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Product Description

Kushly Vanilla CBD Oil is an organic dietary supplement great for increased vitality and health. Our oil has a mild vanilla flavor that is surely delicious, never dull or plain. Made from vanilla beans, its pleasing aroma and taste will leave you satisfied.

Our CBD Oil is proven to be:

  • Organic
  • Contains a delicious vanilla flavor
  • Free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides
  • Unadulterated and Non-GMO
  • Non-psychoactive (Less than 0.2% THC)
  • Laboratory tested to ensure purity, safety and potency

Kushly is the best source for high-concentrate and natural CBD Oil. It’s proven to be safe, potent, legal and totally affordable.

Choosing The Potency

In choosing the potency, consider starting low and gradually increase the dosage once you get the desired result. You can choose from 300mg, 600mg or go higher up to 1000mg.

For premium quality CBD-rich Hemp Oil, buy only from a trusted brand like Kushly.

* Not applicable for vaping

** Oil Color may vary

Why Buy Kushly Vanilla CBD Oil?

By now, you are probably aware of the benefits that come with the CBD Oil. In addition to this, did you know that natural vanilla bean extract from the V. Planifolia plant contains several health benefits? You’re reading it right, vanilla is known to provide antioxidant, anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits. Plus, it tastes really good when combined with our propriety CBD extract formula.

Benefits of Kushly Vanilla CBD Oil

  • Available in three different strengths: 300mg, 600mg and 1000mg
  • Subtle hint of vanilla flavor masks earthly hemp taste
  • Maintains full potency of Vanilla CBD Oil
  • Convenient dropper for accurate dosing and administration

When You Buy Vanilla CBD Oil From Kushly, You’re Buying Pure Quality…

Finding a pure and good quality vanilla CBD oil is tough, with lots of low-grade oils appearing in the market left and right. Some products are even labeled “full-spectrum” extracts but don’t contain therapeutic potentials. At Kushly, we’re putting great effort into delivering only premium quality, effective and best-tasting CBD oils in the market.

Part of the infusion process in the making of our CBD Oil is the vanilla extract from organic V. Planifolia plants. It helps instill the natural flavors permanently into the tincture and magnifies therapeutic benefits of active compounds for maximum effect.

Suggested Use

As a supplement, take once or twice daily. Place 1/2 of the dropper under the tongue, wait 60-90 seconds and then swallow.


Hemp Oil Extract, MCT Oil, Vanilla Flavoring, Terpenes

Product Reviews

  1. Avatar

    Anabelle Nash

    I’m happy to discover the CBD oil!
    The product arrived earlier than expected. I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now and noticed how effective at alleviating the discomfort of my back and shoulder.

  2. Avatar

    Sandra K

    It works.

    Having to deal with pain and sleeping issues is not easy. But with CBD oil, I can say that it helps me a lot ease the pain and gives me a goodnight sleep after just a few times using it.

  3. Avatar

    Moses A

    Fast Delivery!

    Package arrives just in time! It is an effective pain reliever!

  4. Avatar

    Theresa Nichols

    I really like this Kushly’s Vanilla CBD oil. I have been suffering from severe knee pain and this particular product does the trick

  5. Avatar

    Tony M

    Sleeping problem no more!

    Been having a sleeping problem for the past few years until I came across and used this product! It works!

  6. Avatar

    Stacey B

    I promise you won’t get disappointed if you try this!

    My doctor prescribed to have a CBD oil for pain relief. It shows great improvement

  7. Avatar

    Roman Mullins

    The pain on my back and my headache are now gone

  8. Avatar


    My dad was picky when it comes to taking meds for his dementia. This CBD oil helps him a lot

  9. Avatar


    Positive results in keeping me relax and have a good night sleep. Will recommend this to my colleagues!

  10. Avatar

    Beckham C

    This oil greatly helps with my insomnia.

  11. Avatar


    good for my tea! I have put a few drops on my tea. Tastes great and relaxing!

  12. Avatar

    Clara Lee

    After a week of using this CB oil to ease my migraine, I can say that it’s helping a lot to ease the pain

  13. Avatar

    Salvacion R

    I really love the vanilla flavor of this CBD oil. I have used it a few times and it’s effective

  14. Avatar

    Rhett Khan

    These are delicious CBD oil. I’ll recommend this to my friends!

