Small Dog Hemp Treats – Apples & Cinnamon Oats

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Product Description

This is a tasty treat for your precious pet. Made of apple sauce, cinnamon, rolled oats, and gluten-free oat flour – these will supply your pets with a crunchy and nutritious meal.

Aside from being cuddled, small dogs want the best meal from their owners. And as a responsible and caring dog owner, you only want the best for your beloved pet. One of the best gifts you can provide are apples and cinnamon oats.

Kushly’s delicate combination of apples and cinnamon makes this treat irresistible to dogs. The sweet taste of apple and the distinct aroma of cinnamon will entice your pet for a sumptuous meal. This pet food also contains organic hemp extract complete with nutrients for sustained growth and vitality of your beloved pooch.

Kushly Small Dog Hemp Treats – Apples & Cinnamon Oats Benefits

As the expression goes – An apple away keeps the doctor at bay. This saying holds not only to humans but also to pets.

Each treat of Kushly Small Dog Hemp Treats – Apples & Cinnamon Oats contains a wide range of nutrients designed for the healthy growth of your pet. Most of all, it contains Kushly’s signature hemp extract, which is now making waves in the medical world both as a superfood and health supplement.

By munching these treats, dogs can enjoy these benefits:

  • Contains essential fatty acids such as Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) as well as Omega-3 and Omega 6 for healthy heart, brain, eyes, skin, bones, joints, and immune system
  • It is a powerful antioxidant that fights cancer-causing free radicals
  • Eating hemp does not give any side effects to dogs, making it completely safe even when your pooch wants more.


Kushly’s Signature Hemp

At Kushly, we guarantee the safety and efficacy of our products by producing it only from the best sources. We maintain the strictest standard in processing hemp and CBD extracts. We source them only from US Hemp Authority Certified farms to ensure their freshness and safety, especially to pets.

With Kushly Small Dog Hemp Treats – Apples & Cinnamon Oats, you don’t only give your pets a delectable treat, you also nourish them with a highly nutritious snack that will help boost their health and treat their ailments.

Suggested Use

Feed as snack or treat, as part of a healthy diet. Always monitor your pet while treating. Fresh drinking water should always be available.


Gluten Free Oat Flour, Apple Sauce, Rolled Oats, Carrots, Chicken Stock, Cinnamon, Organic Coconut Oil, Vitamin C, Hemp Extract, Salt and Other Natural Preservatives

Product Reviews

  1. Avatar

    Robert L.

    Awesome benefit for my 12-year old Mastiff.

  2. Avatar

    Laurie P.

    I’m loving the selection. My dog has been doing so much better after I gave these to her.

  3. Avatar

    Cristabel F.

    I love the packaging because the amount is easy to control. Nothing goes to waste.

  4. Avatar

    Tony grinton

    Love it for our dog. She can’t get enough of it.

  5. Avatar

    Martin Hansen

    Our 12-year old Basset hound, Sara, has beeen diagnosed with cancer. I think this definitely helped with the pain that Sara was going through.

  6. Avatar

    Leslie Alcantara

    This treat definitely did wonders for our shitzu’s aggression and restlessness.

  7. Avatar

    David Schmoyer

    My dog used to bark a lot and refused to join me on the couch. After giving this, he joined me on the couch more often while watching TV.

  8. Avatar

    Kelvin B.

    This is just what my Beagle needs. He keeps on whimpering at night due to his athritis. This has helped him tremendously.

  9. Avatar

    Maria Fama

    My dog was having trouble with lymes so these treats helped him out with that. He loves these!

  10. Avatar

    Andrew Sawyer

    Our dog likes this joint treats. Gave it during the 4th of July weekend so he wouldn’t have jitters with the fireworks.

  11. Avatar

    Angelo St. John

    Our terrier is sensitive to treats. But with this one, he seems to like the flavor!

  12. Avatar

    Adam P.

    I read that CBD is very helpful for senior dogs so I tried this hemp treats. I first gave a small portion to see its effect. I wanted to decide how much would work. So far, the result is good. My dog seems to be in higher spirits.

  13. Avatar

    Philippe Decary

    I bought these since our dog has been suffering from athritis. Not sure what the effects are but she seems more calm and the whimpering has lessened.

  14. Avatar

    Marie F.

    This is the answer for hyper dogs!

  15. Avatar

    Oscar Reyes

    These chews have a calming effect on our Boston Terrier. Within minutes of eating this, he stops he scratching and pawing and lies down calmly on the floor.

  16. Avatar

    Gloria Neaden

    My dog has chronic pain and suffered from chills. Got this product right away and it worked in no time. Such a great help! Thank you.

