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Product Description

Kushly Topical CBD Ointment is made from rich hemp oil from the best Kentucky sources. It gives a cool and calming sensation while the CBD is absorbed in the skin. You are guaranteed to get the best results with its soft, smooth and no-oil consistency and formula.

Faster and More Focused Effects

Unlike ingesting CBD Oil, which takes hours before taking effect, the Topical is immediately absorbed in trouble areas. Its soothing properties benefit those who have skin allergies and other issues. Numerous painful conditions can also be relieved faster and more focused, targeting a specific spot or area of the skin.

* Less than .02% THC

CBD Ointment – What’s The Benefit?

Our CBD topical cream provides comfort when active therapeutic hemp extract is directly applied to the affected site. This product is useful for aching joints and superficial muscle tissue because the cannabidiol compound will permeate on the dermal layers directly to the site of inflammation.

Benefits of Kushly Topical CBD Ointment:

  • Icy menthol feel for superior relief
  • Natural moisturizing ingredients for smooth and chapped-free skin
  • Organic hemp extract from raw plant material as CBD oils(1)
  • Faster affect


What’s The Difference Between A CBD Topicals and Other Kushly Products?

Each of our products has distinct uses and applications. Before you opt to buy the Topical CBD lotion, you can check other products that we offer to understand what you require.

Get our menthol ointment to ease sore joints, muscle tissues and damaged skin areas faster. Our standard CBD Oil drops take effect a little longer because it needs to enter the bloodstream. With topical creams, you can feel the effect within minutes as the cannabinoid is absorbed into the dermal layers, straight to the trouble areas.

We also make sure to only use natural moisturizing ingredients to leave skin beautiful and soft, while providing comfort and therapeutic feeling in the body. Check out our Topical CBD Ointment Max Strength here

Suggested Use

As a topical ointment, take a small amount and rub it completely over problem areas. Repeat as many times as needed.


Purified Water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Squalane, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Ethylene Glycol Distearate, Menthol, Sodium Acrylates Copolymer, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Arnica Montana Flower Extract, Boswellia Serrata Extract, Allantoin, Propylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Lecithin, Glycerylstereate, Peg 100, Stereate, Diasonilidyl, Tocopherol Acetate

Product Reviews

  1. Avatar

    Allyson Novak

    After trying Kushly’s CBD ointment, I lessened the need for ibuprofen and other oral pain relievers. It’s also great for rashes and minor inflammation.

  2. Avatar

    Nadia Wood

    Great product from Kushly!

    Its efffective plus the cool effect of menthol is superb! Will recommend it to others!

  3. Avatar

    Hadassah Miranda

    One of the strongest pain relievers in the market. This is such a gem for an athritis sufferer like me. I will hoard up on this one.

  4. Avatar

    Connor Benjamin

    The smell is pleasant since it is plant-derived. It really works fast on my aching joints.

  5. Avatar

    Leila Ibarra

    Served me well when I had an ankle sprain a week ago. Buying another one for my kids and to stock at home. Works fast!

  6. Avatar

    Marjorie Wilson

    Best CBD ointment I’ve tried. I will definitely be buying again!

  7. Avatar

    Daniel Erikcson

    Recommended by my friends, so far I’m satisfied with the result. Helps relieve muscle pain.

  8. Avatar

    Shelby Conner

    First day using it, very pleased with the effect!

  9. Avatar

    Timothy Lewis

    It works!

    I’m really happy with this product. Will recommended to friends!

  10. Avatar

    James Ford

    This worked great for me. Will be purchasing more soon!

  11. Avatar

    Tim Foster

    I definitely recommend you try this product.

  12. Avatar

    Angie Fitzgerald

    I’ve heard of CBD products from friends, and I’ve decided it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. Good thing I did.

  13. Avatar

    Wilma Brooks

    I would definitely recommend this Topical CBD ointment! Very effective.

  14. Avatar

    Savana Bryant

    If you are looking for a product to soothe your body pain, then this is a perfect choice!

  15. Avatar

    Gael Howard

    This product worked wonders. Pains were almost gone and I felt more refreshed after applying this ointment.

  16. Avatar

    Rachel King

    I definitely recommend this ointment to anyone looking for an effective product to relieve pain.

  17. Avatar

    Olga Collins

    Looking for ways to help relax your mind and body? This product is for you. It works for me!

  18. Avatar

    Miguel Diaz

    I would definitely recommend this Topical CBD ointment because it is easy to use and has already shown great results in a short amount of time.