  15. Avatar


    It has become my routine to take a few drops before sleeping. The feeling of refreshed and relaxed after a good night sleep is simply amazing.

  16. Avatar

    Abigayle Montoya

    I can now work on my backyard since I started using this CBD oil. Lower back pain has got the best of me until I discover this CBD oil.

  17. Avatar

    Zackery Hahn

    A delicious way of relieving back pain. Nice product

  18. Avatar

    Giuliana J

    If you are like me having a hard time sleeping, then taking this CBD oil is a welcome relief. A glass of warm milk work just fine but a few drops of CBD oil is better.

  19. Avatar

    Johan Clarke

    I kissed my anxiety goodbye! It works well.

  20. Avatar

    Raiden Frey

    The best vanilla-flavored pain reliever!

  21. Avatar

    Hunter Manning

    I can now sleep better every time I take a few drops of this CBD oil.

  22. Avatar

    Scarlett Potts

    I have been looking for a natural way to lessen the pain of my son suffering from migraine. Good thing I found this CBD oil from Kushly.

  23. Avatar

    Allyson Barrera

    Can I give 8 stars for this CBD oil? This is an amazing product!

  24. Avatar

    Carly P

    I have tried multiple CBD brands available in the market and so far Kushly is the best

  25. Avatar


    Effective Pain Reliever!

    My package arrived yesterday and felt the effect — removes the pain on my shoulder. Thank God I bought this.

  26. Avatar

    Edgar Sherman

    Sleeping is easy breezy with a few drops of this CBD oil

  27. Avatar


    Falling asleep is easier after trying this CBD oil.

  28. Avatar

    Jamie Reid

    The best alternative for my pain reliever meds!

  29. Avatar


    High-quality product – delivered on time!

  30. Avatar


    I’m suffering from EDS have tried different meds for the pain. It’s really effective in managing the pain a few minutes after taking a few drops.

  31. Avatar


    I’m suffering from s panic attack and every time it kicks in, I take 2-3 drops. Its effective in keeping me calm and relax. Thank you

  32. Avatar


    Dad was having dementia for years now. Thankfully, we found this CBD oil and after using it for a couple of days, we’re seeing a great sign of improvement.

  33. Avatar


    I have this CBD oil for a few weeks now and it really helps me with my anxiety.

  34. Avatar


    This CBD oil has help me with the chronic pain I have on my back. For years, I have tried different medication but to no avail. Luckily, someone recommends this to us and so we tried out of curiosity. Boy, it really helps alleviate the pain.

  35. Avatar

    Dwayne Malik

    We’re happy to have this CBD oil.

  36. Avatar


    It helps me improve my sleep and lessen the pain on my back. I’m satisfied with your customer service as well

  37. Avatar


    Awesome CBD oil. Your customer service is also helpful

  38. Avatar

    Damian W

    I kissed my pain goodbye!

    Having a pain injury on both knees and arthritis makes me unable to move with ease. Using CBD oil is like a ‘manna in heaven’. Thank you!

  39. Avatar

    Deborah M

    Great pain relief!

    I bought 1 bottle for my husband to be use on his hip. Great product!

  40. Avatar


    Its really effective for my joint pain. Really worth the money

  41. Avatar

    Ericka Shane

    Organic and Excellent Product!

    This Kushly’s Vanilla CBD Oil does exactly what it says on the description. Anxiety no-more!

  42. Avatar

    Jewel Marquez

    Amazing CBD Oil! It worked as described. Will surely buy again and recommend it to my friends

  43. Avatar

    Ben Hopkins

    I usually put a few drops on my food for dinner. I really enjoy CBD infused edibles plus It keeps me relax after.

  44. Avatar

    Holden Underwood

    I am into weightlifting and this oil aid with faster muscle recovery after some strenuous activities.

  45. Avatar

    James W

    It works!

    It helps me with my sleep, relieves my knee pain, and boosts my energy!

  46. Avatar

    Catalina Fuller

    Great for weight loss. This CBD Oil helps speed up my metabolism.