  17. Avatar

    Fanny Carlson

    Our 7-year old has severe separation anxiety. Feeding this to her calms her down within minutes.

  18. Avatar


    Very pleased with the prompt delivery. My baby girl seems to be treacting positively to it. Will try other flavors next time.

  19. Avatar

    Carmen D.

    Thank you! I’m a ordering my next bag. Our dacshund loves it.

  20. Avatar

    Judy Simpson

    My dog wags his tail after licking off his fingers. Afterwards, he sits in the sofa and watches the TV with him. He seems more calm and happy.

  21. Avatar

    Gerald B.

    Our dog suffered from diarrhea from the vet’s prescription. We tried this and it seems to be the better choice.

  22. Avatar

    Amy Postuli

    Impressed with the customer service. All my queries were answered efficiently. Will definitely order again.

  23. Avatar

    Rosie A.

    Worked with our dalmatian’s athritis. Will see if it works with my cat as well. Doesn’t have any THC so there are no psychoactive effects.

  24. Avatar

    Cynthia M.

    Helped calm down my dog as she waited for knee surgery. Also fed it to her as she was recovering. These hemp treats are such a lifesaver!

  25. Avatar


    Hope there’s discount for repeat buyers

  26. Avatar


    Placing an order is fast and easy. Such a convenient alternative to going to the supermarket.

  27. Avatar

    Ryan F.

    The product was shipped immediately to my home. My baby girl is loving it!

  28. Avatar

    Trina S.

    My dog is a picky eater. But she devours this one. Her appetite is back and her weight is now at a healthy level.

  29. Avatar

    Russel Morgan

    Gave these treats to my baby labrodor pup. He liked it so much. It’s precious.

  30. Avatar

    Jillian Y.

    The checkout process was straightforward and its easy to make an order. Can’t wait for the goodie to arrive.

  31. Avatar

    Chance P.

    Perfect find!

  32. Avatar

    Bela A

    Gave comfort to our baby boy when he was diagnosed with cancer. These hemp treats helps him deal with the pain.

  33. Avatar

    John L.

    So far it’s helping out with my dog’s arthritis

  34. Avatar

    Bernard Menken

    Worth a try seems nothing seems to work.

  35. Avatar

    Aubrey S.

    Had no trouble finding what we were looking for. Easy and simple transaction. Can’t way for my boy to try these. Would also like to try the other flavors next time.

  36. Avatar

    Billy Evans

    Did an amazing job in helping with my dog’s seizure disorder. Heaven sent!

  37. Avatar


    Has a calming effect on my Roxy! Will definitely recommend it to my friends for their fur babies

  38. Avatar

    Andrew T.

    Customer service is satisfactory. Just read about how CBD is good for dogs and happy to know that they make treats out of it. I hope my shitzu likes it.

  39. Avatar

    Cheryl L.

    My dog stop having scary seizures after taking CBD hemp treats. It is such a relief. Thank you Kushly!!!

  40. Avatar

    Sam G.

    My dog is very happy. He likes it a lot.

  41. Avatar

    Grace Philipps

    Finally! Something to stop our little terrier from all the scratching and destroying all the furniture. CBD is amazing with pets.

  42. Avatar

    Louisa Viel

    Kushly is on top of everything with regard to the ordering process. It’s quite easy to make a follow up. They will definitely be my dog food supplier of choice.

  43. Avatar


    My 12-year old pomeranian is lovely and energetic again. Thank you Kushly!

  44. Avatar

    Brandon D.

    Plenty of good information on this site. I liked the content. Bought this treat my dog and one CBD oil for myself. Will recommend the skincare line to my gf.

  45. Avatar

    Neil F.

    Great website. But it would be better if you would include more product information. But so far, everything’s good.

  46. Avatar

    Arnold Strauss

    CBD is amazing! Really seeing results since my pup has calmed down in her anxiety. Will also try giving her the CBD oil and will mix it with food.

  47. Avatar

    Maegan V

    Was planning to relieve my dog’s allegic symptoms with CBD oil. Then I saw this and I figured this will be easy to administer. I was right because Terry loves it and licks everything off the bowl. It’s great because his scratching and whimpering stopped.

  48. Avatar

    Shiela D.

    It’s really helpful with my dog’s anxiety. He stopped prancing around and whimpering. He also finds it tasty.

  49. Avatar


    My little Annie’s terrified of thunder. This is such a great help. Will be sure to stock this at home because it’s a must-have during thunderstorms.

  50. Avatar

    June R.

    I love it that they provide an easy payment method. Ordering is not much of a hassle.

  51. Avatar

    Peter Sanchez

    Quick and easy checkout! Thanks Kushly

  52. Avatar

    Miggy Jr.

    Great products.