  19. Avatar

    Bianca Watson

    It works quickly in reducing the pain. I’ve tried many ointments for pain and this is by far the best!

  20. Avatar

    Steve Coleman

    This product is great. Worth it!

  21. Avatar

    Simmon Lewis

    Will never regret ordering again. I went through it quickly!

  22. Avatar

    Angelie Cooper

    I recommend this product to anyone who suffers aching joints! Really effective for me.

  23. Avatar

    Eddie Stewart

    This product is exceptional!

  24. Avatar

    Paolo Reed

    Their product is top quality! Worth the money..

  25. Avatar

    Kate Hernandez

    This ointment is a miracle pain reliever! Love it!

  26. Avatar

    Michael Turner

    Worked well for me. Happy I purchased this product.

  27. Avatar

    Ana Baker

    It was a good choice! Very soothing.

  28. Avatar

    Penelope Hall

    I’ve only used this ointment a few times but I instantly feel relief.

  29. Avatar

    Frank Garcia

    This stuff works exactly as needed, I am very thankful!

  30. Avatar

    Floyd Brooks

    Mother know’s Best!
    My mom bought one for me. I am having a hard time when my arthritis kicks in (juvenile arthritis). After applying this, it feels as if I do not have arthritis at all.

  31. Avatar

    Tony Thompson

    It was highly recommended by a friend. Let’s see…

  32. Avatar

    Jess Thomas

    I have been amazed at the benefits I’ve experienced with this product!

  33. Avatar

    Jamari Dickerson

    I just ordered this product, can’t wait to try this out!

  34. Avatar

    Mina Kennedy

    I usually dont write reviews but for this product i feel like i have to. I am completely mind blown at how amazing this product is! Will most definitely purchase again.

  35. Avatar

    Fabian Rodriguez

    This product is incredible. Will recommend to my friends for sure!

  36. Avatar

    Angie Gill

    I’m sold on this topical CBD ointment. Best one I’ve tried so far…

  37. Avatar

    Journey Andersen

    I have back pain from sitting in the office for hours. But thanks to CBD ointment. I feel so much relief after applying this, its the best product for me!

  38. Avatar

    Joanne Thomas

    This is the best pain reliever product I have got!

  39. Avatar

    Nate Simmons

    Being a sales person I need to stand all the time in the shop giving me leg cramps. Good thing I found this ointment that can help me do my work without the pain.

  40. Avatar

    James Wade

    Mom love this gift from me, she said she used this and her pain was gone. She now enjoys her gardening without suffuring from her muscle pain.

  41. Avatar

    Mike Evans

    I had trouble sleeping because of my back pain. So I bought this ointment and i felt relived. Now i can sleep well at night thanks to Kushly oitment

  42. Avatar

    Carl Holt

    I work long hours in front of a computer, now I noticed I started having neck stiffness. I used this ointment and it is great and effective. Now I can work long hours with no pain.

  43. Avatar

    Jerry Timothy

    My son helped me clean the storage room. Now we are both sore from cleaning. This ointment helps us through the muscle pains.

  44. Avatar

    Trish Powell

    Excellent for back pain! I can attest it works like magic. And a little goes a long way! You should try it now.

  45. Avatar

    Ivan Murphy

    I love this product, I apply it to the area I mostly feel pain and it helps a lot!

  46. Avatar

    Sarah Hughes

    Want to buy another ointment now! I really love it! So effective for me.

  47. Avatar

    Laci Buckley

    I had a bad sprain after a game of volleyball. Mom kept this ointment in our medicine cabinet so I took and rub it on my sprained ankle. I was so happy that it worked so fast, the pain was gone in just a few minutes. Since it’s very portable I bought one to carry with me everytime I have a game.

  48. Avatar

    Carley Arellano

    Work so well I bought this as a gift for my family members.

  49. Avatar

    Mimi Scott

    Love this for when I experience body pain after an intense workout, I apply it and after minutes I don’t feel sore anymore.

  50. Avatar

    Bria Middleton

    I noticed my mom’s foot was swelling after she slipped in the toilet. Nothing is broken but when he swelling hurts. I applied this ointment and the swelling subsided in less than an hour. I am so glad we have this. It saved my mom form a lot of pain.

  51. Avatar

    Sammy Herrera

    I use this when I get backaches. It works wonders. Will buy more when I run out.