  47. Avatar

    Peyton Wiley

    This CBD oil really works.
    My old man has been using various pain reliever – ointment, creams, etc. But this CBD oil is the best, (at least for us).

  48. Avatar

    Carleigh Carlson

    I never thought I will be able to ride a bike again as I have been suffering from knee pain since I had a fall, but this CBD oil helps. Thanks Kushly

  49. Avatar

    Brenna Bright

    I feel better every day since I started using this CBD oil. Just a few drops in my tea and I can feel my back pain is lessened. I don’t feel so stiff anymore

  50. Avatar

    Immanuel Mcintyre

    I’m hooked, I never thought I would find a product that will help me with my shoulder pain. Thanks Kushly

  51. Avatar

    Macey Williamson

    Affordable and effective. I received my order a few days ago and for its already working wonders for me.

  52. Avatar

    Jessie Watkins

    A good relief for arthritis pain

  53. Avatar

    Anaya Chambers

    Taste pretty good and helps me get to sleep

  54. Avatar

    Zara Robles

    My hubby is using this on his shoulder twice a day and it works great

  55. Avatar

    Michael S

    Helped my sleep tremendously

    I take a few drops of this cbd oil and i sleep through the night with no issues. Before, I was waking up every 2-3 hours and had a hard time falling back to sleep after each time. It caused me to have a tough time keeping up at work as well as with my family life. So glad I came across this product. Kushly, keep it up!

  56. Avatar



    I have tried CBDs from several different companies. This cbd oil definitely stood out among the other brands I’ve tried. Taste is so smooth! The effects lasted for hours.

  57. Avatar

    Dillan Carroll

    great for pain

  58. Avatar

    Rashad Howell

    Easy to apply and works well for my joint pains

  59. Avatar

    Eden Hicks

    It relieved my pain within 20 minutes. Works better than any pain killers in the market

  60. Avatar

    Terry Christensen

    Wished I tried this sooner for my anxiety. I will never go without this anymore.

  61. Avatar

    Hector Wiggins

    My sleep is calmer and my backaches are now at bay after a week of trying this CBD oil.

  62. Avatar

    Gemma Vaughan

    If you suffer from panic attacks this is a great product for you. It gives me that calming effect.

  63. Avatar

    Drake Ibarra

    it works!

  64. Avatar

    Rodolfo Monroe

    Highly recommend it, it improves the quality of sleep.

  65. Avatar

    Cameron Savage

    Vanlla baby! can’t think of any other flavor better than this one, will buy again.

  66. Avatar

    Waylon Mays

    A must buy for those who suffer from muscle pain. Really effective.

  67. Avatar

    Jayden Caldwell

    Flavor is great!

  68. Avatar

    Dwayne Trevino

    I’m getting rid of over-the-counter pain relievers, they do nothing compared to the relief this oil gives me. I get to have longer sleep too.

  69. Avatar

    Kaiden Blevins

    It helps me get longer sleep, defintely works well for me

  70. Avatar

    Athena Mckay

    Great buy!

  71. Avatar

    Jovani Livingston

    I will purchase again, this oil helped both my parents who suffer from arthritis. Great product!

  72. Avatar

    Lorena Mccormick

    Since I started using this product I do not suffer from headaches anymore. Will buy this again

  73. Avatar

    Madelyn Ballard

    I have tried a lot of brands of CBD Oil but for me, Kushly is high quality and the best one I have tried.

  74. Avatar

    Hazel Pope

    Better than other cbd oil I have tried. Plus, I love the flavor too!

  75. Avatar

    Kiana Frye

    I have nerve pain in my shoulder and cannot sleep on it at all, so I bought this CBD oil and it has gotten rid of the pain. Will purchase more.

  76. Avatar

    Shawn Monroe

    The product was packed properly and was shipped fast. Now let’s see if it’s effective as it claims to be

  77. Avatar

    Christoper N

    Say goodbye to insomnia!

    It helps me get through my insomnia!

  78. Avatar

    Maxim Johnston

    I have been telling my friends how Kushly helped me with my joint pains. Thanks for this wonderful product!

