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Product Description

Kushly Vanilla CBD Oil is an organic dietary supplement great for increased vitality and health. Our oil has a mild vanilla flavor that is surely delicious, never dull or plain. Made from vanilla beans, its pleasing aroma and taste will leave you satisfied.

Our CBD Oil is proven to be:

  • Organic
  • Contains a delicious vanilla flavor
  • Free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides
  • Unadulterated and Non-GMO
  • Non-psychoactive (Less than 0.2% THC)
  • Laboratory tested to ensure purity, safety and potency

Kushly is the best source for high-concentrate and natural CBD Oil. It’s proven to be safe, potent, legal and totally affordable.

Choosing The Potency

In choosing the potency, consider starting low and gradually increase the dosage once you get the desired result. You can choose from 300mg, 600mg or go higher up to 1000mg.

For premium quality CBD-rich Hemp Oil, buy only from a trusted brand like Kushly.

* Not applicable for vaping

** Oil Color may vary

Why Buy Kushly Vanilla CBD Oil?

By now, you are probably aware of the benefits that come with the CBD Oil. In addition to this, did you know that natural vanilla bean extract from the V. Planifolia plant contains several health benefits? You’re reading it right, vanilla is known to provide antioxidant, anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits. Plus, it tastes really good when combined with our propriety CBD extract formula.

Benefits of Kushly Vanilla CBD Oil

  • Available in three different strengths: 300mg, 600mg and 1000mg
  • Subtle hint of vanilla flavor masks earthly hemp taste
  • Maintains full potency of Vanilla CBD Oil
  • Convenient dropper for accurate dosing and administration

When You Buy Vanilla CBD Oil From Kushly, You’re Buying Pure Quality…

Finding a pure and good quality vanilla CBD oil is tough, with lots of low-grade oils appearing in the market left and right. Some products are even labeled “full-spectrum” extracts but don’t contain therapeutic potentials. At Kushly, we’re putting great effort into delivering only premium quality, effective and best-tasting CBD oils in the market.

Part of the infusion process in the making of our CBD Oil is the vanilla extract from organic V. Planifolia plants. It helps instill the natural flavors permanently into the tincture and magnifies therapeutic benefits of active compounds for maximum effect.

Suggested Use

As a supplement, take once or twice daily. Place 1/2 of the dropper under the tongue, wait 60-90 seconds and then swallow.


Hemp Oil Extract, MCT Oil, Vanilla Flavoring, Terpenes

Product Reviews

  1. Avatar

    Anabelle Nash

    I’m happy to discover the CBD oil!
    The product arrived earlier than expected. I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now and noticed how effective at alleviating the discomfort of my back and shoulder.

  2. Avatar

    Sandra K

    It works.

    Having to deal with pain and sleeping issues is not easy. But with CBD oil, I can say that it helps me a lot ease the pain and gives me a goodnight sleep after just a few times using it.

  3. Avatar

    Moses A

    Fast Delivery!

    Package arrives just in time! It is an effective pain reliever!

  4. Avatar

    Theresa Nichols

    I really like this Kushly’s Vanilla CBD oil. I have been suffering from severe knee pain and this particular product does the trick

  5. Avatar

    Tony M

    Sleeping problem no more!

    Been having a sleeping problem for the past few years until I came across and used this product! It works!

  6. Avatar

    Stacey B

    I promise you won’t get disappointed if you try this!

    My doctor prescribed to have a CBD oil for pain relief. It shows great improvement

  7. Avatar


    My dad was picky when it comes to taking meds for his dementia. This CBD oil helps him a lot

  8. Avatar


    Positive results in keeping me relax and have a good night sleep. Will recommend this to my colleagues!

  9. Avatar


    good for my tea! I have put a few drops on my tea. Tastes great and relaxing!

  10. Avatar

    Salvacion R

    I really love the vanilla flavor of this CBD oil. I have used it a few times and it’s effective

  11. Avatar


    It has become my routine to take a few drops before sleeping. The feeling of refreshed and relaxed after a good night sleep is simply amazing.

  12. Avatar


    Effective Pain Reliever!

    My package arrived yesterday and felt the effect — removes the pain on my shoulder. Thank God I bought this.

  13. Avatar


    High-quality product – delivered on time!

  14. Avatar

    Damian W

    I kissed my pain goodbye!

    Having a pain injury on both knees and arthritis makes me unable to move with ease. Using CBD oil is like a ‘manna in heaven’. Thank you!

  15. Avatar

    Deborah M

    Great pain relief!

    I bought 1 bottle for my husband to be use on his hip. Great product!

  16. Avatar

    Ericka Shane

    Organic and Excellent Product!

    This Kushly’s Vanilla CBD Oil does exactly what it says on the description. Anxiety no-more!

  17. Avatar

    Jewel Marquez

    Amazing CBD Oil! It worked as described. Will surely buy again and recommend it to my friends

  18. Avatar

    Ben Hopkins

    I usually put a few drops on my food for dinner. I really enjoy CBD infused edibles plus It keeps me relax after.

  19. Avatar

    Holden Underwood

    I am into weightlifting and this oil aid with faster muscle recovery after some strenuous activities.

  20. Avatar

    James W

    It works!

    It helps me with my sleep, relieves my knee pain, and boosts my energy!

  21. Avatar

    Catalina Fuller

    Great for weight loss. This CBD Oil helps speed up my metabolism.

  22. Avatar

    Peyton Wiley

    This CBD oil really works.
    My old man has been using various pain reliever – ointment, creams, etc. But this CBD oil is the best, (at least for us).

  23. Avatar

    Macey Williamson

    Affordable and effective. I received my order a few days ago and for its already working wonders for me.

  24. Avatar

    Jessie Watkins

    A good relief for arthritis pain

  25. Avatar

    Zara Robles

    My hubby is using this on his shoulder twice a day and it works great

  26. Avatar

    Michael S

    Helped my sleep tremendously

    I take a few drops of this cbd oil and i sleep through the night with no issues. Before, I was waking up every 2-3 hours and had a hard time falling back to sleep after each time. It caused me to have a tough time keeping up at work as well as with my family life. So glad I came across this product. Kushly, keep it up!

  27. Avatar



    I have tried CBDs from several different companies. This cbd oil definitely stood out among the other brands I’ve tried. Taste is so smooth! The effects lasted for hours.

  28. Avatar

    Christoper N

    Say goodbye to insomnia!

    It helps me get through my insomnia!

  29. Avatar

    Mylie Harding

    I bought a couple of bottles last year and has helped considerably alleviate the pain due to athritis. Will place a new order again

  30. Avatar

    George Howard

    Expectations met! This was referred to me by my doctor for pain management of my lupus.

  31. Avatar

    Dante Jefferson

    Work for sleep issues. I’m having a better sleep now since I started using this

  32. Avatar

    Jaiden Logan

    My mom was having a hard time walking due to arthritis. So I got her a bottle of CBD oil to see if this will help. So far, its working okay

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