  53. Avatar

    Gale Larson

    Kushly makes hemp treats for different sizes, according to dog’s weight and size. My previous supplier did not offer this. So I choose this large dog hemp treats for my St. Bernard. He likes the taste.

  54. Avatar

    Sarah E.

    I love Kushly’s hemp treats. It has given my 14 year old another chance to live and enjoy her life. She’s old and these treats really helped with her mobility.

  55. Avatar

    Ann L

    Pretty Good.

  56. Avatar

    Mischa Cohen

    Great product for 12-year old dog who has been having difficulty in moving her hind and hip joints. After taking these for a week, my girls has a spring on her step again.

  57. Avatar

    Kathleen P.

    I love how there’s so many choices of flavors. Will try the Bacon and Sweet Potato for my dog next time.

  58. Avatar

    Joy W.

    There was a minor website issue when I visited but it was solved immediately. Overall, it was a good experience ordering from Kushly.

  59. Avatar


    Helped our Basset Hound with her chronic shoulder pain and separation anxiety

  60. Avatar

    Stevie H.

    We did some research on CBD and found out that it seems to help managing pets’ pain. Been using it for a week now and so far the results seem great. Our dogs’ apetites are better plus they seem to be more lively.

  61. Avatar

    Darlene Mira

    I got it on time and it improved my dog’s overall mood.

  62. Avatar

    Helen T.

    Gives me hope about my dog’s condition. Thank you for the fast delivery.

  63. Avatar

    Mikail C.

    My dog is currently on prescription for cushings and lyme. I order this and planned to give him on the side to see if it helps him.

  64. Avatar

    Cherrie G.

    I trust this hemp treats more than I trust the pain meds prescribed by the vet. But it’s still best to consult with the vet first.

  65. Avatar

    Janet Gibson

    It’s my 2nd time to purchase a bag. Transaction is fast, easy, and reliable!

  66. Avatar

    Laarni Gomez

    My Chihuahua loves the taste. Will definitely order more next time.

  67. Avatar

    Matthew P.

    Got to thank Kushly so much. These hemp treats are awesome! My dog’s moving and jumping around like normal. No more pain for her.

  68. Avatar

    Matthew P.

    Got to thank Kushly so much. These hemp treats are awesome! My dog’s moving and jumping around like normal. No more pain for her.

  69. Avatar

    Ash C.

    My 12-year old terrier loves this treat. It helped calm down his anxiety after his adoption.

  70. Avatar

    Samantha E.

    Loving these high quality selection of pet treats. It’s great that it has CBD on it.

  71. Avatar

    Ronnie C.

    It’s my 2nd time to order and impressed with their consistent fast and efficient service.

  72. Avatar

    Jason C.

    Tried it with my dog and it’s pretty good stuff. Just wish it was a little cheaper. But I’ll still definitely buy again.

  73. Avatar

    Alecks B

    Our cocker spaniel has been suffering from bouts of seizures from time to time. This helped a lot. Hoping in time it will be healed completely. Thank you!

  74. Avatar

    Benjamin A.

    Kushly is an interesting company that seems to be dedicated in educating people about the benefits of CBD oil. I’m glad they are concerned with the welfare of pets.

  75. Avatar

    Ben I.

    These treats are wonderful. My dog loves them.

  76. Avatar

    Lizzie Menlo

    We’ve been giving this to our dog for 2 months now. We have a 15-year old golden retriever who is already walking very slow and is suffering from cataracts. We thought that she doesn’t have much time left but now she’s eating well and is more lively. Kushly’s hemp treats greatly improved her quality of life.

  77. Avatar

    Dave A.

    The whole ordering process is great. It’s simple and smooth-sailing. Saves me from all the hassle.

  78. Avatar

    Susan T.

    Interesting selection here but would more appreciate more info about CBD for pets. Hope you could include more content.

  79. Avatar

    George E.

    Great product, I find it easy to feed to pets. Using this for both my dog and cats. Will definitely repurchase.

  80. Avatar

    Sebastian N

    Awesome products and service.

  81. Avatar

    Tamara K.

    This has been an immense help with my dog’s athritis. Will recommend it to my pet-owner friends.

  82. Avatar

    Aldrich Young

    Ordered our first bag and so far the product seems great. It looks like it’s helping my dog relax. No more anxiety for him.

  83. Avatar

    Jennifer B.

    Searched for a relaxant for fireworks and storms anxiety. I learned that CBD can help with that and I’m glad that they also have a pet treats variety. It is amazingly effective and it seems that it’s also made up of quality ingredients.

  84. Avatar

    Michael D.

