBD oil and so far its working as what it was intended for. Stress-free

  21. Avatar

    Clayton Thompson

    Great for pain management

    Effective for pain management. I really like this CBD oil. Fast delivery. Kudos Kushly!

  22. Avatar

    Ansley Werner

    Helps reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s on my mom.

  23. Avatar

    Camron Woodard

    Satisfied with the results

    I purchased this CBD oil for my back pain and the product absolutely helps.

  24. Avatar

    Julissa Hampton

    Managing stress is now easier with the aid of this CBD oil. Amazing product from Kushly

  25. Avatar

    Logan Watkins

    I’ve infused it with pasta, and brownies – a tasty way of aiding my arthritis. Moreover, I enjoyed the food!

  26. Avatar

    Aubrie C

    Sound Sleep: Achieved!

    I’m having trouble sleeping and it is now gone after using CBD oil for a month now.

  27. Avatar

    Stephanie Kennedy

    Great pain reliever!

    After taking Kushly’s Natural CBD Oil, there’s an improvement on my shoulder and back pain. Really effective.

  28. Avatar

    Ezequiel Perez

    Amazingly effective!

    Having chronic migraine and back pain is really not easy. After taking CBD oil for a couple of days, these illnesses are slowly dissipating.

  29. Avatar

    Jacoby M

    Great product!

    If you’re looking for an organic CBD Oil, this should be it! I love the natural flavor!

  30. Avatar

    Lilianna Orr

    I have tried a couple of CBD oil brand but Kushly is the best. I super love it!

  31. Avatar

    Brett Daugherty

    Best Stress relief ever!

    Taking the Natural CBD Oil for nearly a week now and my pain and stress are now gone. Highly recommended

  32. Avatar

    Beatriz R

    Simple and Effective
    Wanted an unflavored option to mix in with my morning tea and this is perfect. Ordered the 300 mg bottle to test but next time I’m going with the 1,000 mg!

  33. Avatar

    TJ Gratkowski

    As good as I thought
    All the benefits of a full spectrum hemp oil.

  34. Avatar

    Ayumi T

    Exactly what I needed
    No fillers just premium CBD, MCT Oil and terpenes. I prefer this over flavored versions and I can mix them in with food I bake as well as drinks.

  35. Avatar

    Paula Mcmillan

    This is a highly recommended CBD oil for people having sleep issues.

  36. Avatar

    Laylah Cunningham

    Stress reliever

    Placing a few drops under my tongue before going to bed relieves my stress and keeps me calm. I will recommend this to others

  37. Avatar

    Zara Rivera


    My fiance and I started taking CBD oil 2 weeks ago. We were more relaxed and calm – We’ll continue to use this product and recommend it to others!

  38. Avatar

    Gerald H.

    Will order again!
    I’ve been taking the natural flavor cbd oil for about 3.5 weeks and can really feel the effects. No more cramping and soreness after strenuous workouts! My massage therapist noticed that I am not as tight in my lower back and hamstrings. Another added benefit is that I am sleeping better with it (which is a big bonus)!

  39. Avatar


    The Benefits!
    I’ve tried a few different unflavored CBD oils and haven’t felt benefits like I have with Kushly’s 1000mg! Definitely going to try the other flavors next.

  40. Avatar

    Leland B


    Why spend a hundreds of bucks if you can have Kushly’s CBD oil for less? This product is really effective for anxiety!

  41. Avatar

    Kira Harding

    Been taking this CBD oil for my sleep disorder (insomnia) and I’ve noticed a great improvement.

  42. Avatar

    Alana Marshall

    It’s working great!

    I am skeptical with this at first. Some of my friends used it, although I’m quite not convinced by them until I gave it a try. So I bought one. I don’t know if this is a placebo effect but its working for my migraine.

  43. Avatar

    Jacob S.

    Will order again

  44. Avatar

    Robert Smithson

    I have tried a lot of CBD oil and this is the best so far. I sleep better and do not wake up in the middle of the night anymore.

  45. Avatar

    Karen Benedict

    It’s always best to go natural!
    I use this oil to help me relieve pain from my arthritis. It has made my life so much better.

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