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Product Description

Kushly Strawberry Limeade CBD Toothpicks is a tasty and discreet source of CBD for health improvement. These CBD picks are fortified with 250mg of cannabidiol oil, infused with luscious strawberry and tangy lime zests. With combined natural and artificial flavors, these are sure to satisfy your need for cannabidiol.

Our Strawberry Limeade CBD Toothpicks are:

  • Derived from organically grown hemp
  • Non-GMO
  • All-natural without pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers
  • Delectable fruity taste
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Guaranteed safe and potent

Kushly only uses hemp ingredients that are pure and organic, while ensuring that the flavor is true-to-taste. Our toothpicks are also your best source of cannabidiol as it is guaranteed to be high-concentrate and easy to use.

Why Get Kushly Strawberry Limeade CBD Toothpicks?

There is no denying that cannabidiol is has a lot of therapeutic benefits including pain relief, anti-inflammation and anti-spasm, as well as energy-, cognition- and creativity-boosting. aside from the advantages of consuming this cannabinoid, our Strawberry Limeade CBD toothpicks also give the benefits that the two fruits have to offer.

Strawberry’s high vitamin C, potassium, antioxidants and free radicals content help improve immune functions, lower blood pressure, prevent arthritis and gout symptoms, and lower risks of stroke. This fruit also relieves allergies and promotes healthy eyesight. On the other hand, lime is known to promote healthy skin, digestion, weight loss, and low blood sugar. It also fights infection, heart diseases, and cancer risks.

Benefits of Kushly Strawberry Limeade CBD Toothpicks

  • Complete with 250mg of pure hemp-derived cannabidiol
  • Gives the true taste of strawberry and lime
  • Promotes dental health
  • Comes in an easy-to-carry tube for optimal portability
  • Offers a discreet option for consuming cannabidiol


Why Buy Strawberry Limeade CBD Toothpicks from Kushly?

With cannabidiol products becoming more and more mainstream, the market is overflowing with various brands and lines. This makes finding high-quality cannabidiol items from reputable sources. From mislabeled products to outright ineffective ones, you can find a whole lot of low-rate hemp items in the market.

Good thing you can rely on Kushly. We are your best partner when it comes to purchasing hemp products such as cannabidiol-infused picks. We at Kushly prioritizes quality control to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Plus, we make it a point to make our products convenient, safe and healthy for consumers. By buying hemp-infused toothpicks from us, you are sure that your goods are organic, effective, and truly rewarding.

Suggested Use

Place in mouth and suck for 5–10 minutes to soften pick and release the CBD. Micro-dose effects should be felt within 20 minutes. Full effect should be felt within 45 minutes to an hour. Your body will absorb CBD through your tongue and the lining of the mouth – remainder will be swallowed and ingested. The effects will be felt throughout your body. For full dosage intake, flip the pick to the other end and repeat. Do not swallow the chewed wood. Use and discard!


Hemp Oil, Xylitol, Spilanthes, Natural Flavors, Artificial Flavors, Sucralose

Product Reviews

  1. Avatar

    Tom Jenkins

    Better option!
    Love this flavor. Used them as an alternative pace from my usual mint-flavored choice.

  2. Avatar

    Christy Webb

    Worth the money.

    Unique and refreshing taste which I like a lot. Highly recommend it.

  3. Avatar

    Leila Cole

    Sweet treat.
    This product reminds me of my childhood sweets. An enjoyable treat.

  4. Avatar

    Joshua Shaw

    Best product ever!

    I’ve been a toothpick chewer for years and these are hands down my favorite!

  5. Avatar

    Jake Flores

    Affordable and Effective.
    Everything I could want in a product. Will recommend to friends!

  6. Avatar

    Benjie Edwards

    I highly recommend these toothpicks to anyone who can’t stand the bitter taste of CBD. The fruity flavor makes it easy to chew and get the benefits of cbd regardless.

  7. Avatar

    Joshua Matthews

    I always keep a pack in my bag. It’s very handy than having to carry drops

  8. Avatar

    George Myers

    These are delicious! I will definitely continue using the picks.

  9. Avatar

    Georgina Foster

    Long-lasting minty flavor and just right CBD potent for my daily dose,

  10. Avatar

    Malou Perry

    So far so good, been using these toothpicks for 2 weeks now. Its not as effective as when I use CBD Oil but it still serve its purpose for my backpain

  11. Avatar

    Girlie Morgan

    Definitely 5 star for me. They are great, and the price is just right!

  12. Avatar

    Hillary Cook

    My husband love these toothipick! I purchased other brands and they are just not as good as Kushly’s

  13. Avatar

    Stuart Rogers

    Makes a great stress reliever, I chew on this every morning.

  14. Avatar

    Samantha Evans

    Love the strawberry flavor. I finally found the right flavor for me and my sister loves it too.

  15. Avatar

    Richard Cosby

    Love how these toothpick taste, and works well for my back pain

  16. Avatar

    Elias Peters

    Not the best, but it serves its purpose for the dose of CBD that I need for my chronic pain

  17. Avatar

    Basty Phillips

    These are amazing. The strawberry flavor stays long after the pick is gone, plus the cbd effect is fast and effective

  18. Avatar

    Richard Davis

    Very good product, i love the fact that they sell strawberry flavor. Will place my next order soon.

  19. Avatar

    Vince Mitchelle

    I really like these CBD toothpicks and if your considering them, they are a great product to buy.

  20. Avatar

    Albert Mason

    Love chewing these picks, not to mention its very affordable compared to other sellers.

  21. Avatar

    Ruby Reynolds

    It’s really helpful. I’m trying not to chew gum anymore and having one of these little guys curbs that craving.

  22. Avatar

    Ron Schuler

    Bought a pack of these for my husband. He likes the flavor and says it works wonder with his backpain.

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