  52. Avatar

    Bailee Fitzgerald

    I didn’t know CBD topical ointment can actually help me to lessen my wrinkles. it’s amazing how this product works.

  53. Avatar

    Thomas Mercado

    Goodbye pain! Hello Kushly ointment!

  54. Avatar

    Bo Krueger

    It helps with the pain and to fall asleep. Will definitely buy more

  55. Avatar

    Braedon Lutz

    A friend suggested this ointment after noticing that I was having a acne outbreak. I never knew CBD topical ointment can actually help me clear my acne. My skin looks clearer now. Thanks to this product

  56. Avatar

    Nicole Carter

    Ever since I started using this product I have been almost pain-free. Love the menthol feel. It really helps.

  57. Avatar

    Finley Braun

    So effective! Highly recommended!

  58. Avatar

    Ryder Zimmerman

    Life can be so relaxing with this ointment

  59. Avatar

    Rebecca Quinn

    This stuff has helped me so much!! My back pain is gone within seconds after applying this ointment. Very nice.

  60. Avatar

    Declan Hoover

    Very convenient to carry around.

  61. Avatar

    Anya Barton

    Hiking is my favorite hobby but I always end up having leg cramps. I bought this cream to try and see if it can resolve my problem and it did! I am so thrilled to finally enjoy hiking without the pain. thanks, Kushly

  62. Avatar

    Janiah Shepard

    i manage to stay focused because of this very effective ointment that makes my body ache disappear

  63. Avatar

    Molly Chavez

    Very effective for my anxiety.

  64. Avatar

    Amanda Potter

    Super effective for my muscle pain. I’ll place another order soon!

  65. Avatar

    Joseph Martin

    Finally, a topical ointment that really helps with muscle relief.

  66. Avatar

    Charlie Todd

    This product works great after an intense workout. I highly recommend this.

  67. Avatar

    John Manning

    I normally apply this ointment after my daily run. Works great. Thanks Kushly for making this amazing product.

  68. Avatar

    Karma Palmer

    It was easy to place an order because the website is easy to navigate. The transaction is simple and easy. Can’t wait to try the product.

  69. Avatar

    Lucy Glover

    This menthol ointment feels great and hasn’t left a greasy feeling. I’m quite a fan of it!!

  70. Avatar

    Janiya Davis

    Relieves pain in minutes!
    I bought one for my grandma who is suffering from a hip injury. No words can describe seeing her relieved from the pain. Thank you Kushly

  71. Avatar

    Celine Parker

    Kushly’s Topical CBD is the best REMEDY!
    It works perfectly with my back pain!

  72. Avatar

    Kate Baldwin

    I thought I’d give this product a try and I have to say I’m not disappointed. It works!!

  73. Avatar

    Amanda Scott

    Works wonders.
    I liked that it’s easy to apply. Very effective. Highly recommend!

  74. Avatar

    Mike Barker

    Has helped me relieved a nasty back pain. Will recommend to my friends.

  75. Avatar

    Louise Park

    The best ointment I used so far. Last night my whole body was sore. Just one application and the soreness was gone. The menthol feels really helps.

  76. Avatar

    Katelynn Baker

    Will surely buy another one!
    Ive never tried any product as effective as Kushly’s Topical ointment.

  77. Avatar

    Carla Hartman

    Amazingly effective Topical Ointment!
    This Kushly’s CBD ointment is amazing, I’ve got fibromyalgia and having this condition is not easy. It helps relieve the pain!

  78. Avatar

    Joshua Holt

    I love this product. The cooling sensation is awesome! Definitely recommend.

  79. Avatar

    Anthony White

    Travel companion.

    My skin thrives from the intense hydration when I travel. This product is the best companion. Hydrating and effective ointment!

  80. Avatar

    Esperanza Rush

    I recently bought this product and I absolutely love it! I’ve already used it for pain relief.

  81. Avatar

    Will Shelton

    Happy pain-free day for me.

  82. Avatar

    Dan Curtis

    Works great without the greasy feel.

  83. Avatar

    Eman Fleming

    I love taking care of my grandkids but sometimes my joints can’t cope with their activities. Good thing a friend recommended this CBD ointment. Apply a little and I can play with my grandkids all day long.

  84. Avatar

    Reese S

    Does the trick!

    I wear heels for work and this helps sooth my arches as well as the pads of my feet when they are achy. Love it!