    Just tried this product for my 14-year old dog. It’s because I’ve read up that CBD is actually good for aging pets, so I figured I’ll give it a shot. It seems to work well and she’s loving it. Seems like there’s an improvement in her disposition.

  85. Avatar

    Gail P.

    Dog is getting older and showing signs of slowing down with his walk. Order this and it seems to bring back to spring in his step. Gotta love it!

  86. Avatar

    Kim B.

    The transaction went well and all is good. Will update once I received the item.

  87. Avatar

    Rachel Farley

    I ordered this item for my maltese’s anxiety and skin issues. I must say it did a pretty decent job. Big chance that I’ll order a 2nd batch.

  88. Avatar


    Can’t wait for my baby girl to try this product! Such an exciting variety.

  89. Avatar

    Ogie R.

    Love this for my dog.

  90. Avatar


    Great product

  91. Avatar

    Fanny Livingston

    Website easy to navigate website, fast transaction, and it seems to help my dog relax. I can say everything’s amazing so far.

  92. Avatar

    Stella Davis

    Been using this for 3 weeks now and we love it!

  93. Avatar

    Shelly Wilson

    I love this hemp treats because it’s such a great reliever to my poodle’s anxiety and pain. She’s now back to her old, jolly self.

  94. Avatar


    Simple, direct, and straightforward. Had a good experience with this website.

  95. Avatar

    Doty Pecson

    Tasty and calming treats for my boy. This is exactly what I was looking for!

  96. Avatar

    Marie Lee

    Just placed my order and looking forward to receive it for my dog. The transaction was fast and easy.

  97. Avatar

    Janie Osbourne

    This is the perfect choice for my Collie pup. She loves it and licks it off my fingers. She doesn’t prance around and whimper as much after taking this.

  98. Avatar

    Anton H.

    These worked well with my friend’s dog so I decided to give it a try. Didn’t have a hard time checking out because navigation is simple and it’s easy to checkout. Can’t wait to give this to my Ozzie.

  99. Avatar

    Leia Wong

    I have 10-year old beautiful Chinese Crested dog who has been suffering from inflammed joints for a week now. Ordered this and it helped out with all the trouble. Thanks Kushly!

  100. Avatar

    Maurie Wilde

    My dog loves her Bacon and Sweet Potato Hemp treats!

  101. Avatar

    Cristina Flowler

    My dog whimpers a lot everytime I have to leave for work. This helps calm down her separationa anxiety immensely.

  102. Avatar

    Leslie O

    Product was shipped days before expected. So far, so good. My dog seems to like the taste.

  103. Avatar

    Dustin A.

    These hemp treats are wonderful! I love the fact they they can be easily administered to my dog. He loves the calming effect it has on him.

  104. Avatar


    Thumbs up for the fast and easy checkout

  105. Avatar

    Valerie Simmons

    Had a good experience with Kushly. Their customer rep was very attentive and responsive thru email. I got exactly what I needed.

  106. Avatar

    Cindy R.

    This provides excellent benefits for our dear Scottish Deerhound!

  107. Avatar

    Dustin A.

    Small Dog Hemp Treats- Peanut Butter and Pumpkin – Helps my dog stay calm

  108. Avatar


    Kushly is a good choice when it comes to CBD pet treats. The website’s layout is awesome and checkout is fast and easy.

  109. Avatar

    Kristin S.

    They were able to answer my questions promptly. The answers were quite detailed as well. Good job. Can’t wait for my order.

  110. Avatar

    Laurie J

    I really like these hemp treats that Kushly has. My Mastiff, Riri, has been doing so much better.

  111. Avatar

    Delia Torres

    Ordered arrived and just started using it. It’s too early to notice any improvements. But the customer service is excellent.

  112. Avatar

    Jenny Bogs

    Thank you, Kushly. You’re such great help.

  113. Avatar

    Ben B.

    My dog was suffering from chronic joint pain in his fore legs. These hemp treats worked like a charm.

  114. Avatar

    Gigi Porter

    Had our dog taken in for a biopsy and bought this because I want to be prepared with the results.

  115. Avatar

    Barbara C.

    Got curious about using CBD for pets. My dog isn’t suffering from any issue, but I just wants to see if he’ll like this. So far, he does! And his apetite improved.

  116. Avatar

    Robin D.

    Ordering is as easy as pie.

  117. Avatar

    Denise Carlisle

    Wow! Excellent set of products. They’re great for my dog.

  118. Avatar

    Pancho Adams

    Been trying bunch of products for my dog’s anxiety. This is the one that seems to help the most!

  119. Avatar


    I’m on my third bag since I have four dogs. So far, so good. This is the flavor that everyone seems to like the most. Appreciate the prompt delivery.

  120. Avatar


    I love the easy ordering method that you have

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