  79. Avatar

    Mylie Harding

    I bought a couple of bottles last year and has helped considerably alleviate the pain due to athritis. Will place a new order again

  80. Avatar

    Javier Bowman

    Love the product. Will try the topical cream too.

  81. Avatar

    Amir Salas

    I love Vanilla and I cannot imagine any other flavor that works well with CBD, so this is perfect for me!

  82. Avatar

    Ruth Clarke

    My hands shake a lot after a day’s work on the farm, so I take 1-2 drops before I go to bed and this relaxes my muscles and reduced my shaking.

  83. Avatar

    Parker Blackburn

    I have been using this oil for 2 weeks now, and I can vouch it works really well for pain relief.

  84. Avatar

    Odin Conner

    Highly recommended for those who suffer insomia like me.

  85. Avatar

    Ashanti Pugh

    Ordering my 4th bottle. I love this site, gave me several flavors to choose.

  86. Avatar

    Moshe George

    Dad loved this Vanilla CBD Oil I bought for him, he asked me to try the lemon flavor next.

  87. Avatar

    Ashlynn Hensley

    I am always stressed at work and it keeps me up all night. After trying this CBD oil, it calms me and I can sleep better.

  88. Avatar

    Hugo West

    Positive results for my anxiety, this CBD oil definitely work wonders.

  89. Avatar

    Mathias Richmond

    Being in the 50s my joints are giving me such a hard time, my daughter bought me this and it sure works. I am now buying for myself

  90. Avatar

    George Howard

    Expectations met! This was referred to me by my doctor for pain management of my lupus.

  91. Avatar

    Iris Santos

    Nothing works for my migraine except this cbd oil. Lifesaver thats for sure!

  92. Avatar

    Dana Hill

    Very effective!

  93. Avatar

    Grace Hayes

    Top-notch product, it works well for me and helps me sleep better.

  94. Avatar

    Levi Turner

    Worth the price. This product is effective and I love the Vanilla flavor.

  95. Avatar

    Saul Barnes

    I swear, this is the best CBD product you could ever try.

  96. Avatar

    Dante Jefferson

    Work for sleep issues. I’m having a better sleep now since I started using this

  97. Avatar

    Ashton Maldonado

    This is the best CBD oil. Can’t wait to try other Kushly products

  98. Avatar

    Payton Stevenson

    I really like this product!

  99. Avatar

    Ashlynn Sexton

    Works well in curtailing the seizures of our son.

  100. Avatar

    Abram Briggs

    So far, so good. I’ve been using this CBD oil for 3 days now and its giving me a calming effect and keeps me focus. Great

  101. Avatar

    Leonel Adams

    Good for sleep issues.

  102. Avatar

    Emma Muzon

    This is awesome. It really helps with anxiety and chronic pain.

  103. Avatar

    Madelene Oneal

    Wonderful CBD oil.

  104. Avatar

    Neil Bradley

    This CBD oil takes the edge of my stress and anxiety. I can now sleep better

  105. Avatar

    Alfredo Gil

    Having a Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) for years now keeps me from working on my garden, until I started using this CBD oil. Amazing

  106. Avatar

    London Montgomery

    Hi. I take it for my gout. It works fast

  107. Avatar

    Gregory Farley

    This is the real deal CBD oil. Great for my insomnia

  108. Avatar

    Yaritza Payne

    It work on alleviating the pain of my torn Achilles. Satisfied

  109. Avatar

    Gavin Harris

    Kushly’s CBD oil is now my favorite because it really works on me – my anxiety, joint pain, and even acne! Great product!

  110. Avatar

    Kamara Washington

    I have had an insomnia due to anxiety for years. Taking a few drops before going to bed helps me fall asleep like a baby and waking up with no morning blahs

  111. Avatar

    Dylan Costa

    I really love this product. After doing some research, I finally found Kushly, producing the highest quality of CBD oil in the market.

  112. Avatar

    Jaiden Logan

    My mom was having a hard time walking due to arthritis. So I got her a bottle of CBD oil to see if this will help. So far, its working okay

  113. Avatar

    Hayden Griffith

    Easy shopping and the delivery was fast.

  114. Avatar

    Walker Collins

    Definitely recommended

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