  85. Avatar

    Ricardo T

    Great for my ankle pain

    I have suffered ankle injuries from playing football/soccer since I was 14 (i’m not 32). This cbd ointment reminds me a little bit of icy hot without the burning effect. Much more subtle but more effective.

  86. Avatar


    Silky smooth

    Tried this product mainly for some joint pain i’ve been experiencing in my right knee and decided to also use it for my mid/lower back muscle tightness/pain. Worked well for both and I’m pleased with how easy it is to apply and rub in.

  87. Avatar


    Fast Acting

    I recently got hit by a car (nothing terrible but it hurt like hell) and my friend gave me this topical lotion. I was skeptical, but the next day I was not looking forward to waking up but I swear I felt 100% like it was just a dream. I didn’t even know what CBD was but I just bought some gummies and the mint oil hoping this stuff is as amazing as I think it is.

  88. Avatar

    Rose Garrett

    I work as a nurse and often need to lift patients and walk around to check them causing backaches and leg pain. With this ointment, I can just rub it on the painful area and it easily relieves the pain. Great product!

  89. Avatar

    Ana Jacobs

    Love this product! Highly recommended!

  90. Avatar

    Yam McCoy

    The pain greatly decreased after using CBD ointment. I have joint pain for sometime now, and I can guarantee that this is effective.

  91. Avatar

    Iyana Beltran

    I was hesitant to try it at first but now I’ve confirmed that there are no side effects.

  92. Avatar

    Brooke Carr

    I bought this for my grandma who constantly complain about her back pain. Rubbing a little of this ointment takes away the pain and helps her in her daily activities. Thanks to Kushly

  93. Avatar

    Lily Peters

    There is no greasy feeling after applying it on my skin. Love that fact.

  94. Avatar

    Hannah Willis

    The menthol in this ointment gives a relaxing sensation for me. I love the feeling.

  95. Avatar

    Danny Stones

    I am so happy with the results. I can just apply it to my arms and legs and anywhere else I feel I need it. I feel very relaxed after putting it on my skin.

  96. Avatar

    Tyler Burns

    I came across this product by accident as I was browsing on the internet. Curiosity made me bought one since I was having some shoulder pain. When I applied it, I felt relieved. I am happy to have come across Kushly.

  97. Avatar

    Charlie Edwards

    Goodbye back pain!

  98. Avatar

    Mitch Kennedy

    I decided to try it because of so many reviews. It had my hope high a bit. As soon as my legs started cramping, I quickly applied it, and to my amazement it starts working immediately. Now I understand why there’s so many great feedback. Cause it really works! Thanks for making such product.

  99. Avatar

    Evan Scott

    I highly recommend this!

  100. Avatar

    Penelope Green

    Like the menthol sensation, it’s very relaxing.

  101. Avatar

    Kate Goodwin

    I can actually turn my head now. I applied this after I slept in a wrong position hurting my neck. I’m in love with this product, i totally recommend it!

  102. Avatar

    Pauline Molina

    I was using this for my knee pain and started noticing that my skin on my knees are getting softer. So i tried to use it on my hands which is becoming very dry and to my surprise my hands became very soft again in just a few days. I am very satisfied

  103. Avatar

    Gaven Ross

    I have been taking this all-natural CBD ointment for nearly a week now and my joint pain are now gone. Highly recommended

  104. Avatar

    Elias Grover

    I love this product! It really works for me

  105. Avatar

    Tamara Padilla

    For me, this is best CBD topical ointment in the market!

  106. Avatar

    Christine Reeves

    I can’t sleep because of my backache. My husband applied this and pain went away and I got the good sleep I needed.

  107. Avatar

    Precious Walsh

    Love the menthol sensation on my skin

  108. Avatar

    Hadassah Warren

    I used this for my abdominal pain. It works great!

  109. Avatar

    Tina Bowen

    The package arrived fast! It is very effective as a pain reliever!

  110. Avatar

    Kelly Merritt

    Not greasy at all and it works as described

  111. Avatar

    Markus White

    I had an injury playing baseball and my shoulder bothers me every night. This ointment was the answer to relieve me from the pain

  112. Avatar

    Cheyenne Morse

    The pain relief I get out of this ointment is far better than what I expected. Try it and you won’t be disappointed

  113. Avatar

    Luke Dawson

    I love it!!! A little of this ointment works really well for my body pain.

  114. Avatar

    Alice Herrera

    Thanks Kushly for this amazing cbd ointment, I have arthritis and this helped me alot to curb the pain

  115. Avatar

    Brody Ingram

    I love the results that’s why I am ordering 2 more

  116. Avatar

    Anthony Locke

    I am amazed as it gives a long-lasting effect to relief my back pain. I guarantee!

  117. Avatar

    Kaylyn Frank

    I’ve tried other hemp products and this ointment is far the best in the market. It works and delivers just as it describes, I am enjoying my day better without feeling the pain on my back

  118. Avatar

    Madelynn Hess

    I apply this ointment to my feet every night and I feel a lot better and ready for work the next day coz it helps ease up the sore and pain

  119. Avatar

    Claire Page

    Applying a few of this product and I can be active again. Highly recommended.

  120. Avatar

    Yadira Rowland

    This ointment is like a miracle, my shoulder pain is gone after applying it

  121. Avatar

    Karen Valencia

    It didn’t completely take me out of the pain I have on my back but it helped a bit

  122. Avatar

    Anabel Mclean

    My work requires me to stand on my feet for long hours so I feel sore when I get home. This ointment is a great pain reliever and relaxes my muscle at night

  123. Avatar

    Brian Holt

    Good price and it works great

  124. Avatar

    Gisselle Acosta

    It penetrates the skin really well which is why I feel it soothing my muscles and reducing the aches

  125. Avatar

    Vina Neal

    Found relief after applying it on my sored arms.

  126. Avatar

    Dessy Newman

    My husband got into a motorcycle accident a few months ago and broke his leg, a week ago his doctor confirmed that he has recovered from it but at home, he experienced muscle tension on his leg. So I got him this product and it worked great on him, it helped him relieve the pain and relax his muscles. I am glad to have found this ointment.

  127. Avatar

    Sam Vargas

    It is easier to fall asleep now that the pain is gone. Thanks to this ointment. It hits the right spot. Will definitely buy more!

  128. Avatar

    Bubbles Davidson

    Effective for a back pain reliever with no side effects. It’s great!

  129. Avatar

    Vicky Greg

    I’ve been using this for a few days now and I am very pleased with how it helps with my pain.

  130. Avatar

    Valerie Lynch

    I have been having lower back pain and I found this product. When I tried it I quickly felt that pain dissolving away from my body in just seconds. I feel so satisfied that I got myself this ointment.

  131. Avatar

    Greg Stanley

    Works like magic! Highly recommended!

  132. Avatar

    Thalia Escobar

    I use this ointment on my sore muscles after working out in the gym. It’s doesn’t completely cure removes the muscle pain but it does help soothe the soreness

  133. Avatar

    Louie Chapman

    I feel a lot of tension on the back of my neck and I have tried using hot compress but it doesn’t help that much. A friend recommended Kushly topical ointment. The CBD in it has penetrated into the source of the pain and helped me feel relieved. I now have a better day thanks to Kushly.

  134. Avatar

    Avah Scott

    I bought this for my dad to use on his hands for arthritis pain. It works amazing for him, he loves it.

  135. Avatar

    Mike Jenkins

    I am going through pain due to my neuropathy, so I got myself this ointment and just as I have applied it instantaneously my pain disappeared. I love this product.

  136. Avatar

    Emilee W

    Soothing and effective!
    The natural moisturising ingredients plus its fast pain relief are really the reasons why I bought one. It’s effective, I can vouch for that!

  137. Avatar

    Cindy Fox

    My mom has major sciatica pain and this ointment has helped her. Will buy more

  138. Avatar

    Veronica Ortiz

    In just 10 minutes I began feeling relief! I could literally feel the pain on my back starting to go away. I highly recommend this product.

  139. Avatar

    Lisa Gordon

    This cbd ointment does relieve my shoulder pain. Although the fragrance is rather strong, but it’s tolerable

  140. Avatar

    Dominic Grant

    I could literally feel the pain starting to go away as I rub this product on my legs, my muscles started to feel relaxed. I couldn’t believe that just a few of this ointment can be spread on to my whole leg. Such great savings and so effective.

  141. Avatar

    Angeline Villanueva

    I bought many products from this website and this ointment is by far the best and most effective for my pain.

  142. Avatar

    Jack Austin

    My dad is having a bad day due to his body aches. So I rubbed some of this ointment on him and his face lit up like a light bulb of happiness and told me he really feels so great. The pain is gone. He told me to order more of this for him.

  143. Avatar

    Layla Sawyer

    This ointment is so worth it !!! Fast shipping

  144. Avatar

    Alexa Holmes

    I have been suffering from osteoarthritis for years now and I feel that I needed to share to everyone how Kushly ointment had changed my life. Giving me the immediate relief I need is the greatest feeling I have for years now. I’m definitely going to be ordering this again.

  145. Avatar

    Gaven Dixon

    I tried to use this ointment and it seems to absorb quickly on my skin that relieved me of my pain. I love the fact that I can directly apply it to the aching part of my body. I recommend this to those who want quick relief.

  146. Avatar

    Yasmine Ford

    Bought for my son who had injuries from a motorcycle accident, he tried a lot of medication but this helped the most

  147. Avatar

    Kiley Richards

    It reduced my pain after just rubbing it on my knee. Amazingly it alloweded me to bend my knees after 20 mins of application

  148. Avatar

    Madyson Delgado

    I love this ointment! It really does relieve my pain fast.

  149. Avatar

    Isla Porter

    I love this stuff! It really does work on my knees!! I recommend it to everyone!!

  150. Avatar

    Paula Duke

    Pleased with this product, this helps me with the pain I am feeling with my arm.

  151. Avatar

    Frank Webb

    This product helped me get through my games. I often have muscle cramps during training. The ointment really seemed to ease my soreness without the greasy feeling.

  152. Avatar

    Weston Fisher

    All natural! Great product! Smells nice and feels nice on the skin.

  153. Avatar

    Ramona Hunt

    I really like the cooling effect of the menthol which is soothing. I also like the fact that it’s very portable. I can carry it around where ever I am when the pain strikes.

  154. Avatar

    Owen Khan

    Works amazingly in relieving muscle and joint pains

  155. Avatar

    Pam Freeman

    I tried this ointment and instantaneously the pain in my wrist disappeared. Great relief.

  156. Avatar

    Cornelius Copeland

    After using this ointment, I got some relief from my neuropathy.

  157. Avatar

    Draven Young

    If you are suffering from leg cramps like me this is the product for you. It works well and I do not feel sore anymore and can walk long distance now unlike before

  158. Avatar

    Jadiel Bradley

    Great product and delivery.

  159. Avatar

    Evelin Monroe

    My mom has osteoporosis and she is always in pain when moving around the house so I bough here this ointment. Now, she feels better and doesn’t complain much about the pain anymore.

  160. Avatar

    Destinee Mcmillan

    I love how it works for my shoulder pain. Now I can sleep on it without feeling sore when I wake up

  161. Avatar

    Annika Dougherty

    I always get stiff neck from working all day in front of the computer and boy this ointment is a lifesaver. I feel alot better and pain is bearable

  162. Avatar

    Aileen Chang

    Don’t have that chemical scent so I am sure this product is all natural. Will buy more

  163. Avatar

    Deborah Watts

    Easy to apply, not greasy which makes it very comfortable to use

  164. Avatar

    Kaylah Whitehead

    I love the fact that it’s lightweight and easy to apply. It gets absorbs into my skin quicker compared to other products. It has great consistency.

  165. Avatar

    Mikaela Sweeney

    This ointment is amazing, sure works and helps my lower back pain.

  166. Avatar

    Heidi Kent

    I never thought that I will ever be free of my knee pain until I tried this ointment! I assure you this one works

  167. Avatar

    Rebecca Gay

    Works great

  168. Avatar

    Charlee Boone

    This ointment is quality! Doesn’t leave an oily feeling when I use it, my skin absorbs it quickly and my pain is gone after 15 mins.

  169. Avatar

    Ashly Dixon

    I decided to buy this product after reading all the reviews, and true enough it works reducing my muscle pain in just a short period of time.

  170. Avatar

    Marianna Melendez

    Love that it’s convenient to carry while traveling. I am no longer worried about my cramps when hiking coz I have an ointment to reduce the pain

  171. Avatar

    Tom Stewart

    Very effective!
    My favorite ointment so far. I will continue to use it!

  172. Avatar

    Raegan Ortiz

    This product works effectively for my joint pains.

  173. Avatar

    Amani Maxwell

    I was convinced to buy one since its all natural, and I was not disappointed at all. I use it for extra protection for my sensitive skin

  174. Avatar

    Payton Stafford

    This ointment exceeded my expectation, loved how it works wonders after working out. I don’t feel too sore anymore once I apply it

  175. Avatar

    Nelson Underwood

    Driving long hours tend to give me back pain, so my wife always pack a bottle of this ointment in my every travel and it works wonders.

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